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  1. While I agree that we should get another steamer, I think it would be nice to have an American steam engine, Like this tank engine: Or this tender engine: Maybe even this larger one? Although, I still think that the safest thing TLC could do would be to re-release the Emerald Night set-- either as a complete train set with electronics + track + 2 coaches + small platform, or in an alternate colour scheme like Ruby (dk red) or Sapphire (dk blue).
  2. This is some nice stuff, thanks! Will be borrowing that larger tank car design to use up those large cylinder & technic pieces.
  3. I'd say that the new angled look for the guards does look good! At this point, it makes sense to future-proof the switches for whatever wheel arrangements can be thought up, even if some studs for ballasting might be sacrificed.
  4. Um, did you read the rest of this post? This project is dedicated to large radius curves and switches! You're on your own for straight rails........ there's always ME models
  5. @Ludo, I've been able to playtest these r104 switches for a while, and I have a 2-6-2 and a 2-8-2 engine that have no problems traversing the switches from any direction. I don't have a 2-10-2 or 2-12-2 to test, so I couldn't speak to those wheel types. I'd say if your engine can handle r40 switches, it should be able to navigate these r104s! I do agree with you for including more of the angled rail guards for the sake of realism, but I also think that they would not be necessary for the sake of functionality.
  6. I agree with @3797 that there should be a bigger ad campaign this time around! It also would be nice to know of what changes have been made to the 3D print prototypes -- like a version log for software. My biggest suggestion would be to take as many pictures of the product(s) from as many angles as possible! Ballasted, plain, internals, externals, undersides, etc. Lastly, since the goal is to secure injection molding, does this mean that the switches will come pre-assembled or diy? I don't remember if this was discussed previously or not...
  7. You've still got about 10 months to reach the next milestone, so it looks promising! :)
  8. Just a bit of shameless promotion for this project: What (not) to do with your tax refund... by Nick Jackson, on Flickr How much grey? by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Darker than the last by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Almost Indistinguishable (1) by Nick Jackson, on Flickr What (not) to do with your tax refund, part 2 by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Silky Smooth! by Nick Jackson, on Flickr ((While I know that my photography skills aren't superb, I will be taking some higher resolution pics soon!))
  9. Please post some pictures soon?!
  10. Maybe they've been hacked?? Not necessarily ME's website, but their host's servers maybe? Might explain why some orders aren't getting through and/or filled...
  11. *Shamelessly bumping this up* But I come bearing a few examples for engines that can be constructed using my L-Frames: Group Photo by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Be sure to check out my Flickr page for even more photos! Note: I won't be providing the lxf files for these engines right now b/c they're not done yet.
  12. You might want to consult various scale trains' offerings, like Lionel, Marklin, Bachmann, etc, since a lot of their models' internals nowadays use plastic components. I use some plastic safe lubricant from Bachmann that works really well-- the only drawback is i tend to use wayyy too much, and have to wipe everything down again. Also, it can gunk up fast depending on where it's used, so you may have to break stuff down every 1,000 miles or so.
  13. Easter dinner?? People can sit on the floor!
  14. @Lowa From the pic that you posted, it does look like it would be possible if it weren't for the connectors... Have you thought about doing the connectors between these segments in a way that would differentiate them from the regular track-to-track connections? It might lower confusion as to what goes where (for younger builders). Also, if done in a more abidextrous style, it would extend the amount of possible configurations available right out of the box-- A few potential uses might be: ~A pair of small ovals (lengthened by one straight segment) joined together by a double crossover, but all four "track coupling" bits are reversed (rightys on the left & vice versa) ~A pair of pseudo wye switches could be made by swaping the "diverging track" sections and that's what I came up with just now.
  15. @Lowa Aww, that's too bad! It would've been interesting if that was able to line up...