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  1. A after seeing an image of this building in a news report this morning, I thought it might make a nice build. A couple of hours building this afternoon and this is the result... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr A bit of background info... Although most countries keep their own gene banks of important plant types, these sites can be vulnerable to accidents, disasters and war/civil strife so it was decided to build an international seed vault which would hold duplicates of these seeds. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault was officially opened in 2008 and acts as a backup storage site for important crop seeds from all over the world. It's built on the island of Spitsbergen just over 800 miles from the North Pole and construction was funded by the Norwegian Government. Seed storage is free and the running costs are shared between Norway and various other Governments and foundations. The site currently stores around 900,000 different seed samples and in 2015 the first withdrawal of seeds took place to replace research samples destroyed during the Syrian Civil War. The seeds themselves are stored in vaults some 120m inside the mountain and kept at around -18ยบ C. The only part of the structure visible from the surface is the entrance. In accordance with Norwegian law which states that publicly funded buildings over a certain cost must include artwork, the building features a public art installation above the entrance and along the roof. Called Perpetual Repercussion it involves a series of mirrors and prisms that reflect the polar light during the summer and are lit by fibre optic cables during the winter. The building was designed to withstand any potential threat but has recently suffered it's first case of flooding, caused by the melting permafrost (thought to be linked to Global Warming). Although this flooding was restricted to the entrance hall, work is now being carried out to improve drainage and waterproofing. (which is why it was in the news!!) I like the way the "art installation" catches the light in this pic!! I tried using tiles but the cheese slopes seemed to work better. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr I'm pretty pleased with how my version came out - but might tweak the landscaping a bit (also I couldn't continue the art installation along the roof - might have to look into using a sticker!!) Anyway thanks for looking - comments are always welcome!!
  2. The people of Ballabreek are used to seeing unusual loads being transported through the town but this morning a very unusual load held up the traffic... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr A life-size rocket ship - recently restored and once used as prop in a popular 1950s Science fiction serial "Space Squad"!! Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr The rocket ship is being transported from the restorers back to it's owner (a wealthy local business man and self confessed sci-fi geek!!) but before that, it's making a stop off in Ballabreek for a mini convention. Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr "Space Squad" it turns out has quite a cult following among my minifigs and with this year marking the 60th anniversary of the filming of an episode of Space Squad in Ballabreek's mine, it's the perfect opportunity for a bit of Cosplay!! As well as the rocket, there's also the added attraction of a signing with one of the original actors. Now in his 80's he still relishes his time as a "hero of the galaxy"... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr A happy fanboy gets his limited edition helmet signed... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr There's also a chance to pick up a few collectibles... replica helmets, ray guns and even a rare model of one of the spaceships (this gold coloured one appeared in "Invasion of the Hawkmen" (other classic episodes included "The Slave Mines of Mars", "Rise of the Robots" and "Planet of the Insects") Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr All in all, everyone seems to have enjoyed the day and a new generation have been introduced the wonders of "Space Squad"!! Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Unfortunately, the episode filmed in Ballabreek is one several lost episodes but a number of still images are said to exist in private collections... who knows, maybe one day we'll see them in a future update!! Finally, a few more shots of the rocket... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr I wanted to try and make something similar to the CMF rocket suit and was inspired by the work of a fellow Eurobricks member... My version is still a bit of a WIP (will probably extend the red fins forward towards the cockpit) but when finished, I'll post it in it's own topic in the ski-fi forum. In the meantime, thanks for looking and comments are always welcome.
  3. Nice looking build - I like the way it opens up/come apart and the interior and the giant coffee cup signage is perfect!! Thanks for sharing.... and good luck in the comp!!
  4. Awesome looking build!! Loving the big tool signage on the front and that interior is excellent!! (It's certainly well stocked - I think the power tools display is my favourite part) Thanks for sharing!!
  5. Great looking layout!! I really like the way you've adapted the official sets (that's what LEGO's all about!!) as well as creating your own. My favourites are the post office and petrol station!! The vehicles just add that finishing touch!! Excellent stuff!!
  6. Cool!! I really like the way you've used official sets and builds as well as your own creativity!! Nice job!!
  7. Beautiful looking build!! The fountain, the paths and the plants look spot on!! This would be a great addition to any city and looks perfect in your layout. Excellent work!!
  8. Hi This sounds like a great competition (Thrawn being one of favourite characters!!) and my entry is well under way!! I do have a question though about the number of photos allowed. Is it ok to post more than 1 pic of each MOC? If so, how different could images of the same MOC be? For example your second MOC has images with and without the troopers on the top. Could I for example show the before and after of an attack or is it just a case of being allowed to move/pose minifigs? Finally, could I show 2 different scenes in the first MOC (for example an undercover Thrawn acquiring an item, and then him in uniform back on his Star Desroyer explaining its significance to his fellow officers? Hope that makes sense!! Thanks in advance....
  9. That looks really cool!! You've created a perfect shape and I'd much rather have something this size than the outrageously sized Batmobiles of recent years!! Although I do prefer the black/grey version - not being familiar with the source material, somehow the blue/black/grey don't quite have the same Batman vibe to my eyes. Excellent stuff!!!
  10. This week sees the re-opening of the beach cafe - since being taken over by a new owner it's been undergoing a bit of a revamp!! Originally built almost 4 years ago, the cafe had provided beach goers with tea/coffee, cold drinks and snacks such as toasties, sandwiches and ice creams but with the owner retiring it was put up for sale. The new owner is finally fulfilling his dream of running his own place after years of operating a mobile hotdog stand!! He's given the building a new colour scheme and plans to make it THE place to come for good quality, good value food; freshly prepared using local ingredients!! Here are a few before and after shots... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr As you can see - it's had a lick of paint and some new signage which is a tribute to the new owner's father who once owned a hamburger stand in the village (set 6683 was always one of my childhood favourites!!) and who has recently passed away. The inheritance he left paid for the purchase of the building and so it was only fitting to recreate the signage from the old man's first business!! Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Inside has also been redecorated and just a few minor changes have been made to the kitchen... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Here is the new owner... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr He hopes that as well as the great location, specials such as the "monster burger challenge" will pull in the customers and get his place talked about!! Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr But he's not forgotten the basics... polite, friendly and efficient staff!! Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Not to mention a clean attractive environment; even the bins have been replaced with seagull proof containers... Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr So there we go, the newest place to dine in Ballabreek!! Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr As you can tell, this was inspired by the CMF hot dog guy!! Now I'm going to have to find a way to use all the other series 17 CMF figures!! Will I do it? Who knows... you'll just have to watch this "space" (little hint there to the next update!!) Thanks for looking!! Comments/suggestions welcome as always...
  11. This certainly an eye-catching build!! Love the colour combo and the design is spot on with an excellent attention to detail!! (hope they get that broken window fixed though!!) Excellent stuff!!
  12. A stunning looking building!! I really like the big window and the staircase!! Nice work!!
  13. Great build!! I love all the interior detail and decoration especially the brick built statues/totems!! My favourite bit though is the rooftop hot tub!! Excellent stuff!!
  14. Wow!! That is amazing - I think the phrase "climactic battle" just about sums it up!! (Well worth the effort you've put in!!) I especially love the range of supernatural opposition you've crammed in - I think they're going to need bigger proton packs!! Excellent work!!
  15. Ahhh.... you can't go wrong with blue, grey and trans-yellow!!! Having grown up with Classic Space, this was a real trip down memory lane (Reminds me of some of the layouts in old ideas books - but much cooler!!) My favourite bits are the rocket launch station and the "hot dog" portal. The ground/mining scenes are spot on too!! Excellent suff!!