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  1. Both are very cute creations, good luck man
  2. I really like all those different levels of wooden platforms... Nice atmosphere
  3. Great curved room Garmadon! :) I like it a lot!
  4. Beautiful details all around.. great coloring there too man with lots of details to look at.
  5. I totally forgot mini building contest was ending, so yesterday I was in a hurry to submit something, but wasnt able to upload it for a few minutes xD Hope you like it at least
  6. Happy and colorful landscaping Slegen... Nice one... Now I have to get myself out of my inactivity too...
  7. That Gargoyle head... NPU
  8. Lens before body as they usually say, but 18-55 (plastic fantastic) is a good start for sure in your photography journey. Most sure is you will get soon addicted, and gather money for your next "big" (aperture) lens :) I am a Canon fanboy myself so I can safely say that you wont be disappointed.
  9. A: 3-11-12 B:1-7-8 C:9-10-11 D:1-3-9
  10. As I already told you George, I really like the fact you incorporate moving mechanisms in your mocs :) Beautiful work
  11. So many great buildings all around... a masterpiece minibuild... Sweet photography too
  12. Amazing layout... I like the dug sections of the surface.
  13. I really like how you made the engine and the back side is so badass