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  1. Even compared with 9398 Crawler or 42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator, 42070 is expensive. The only reasonable justification is the cost of those big tyres, yet you get 4 of them with the Claas for a lot less. I guess the smartest thing is to wait for the parts list to come out and see how many you already have in inventory - it seems that with Vovlo, Arocs, Claas and Display jet, you´ll have almost everthing essential to build it apart from 2 tyres.
  2. 42070 B Model is probably one of the worst ones since 42029. I am sure it will make a nice forum competition to make a good C model for 42070.
  3. I was wondering if TOW was the initials of the designer/s´ surnames. Could the W be for Wabra and the T and O for other collaborators? Definitely 4x4 as there are front driveshafts and a drivetrain. I assume the fake motor drives a centre diff but if you see the video posted a few weeks ago, when the guy turns the rear track, the front one turns too. An open central diff would not allow that to happen. 42070 with an open central diff would be very poor offroad because as soon as one unsuspended front wheel lifts, all the drive goes to that wheel.
  4. Enough with the colour discussion, please, gents - we are not decorating houses Has anyone reverse engineered the drivetrains of 42069 and 42070 yet? The central diff in the 42070 wants a locker, doesn´t it? Would 42069 be a 4x4 with no central diff? I can´t see one and it might not be needed as the tracks provide a certain degree of slip. Thanks for shedding light.
  5. How is the drivetrain on the 42069? Is it a 4x4? How many diffs are used? Have they implemented any technique on 42070 to lock the centre diff and prevent it being a 6x1 when one front wheel loses traction?
  6. Yup, definitely two motors attached to the IR, so the noob on the controls is at fault. Drive mode would allow for forward and back plus steering. One motor also rotates crane and lowers stabilisers. The other must therefore raise and lower the boom and the winch in non drive mode.
  7. Not really original, what with 42038 just retiring and having basically the same design B model in orange and with more detail - perhaps a 1500 part count. It still seems way overpriced without PF. Talking of B models, this one will probably have some type of dual tracked vehicle - the extra tracks on the roof will be used in the B model.
  8. If you do a thread search you´ll find solutions using both the old and new style diff. Madoca´s latest MOC also shows how.
  9. Yeah, it seems that the big knob on the boot adjusts ride height. Right door side knob is for winch and left for doors opening? In any case there are 3 so there will be 3 functions, two regulated by the gearbox. Yes, I mentioned that before. New colour but same design and that will make this useless off road as an open diff and unsuspended front axle will make it one wheel drive! Interested where they put the m motor and how the steering is linked to it.
  10. At full RRP, 42055 is the best value. However, Technic is regularly discounted so sets like the Claas, Volvo (for the pneumatics) or Mercedes can also be excellent value if reduced by 30-50%. It also depends on what parts you have and want to build. With 42042 you already have loads of tracks - the Mercedes is great for pneumatics and tyres. If it´s panels you want then the 2017 boat and jet are also decent choices but are too new to be discounted. 42039 endurance racer is another nice panel and wheel pack if you can still find it cheap.
  11. Good spot! For 42070, I can see the mini turntable between the 2 rear axles to allow pendular movement between them an a red central diff (seemingly old style) under the cab. There is no apparent locking mechanism and the main diffs are all originl newer style ones. 42069 is indeed 4x4. Non independent suspension and uni joints are used on the front instead of drive shafts, which explains the apparently good steering lock. Front and central diffs are not visible but you can see the mechanism for HOG steering and that the gear lever between the seats switches between the two functions of winch (right black bevel) and opening doors and rear side panels (left black bevel gear). Seems quite over priced for what it is, considering there are no PF included.
  12. 8297 has a variable ride height system with suspension but again, it´s studless and it doesn´t actually compress the suspension, it just raises and lowers the whole assembly. I guess it could be done using those big damped cylinders from 8448 coupled to springs.
  13. You might want to check out the instructions for B Model to 9397 Logging truck as that has a non steered rear lift axle.
  14. 1 question for the reviewers. Do the new front hubs have slots to connect driveshafts? None of the photos so far make it clear. Would be a pityif they didn´t.
  15. Those new front hubs look compatible with drive, steering and suspension as they move the steering arms away from the diff.