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  1. Moving building... what a great idea
  2. what a beautiful "mitgardian" entry man The use of the shield at top, the colors at the roof and all thosr misc accessories around. Great moc Puvel
  3. Well made well
  4. My father is a mechanic and I really admire all those details around man... that piston there
  5. the light brick in thereis a great touch!
  6. Cool skatepark there man...
  7. Great Spiky look, I really like it
  8. I hope she recovers fast Blaze
  9. Nice creation with an interesting texturing, its a pitty your photography is a bit dark tho
  10. NPU and so much cuteness together
  11. Beautiful and uncommon build mate :) nice one
  12. Amazing work mate.... Great scene with great colors... And your photography.....
  13. Lots of activity going on here... great workshop MK :)
  14. So sweet mini workshop with great NPUs :) I really like levers inside Grilles