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  1. Great rockwork there man... I only wished for a better photography, to highlight better the tower.
  2. I used to play mortal kombat trilogy :) Awesome work there man :)
  3. love the open-close function... And nice figs there... Nice job man!
  4. Thanks a lot Giorgi :) Thanks man!
  5. Huge moc, and so many angles/views worked there... Wonderful display moc with great buildings...
  6. Very nice snot road man I really like it
  7. Wow.. .1st Robin hood now this... Sir you have a lot of bricks and you know how to use them too :)
  8. Its the princess "Waiting for a hero..."
  9. thanks a lot Giorgos :) thanks man :) thanks a lot Isaac :)
  10. SUPER MARIO BROS. I created this medium sized creation because...hmm... not much to say here... Just sweet childhood memories :) thanks a lot! Gunman
  11. My first moc for Guilds of Historica: and my favourite (not my last one) (ofc you can delete the logos if you wanna use it Ecc) : Well medieval era is my favourite when it comes to mocing, so watching all the "party" of mocs which was happening from all the guilds at the time I joined, it was easy for me join the fun. The community and the way its organized (guilds) is pretty interesting, and the task/challenges/story were easy to understand and be part of them without so much role playing into it, which discourages me personally because english isnt my mother language. Over the years its also great to see yourself getting better through challenges like AoM and HSS which are pretty big to fully accomplish. Last but not least, there are many great challenges running during all the year with nice trophies, tags or real LEGO.
  12. Thanks Kai! Glad you like it mate! Ye book your ticket! I wish I had the new Nintendo :/ Thanks mate! Weird face eh? xD haha :) Thanks Niku!
  13. lovely moc SK, great texturing
  14. Cute snowy scene Garmadon, nice one there, cute rabbit :)