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  1. *Shamelessly bumping this up* But I come bearing a few examples for engines that can be constructed using my L-Frames: Group Photo by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Be sure to check out my Flickr page for even more photos! Note: I won't be providing the lxf files for these engines right now b/c they're not done yet.
  2. You might want to consult various scale trains' offerings, like Lionel, Marklin, Bachmann, etc, since a lot of their models' internals nowadays use plastic components. I use some plastic safe lubricant from Bachmann that works really well-- the only drawback is i tend to use wayyy too much, and have to wipe everything down again. Also, it can gunk up fast depending on where it's used, so you may have to break stuff down every 1,000 miles or so.
  3. Easter dinner?? People can sit on the floor!
  4. @Lowa From the pic that you posted, it does look like it would be possible if it weren't for the connectors... Have you thought about doing the connectors between these segments in a way that would differentiate them from the regular track-to-track connections? It might lower confusion as to what goes where (for younger builders). Also, if done in a more abidextrous style, it would extend the amount of possible configurations available right out of the box-- A few potential uses might be: ~A pair of small ovals (lengthened by one straight segment) joined together by a double crossover, but all four "track coupling" bits are reversed (rightys on the left & vice versa) ~A pair of pseudo wye switches could be made by swaping the "diverging track" sections and that's what I came up with just now.
  5. @Lowa Aww, that's too bad! It would've been interesting if that was able to line up...
  6. @Lowa It didn't occur to me before, but is it possible to do this: Attach a left-handed "track coupling" section to a right-handed "split track" section? Or vice-versa? Not sure what could be accomplished by doing this, but it would be interesting if it were possible...!
  7. @Sariel That's impressive!! What would you say was the most challenging aspect of the build, besides the obvious cramming of all those components into a small space?
  8. I think that weathering is a neat idea too!! I definitely agree with @ColletArrow that there are more subtle ways to achieve the weathered look, especially with old greys versus new greys. I'd like to offer up another alternative that I think might allow you to reach even greater weathering detail: Washi (paper) tape! I use some of this washi tape on my models, and just recently bought a roll of black tape. In comparison to the shiny/glossy nature of black bricks, the washi tape gives a matte/duller black with more of a coarse texture. And while I don't have any, I have seen various shades of brown tape that could be used to simulate mud, rust, and maybe leaking oil depending on where& how it's applied. Hope this helps!
  9. @Lowa hmmm, I'm not sold on this just yet... While I think the idea for making a modular switch system is FanTasTic!! I think you may've missed the mark on this.... I'm talkin -double curved switches -double straight switches -higher radii switches!!! -3way switches -Wye/ Y switches Because I appreciate variety.
  10. It's not a dumb question, but rather a matter of different words used to describe (roughly) the same thing. I usually consider "bogies" as the swiveling wheelsets that coaches & freight cars use, and "trucks"/"pony trucks" as the support wheels that engines use. But it really differs depending on your geographical region. One thing you can do with the wheels is to have the traction bands only on one side. The plus side is that they'll negotiate curves better, the downside is that you'll lose traction. The idea to make the individual drive axles be able to swivel is not impossible, but not very practical for long term operation or hauling heavy loads (imho). Hope this helps!
  11. @Elysiumfountain if you have the budget for it, I'd say another dk blue coach but then have the sleeping or restaurant cars dk green and dk red respectively
  12. @Elysiumfountain A 2nd coach sounds great!! Will it be the white& dk blue? Or a different colorscheme?
  13. @Wolfman122, If you've got a few L-motors and other various technic pieces, why not try this out for size?
  14. I like the idea of trolleys, trams, and lrv's for a lego city! Maybe it's just my eyes, but your model looks a bit on the "chubby" side and I can't quite tell as to why... I think it's missing some of the undercarriage shaping that can be seen on the HO model?
  15. I sincerely hope that if it must be red it'll be either sand red or dark red!! such is wishfull thinking...