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  1. I started building this beauty, and I'm finished with the first module (bags 1-5 ) right now. It is a real pleasure building it and it is going to be a personal top-scorer! Definitive among the TOP 10 LEGO sets of all time!
  2. Seconded! The best sidenote on this amazing set is the number of bricks used for it!
  3. You can sign up in this subforum LEGO Events and User Groups in about 7 months from now...
  4. Before we start thinking about this, we put our effort into making this Idea happen. (Ask us again in 96 days...)
  5. Thank you all for an awesome event once more! For those, who would like to know what we did all these days, I made a pictorial review of the event here.
  6. Thank you for your replies so far. For those who haven't been to the party, I do a pictorial review of the event. Wednesday: Come together. Socialising and getting together. Welcoming especially those who haven't been to any event before. For the first time: SNOW - and therefore a longer journey for the most of us as expected! Thursday: LEGOLAND! Weather conditions were bad (see above), but almost optimal for the Battle Scene of Hoth and not-so-optimal for other scenes. But who needs good weather when the only thing of interest are the 4 AFOL temples (which are all inside): - Fabrik (my total time spent: 2 hours) - The special offers tent (2 hours) Digging for extra special parts (that could easily be bought on bricklink for just pennies) like the new 2x2 curved tiles in gold and dark red for >100 minutes? Yep - we're AFOL's, aren't we? - The big shop (1,5 hours) Wohoo, they had the new minifigure series 17 there! Wtf? 3,99€??? This is insane!!! -> bought 7 of them. - The Dino grill (1 hour) You need to refill somehow, somewhere... Afterwards: Self made dinner. For example Currywurst! Afterwards all contestants presented their MOCs. The rules were: Build a Brickhead from your country. Can you guess who is who? All entries sorted by their number of votes: Bricktect built 2 versions (Mickey and Elvis) but obviously chose the wrong one to compete. (but hey, I'm not complaining... ) Winner Skalldyr picking his prize. You find all the entries (bigger photos) and their descriptions here. Friday: Still bad weather, so the planned trip to the historical center of Günzburg fell through. Instead: Late breakfast und spare time. Or sorting (the bricks for this year's event set - the center of Günzburg/Architecture style) In the afternoon: Work! Started with a quiz. 26 questions from easy to hard to impossible to know (but still interesting ) Other contests: Guess, how many 2x4 bricks put next to each other are 1m long. Or estimate the amount of 2x4 bricks that weigh 125g heavy. Mmmh. Easy, you say? Well, ask the eventees... Followed by building the event set: Afterwards: Bowling in the Legoland village. 8 lanes with nice LEGO decoration. Who won by the way? It must have been MstrOfPpts, right? Dinner in Gasthof Linde. Typical bavarian restaurant and almost our regular's dinner location. We have been there for four times now! The evening was filled with talks and contests again. For example these: Look at the model to the right for 30 sec and then build it from the image in your mind. Finally the group shot: From left to right: Bfenz, Calanon, Dfenz, Ace, Kitty, Vaionaut, JanetvanD's daughter, Cwetqo, RC 1136, Elena, Jim, Cecilie, Chubays, Aredhel, Copmike, Manuel (Aredhel's husband with newest EB member Emilia :wub:), Amfenz, LasseD, Bricktect, MstrOfPpts, Elleana and Skalldyr. In front: Holodoc and Peppermint_M Then: Talks, for example: How to get rid of that darn keyring from Kiss-kiss-tuxedo-Batman? By the way: The candle trick is working! Saturday: Munich! We travelled by train and had a nice walk through the city, including a lot of side trips to all sorts of shops. Oh, Minifig series 17 again! Or you find something like this: The route passed famous landmarks like the Frauenkirche, Marienplatz, Hofbräuhaus, Hofgarten and so on. Unlike 4 years ago the owners of outside restaurants were still in bad weather mode, so we didn't have the opportunity to sit somewhere outside at the Hofgarten. Instead we went for the Olympic shopping mall and afterwards headed back to the center walking through the beautiful park area around the Olympic Center (built for the 72's Olympics). What could have been a better place for the annual rat spitting contest? Started in deep night in a backyard on a parking lot in Günzburg 2009, this time we were olympic for the first time (you can clearly see it from the photos) in the open public! (Not many supporters though besides the eventees...) The instructor Copmike. Vaionaut and RC 1136 can't believe what they see. Preparations and a first attempt from Skalldyr: Last year's winner MstrOfPpts: And this year's winner - which was me, so I don't have photos of that, but you can see one in the post above. Advice: Yellow is the winning colour! The supporters: Lunch/dinner we had in the Agustiner Biergarten. Ellena trying his first "Brotzeit": Back in Günzburg: Building and sorting for the last time: Sunday: Going back home. Of course: Beautiful weather! It could have been so nice... So if you like what you have seen and want to part of the fun - sign up next year to the 2018's event #14 in Billund!
  7. You'll find my photos from the event in the follwoing albums: Brickheadz Eventees Munich Legoland The highlights are: And I love this sequence: More will follow soon.
  8. Nothing of interest in the Fabrik for mono-figures. Too bad. The light aqua torso and the sand green (?) one seem to have dual moulded arms. So you can't brasso them! Might be interesting for others before they order these parts.
  9. I'm currently working on it. Stay tuned. But probably I'll link them in the upcoming photo-thread.
  10. Thanks for the info, Cwetqo! Does that mean neither 10% Star Wars discount nor 15% AFOL disount?
  11. I here you! It's the same here. In two days I'll be in the 'Fabrik' in Legoland Germany. I can't wait to see which body parts they have.
  12. The final set: 41595 Brickheadz (Disney) Belle And the first to name all the required information was: Aredhel! So the final results are: Cecilie: 3 Skalldyr: 2 Aredhel: 2 elleana: 1 Lasse D: 1 MstrOfPpts: 1 MiloNelsiano: 1 Congratulations, Cecilie!
  13. Yeah, you're right. I was writing about todays tomorrow = Wednesday. Oh, wishful thinking! It will take me around 5 hours. No need to start this early!
  14. The last day! Be quick!
  15. Our idea was 'staff-picked'! Thank you very much, dear ideas team! And you around the boards can still support us - by either clicking Comike's or my banner. Thanks, too.