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  1. These new baddies look stunning
  2. 2017 waves is going to be similar to the last waves. I'll buy them simply for the great bad guy mini figs
  3. True. August 1 is official release but sometimes you will see sets popping up before.
  4. Anyone starting to see the summer wave in US stores?
  5. I should brick link but I buy multiples of sets
  6. Occasionally sets pop up early. Just wondering if anyone in the states is seeing them yet
  7. Anyone starting to see the summer wave on shelves ?
  8. Wow these look great !
  9. Yes most definitely. I purchased 4 of these when it came out. Still have one in package trying to find time to build
  10. Nice to have you back. As always your work looks great. Can't wait to see more.
  11. Has anyone seen this series in stores yet? Specifically in the Pacific Northwest ??
  12. Is anyone seeing this sets on store shelves yet?
  13. Only minifig worth getting in these sets are the baddies
  14. Lol I can't figure it out. Not smart enough :(