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  1. Beautiful creation SK! I really like the rockwork...
  2. Congrats for finishing your spaceship Patgeo, cant wait to see it in person!
  3. Very beautiful LittleJohn... I really like the back side of the building, the cheese slopes.
  4. thats crazy.... :) Amazing job man
  5. Beautiful swamp mate... The spiked folliage looks nice
  6. Thanks a lot Isaac! :) Forgot to mention, I didnt tile the floors, because the whole thing is part of a bigger project, and I dont have the pieces to beautifuly tile the interior, so I prefer leave it blank. Yep they look a bit empty idd, I may work them on future. Thanks a lot man. Ye I may add :)
  7. No... Just a lamb getting roasted xd Thanks a lot Legofin!
  8. Those are some nice custom pieces.... Man... really lovely banners and swords there.
  9. Nothing to say... Just to admire
  10. Great coloring in the landscape dude... :) lovely
  11. Beautiful moc LV ! I would prefer not to use those red details on walls tho. Also the lighting is a bit harsh imo
  12. Really neat boat design mate :) small and nicely curved.
  13. Beautiful work Isaac, I really like the water, aswell moc being "small" and modular too... So cute
  14. Thanks a lot Kai! I may work the top side like I did here. Thanks a lot Garmadon! Thank you a lot Giorgi! Thanks a lot mate! Thanks a lot my friend ! Ye each window consists of 4 hinge bases. Thanks a lot!
  15. Kastra Gatehouse / Gunman / Mitgardia