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  1. This has been discussed before, but it's best to let sleeping dogs lie. I'd say you ought to purchase the individual pieces from BrickLink, simply because you can find the same pieces in alternate colours. Unfortunately, I'd say that colors like dark green and tan are exceedingly popular right now, and therefore much, much more expensive. Otherwise, good luck and happy building!
  2. This is awesome! Wasn't the street wider in the movie? I can't remember... You should make a comparison foto if possible!
  3. Oh, for the actual building itself-- maybe add some lines of blue (if possible) to the exterior of the main building. Also, maybe consider extending the height of the clocktower a bit? A figure can't see it from the opposite side of the station (if that matters)... Just my thoughts
  4. What would be the purpose of this piece though? It's not exactly friendly to longer engines or cars...
  5. I think it needs a more tropical color perhaps?
  6. It needs some clowns to add to the creep factor
  7. Congrats on surpassing the 1k mark!
  8. @coaster This is some awesome progress!! Can't wait to see more!
  9. Nice recolouring! Also, I think a blue one and a yellow one have already been made.
  10. This is fantastic! lol, ((how much is your electric bill))
  11. This looks promising! I have a few questions though: -How many motors can this support? -Why only one attachment port? -What about compatibility with older 9V components? battery boxes, etc.
  12. Hmm, that might explain the dip in quality for the TV show. lol But yeah, I think Mattel owning the franchise outright means that other companies can't make products for it, unless Mattel gave them permission to do so. (((Ironically, this is where Chinese clone brands could be of use)))
  13. Is TTTE as popular with kids now as it was 10 - 20 years ago? I feel old now... lol While I wouldn't mind some nostalgia either, I'm not sure how much appeal a System series of set would have compared to another Duplo series of sets would have? I know one of the rLUGs out there has built up a huge collection of TTTE characters, so it's not impossible parts-wise.
  14. While I agree that we should get another steamer, I think it would be nice to have an American steam engine, Like this tank engine: Or this tender engine: Maybe even this larger one? Although, I still think that the safest thing TLC could do would be to re-release the Emerald Night set-- either as a complete train set with electronics + track + 2 coaches + small platform, or in an alternate colour scheme like Ruby (dk red) or Sapphire (dk blue).