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  1. Because not everyone is looking for some nice prices that are worth a lot? I for myself prefer Stay Puft over Tinker Bell, too. But I'm fine with everything that is for free, of course. And if I don't win, I still haven't lost anything. Then I just had fun and thrill checking back every single day. Thanks Copmike!
  2. I almost missed the raffle! Here's my last-minute snowman:
  3. Wow - all this excietement around here! I regard the screenshot legit, too. Someone must have made a cell phone image from a presentation held at TLC (or even the group wanted to have this photo make it into public!) So for me it says: WAIT FOR NOVEMBER!!! Everything else might be worth spending your time on, but nevertheless stupid. I don't think we will get any more information before that special date. I can't think of a modular house with a price tag of 350€. If this turns out to be true it has to be really mindblowing!
  4. A - 1 point B - 2 points
  5. The updated fotos clearly show the brilliance of this MOC! Very well done (now that even I realized what 'modular' is about).
  6. As much as I really like your MOC and the modular display cases of the single species, I don't think it fits within the modular houses concept. A zoo on 2 or 3 floors? Without any outside space? For me it's simply not working, sorry. A 'real' zoo needs much more space and cannot be squeezed in an area of 32x32 studs. But within that limited space, your idea is brilliant again.
  7. Great video, Hinckley. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Congrats everybody for this stunning display and of course the prize you - well deserved - won! Ha - I instantly knew which snail was made by Hinckley and Copmike! Sidenote: Will I ever make it to Brickworld any time?
  9. One week and we have gathered 90 votes. Thank you all for your support!
  10. Hello everybody! After having visited Billund a couple of times, Copmike and I had the idea to build one of the most iconic buildings in LEGO history, the Løvehuset (Lionhouse). If you have no clue what I'm talking about, let me explain what the Lionhouse is about. This is the place where everything LEGO-related began. It's the Kristiansen's family house and Ole Kirk Kristiansen started producing wooden toys here in 1932. Later he switched to the famous plastic bricks we all now. The house is still placed in the middle of Billund and is now called LEGO Idea house and is housing the Lego museum. There you can find a lot of exhibits from the wooden era upto the latest sets. Sadly it cannot be visited publicly, but if you want to visit it (and you should do that at least once in your life), look out for the next Eurobricks event in Billund 2018. This builiding is of course part of the movie worth seeing, , and a previous exclusive minifigure-size set is in there, too. So the house has been an official set before. The bad thing about this set is, it was only given away as part of the LEGO inside tour 2009. Three years later it was produced for LEGO employees again. It was never sold on a regular basis. So it is really hard to get hold of it. But we didn't want to just copy an existing set, so we chose another scale and some nice new features. The scale is somehow in between microscale, architecture and minifigure size. It fits nicely on a 16x16 plate, the roof can be lifted just as with the modular buildings and inside you can find some nice details we included: A printed tile with the patent certificate, a panel printed "DET BEDSTE ER IKKE FOR GODT", Kirk's slogan "only the best is good enough" and a red 2x4 brick. All these details can be found in the real museum, too. We also decided to give the building a more accurate color scheme, replacing the red bricks in the exclusive model with brown ones for the walls and dark orange for the roof. The set can be built in two different time settings, either the 1935 version with chimneys and the big window on the front or the nowadays version with plain roof and the smaller white windows The house already exists in real life, here the roof parts are replaced by the currently existing red roof parts. Now comes the best part of it: This set is now on LEGO ideas! If we reach 10000 votes you can also have a piece of LEGO history! So if you like our model, please move over to our ideas-site, support us and share the news! We really would appreciate if you tell other LUGs about our project, 10000 votes is a number, but with your help we believe we can do it. Thank you in advance, Copmike & Holodoc = Holocop
  11. Category A: #2 #7 ... and for the retired Disneyland! Category B: #4
  12. Thanks for another awesome review, Whitefang! I would like to see comparisons of the old and the new alien from Toy Story as well as both Buzz'es like you did with the genie. For the series itself I'm going to skip more than half of it, on the one hand I don't know some characters on the other hand I simply dislike them. But it's good to see the numbers of the included minifigs don't vary any more: All figures are included at least 3 times with 6 spares.
  13. You've got a PM!
  14. Stupid me! I wasn't aware of that request. Photos are deleted also on my flickr site. I'll reupload them when CGH published his ship officially.
  15. Okay, the photos are uploaded to my flickr account. eventees competitions - avatar - alternative building - transparent running Legoland LEGO idea house presentations LEGO House various Best of: "mmmh - what to do now?" inside LEGO innovation house Presentation about the new LEGO House... ...which is taking shape in the middle of Billund The parts.The task: Build something new! The results! Some fine examples... heavily inspired by Star Wars #1 and #2 review of the last 11 events. Erland talking about dragon flies... ... and LEGO bricks! Captain Green Hair giving a lecture on ship building and Ecclesiastes about Guilds of Historica. Friends - forever! Skalldy showing his Ninja-abilities. Inside the LEGO idea house Rolli showing what new designers can do with 2x4 bricks only! The vault. (Why are thy all staring at Duplo???) All entries to the avatar contest. I will post more pictures of all models later. transparent running. Take a good look!... ... and then build it again. everything at the right position? The new jelly rat spitting champion 2016! Look at the fine arts! Spin to win. Or not. Second best on stacking. This time without studs. TLC generosity. Thanks to Kim! Parts for the event set. One important change to the building instructions! I'll report some issues later on. I found a spare 1x8 tile with the Eurobricks logo. Who is missing it? The end of all things: Serious de-boxing!