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  1. We have found a special offer for entering the park this year: So that's 20€ for every adult instead of 44,50€. I don't think it will get better anytime soon. I found another offer on a cerial package allowing 5 persons to get in for half the price - that's still interesting, but not outdoing this offer. Janet, Cwetqo and Dfenz: You are accompanied by children, right? I assume you will still use this offer for your kids, too? So if I don't hear anything else until the end of March I'll book 26 tickets according to the sign up topic. I propose to divide the 553€ by 26 then. If you don't want me to do this, please report here!
  2. Ooops. My bad. I have to admit I was wondering why CGH looked so young... For the park: We are trying to arrange something... Stay tuned. Normally we used to get to the park at opening time - 10 o' clock. Then we split up (most of us will head for the Fabrik a.s.a.p. :wink:) and gather again for lunch in the Dino Grill. Still we are free people in a free country. Everything can, nothing must.
  3. My son (I'll keep mine ) is selling his architecture Eiffeltower 21019 . Complete used model in good condition with instructions and box - 20€
  4. From the left to the right: Copmike, Bonaparte (both with heads only), Rolli, Snefroe, Teddy, Dfenz, Pandora, Vincent Kessels, Cecilie, Rufus, CaptainGreenHair, Aredhel, Ace, Peppermint_M (just the torso) (the bold ones are mods or higher, the green ones are fellows )
  5. Following architecture sets are on sale at a German supermarket: 21030 U.S. Capitol Building - 65€ (this is the price point I can't resist...) 21032 Sidney - 19,99€ 21304 London - 29,95€ Tell me if you want any of these.
  6. Photos, we need photos!
  7. Can't wait to see the first pics!
  8. Sure: Holiday flat 1 [416€]: chubays, Copmike, LasseD, MstrOfPppts - and hopefully Bonaparte... Holiday flat 2 [416€]: Holodoc, Skalldyr, Vaionaut, RC 2236 Appartment 5 [353€]: JanetvanD & daughter, Jim & Kitty Appartment 6 [353€]: The Fenz's Family room 5 [320€]: Cecilie & Ace Family room 6 [320€]: Aredhel + family Family room 7 [320€]: Cwetqo +2 Family room 8 [320€]: Calanon, Peppermint_M, bricktect Double room [280€]: elleana EDIT: Too slow... EDIT 2: With the Fenz's being three this time and the Aredhel family 2 (+ a baby) and Cwetqo 3 (+ a baby) I count a total of 26 without Boney.
  9. Ladies and gents, I hereby declare the official sign up topic process closed. (if you just stopped by and have been hiding behind a rock for the last months and still want to join us, please shoot me a PM and we'll find a way to include you to the fun! :wink:) Welcome aboard the event party ship which will soon gather way. I'll get in contact with the Kirchenbauerhof to confirm the booking and the reserved rooms. The accomodation has to be paid on site by every eventee on his own. Which makes it a lot easier for me. With Bonaparte on hold chubays is going to fill the spot in holiday flat 1 (with still room for another eventee - hopefully you Boney! Fingers crossed!)
  10. I got my Manatee A right on my birthday last week! (Can someone explain who the female figure is? ) Thank you so much, Copmike for organizing this.
  11. As if you had known... Before I was able to order it, it was gone already. Too bad.
  12. If anyone is interested I can order set 60098 online on a German website for 99,90€ 70909 is also on sale for 79,90€ The limitations are: I can order just one copy of each. and the offer is valid until Sunday.
  13. Do you have a link to that project? I searched Ideas for " modular construction site" but didn't get appropriate results.
  14. Ooooh, thank you very much - you are so kind! I guess you never had a look at the photos from past events, did you?
  15. That depends on the LUG you are getting the membership (and the stickers) from. In my case (1000steine) I received the stickers within 3 days. You are not causing any trouble. But I think it's fair enough to reserve the double bed room for you as you are on your own. Thanks for the proposal, but it's always nicer to have all eventees in one place. (I'll come back to you in case the Kirchenbauerhof burns down or so... )