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This is the entry topic for the LDD Contest for LEGO Technic (bla bla bla) MOCs. Post your creations here only.

To read about the contest and rules for entries click here

To discuss the various entries, use this discussion topic in the LDD forum.

IMPORTANT To all contestants:

1) If you are entering the LDD Only class you MUST also link to the LXF-file, or you will be disqualified.

2) Make sure you use the [/img]-tags (or click on "Insert Image"-button above) so images show up in the post, not like links, but like pictures.

4) Observe - Max 3 pictures that are max 800 pixels in size each.

If you do not follow the rules, you will be disqualified, so please read the rules BEFORE you post!

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For the LDD competition i decided to build something small, yet full of functions and as official looking as possible. Basically its a trophy truck with suspension, hand of god steering, working steering wheel and a fake V4 engine. You can also motorize it, as shown by groups. I also had to use some self-made parts that arent inclzded in LDD as the 11x5 frame, differential, fake engine and the front suspension.

Front end view:


Rear end with the differential and hand of god steering visible:


To motorize it, first we remove the front grill:


Remove the fake V4 engine:


Put the M motor in its place and the battery box on the rear:


And reinsert the grill:


All colors were checked using LDD Manager.

Download the file HERE

I am planning to also build a real one, but I am waiting for front suspension parts.

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I finished the physical model. Color consistency is an epic fail, but the functions work just like planed.



Suspension travel:



I think it works great considering it uses only two springs.

I was also able to motorise it, but the extra weight on the back totaled the rear suspesnion :tongue: Drives fast though!


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For the LDD-only category:

This is the 1960 Chevy C Pickup Truck, the forerunner to the Silverado. At 1/16 scale and 35 studs long by 14 studs wide by 13.5 studs tall, it is technically about the same size as Tyler Reid's '32 Ford Speedster, but it is built of classic-style Technic, which is harder to build compact models with, and has several features the Speedster lacks: a 4-speed 8880-based transmission and a full-size inline-3 engine (half of the real truck's inline-6). Since LDD does not have any engine parts, I improvised. the gray plates sticking out of the hood are the top of the engine cylinders. It also features working steering, opening doors, double-wishbone front suspension, rear live axle (a more compact version of the design used on my Model T), and a good amount of space in the bed (not taken up entirely by the rear suspension and transmission). Unfortunately, I will not be able to build this one until August, as the only Lego I have with me is my new 8880 Super Car. I have every reason to believe that every feature in this model will work when I build it, though.


-Universal joints are effectively impossible to join at an angle in LDD, so they aren't connected to each other. It should be self-evident which U-joints should be connected to each other.

-Part #6539 "Technic Driving Ring" comes in old gray (but not bley), which is not available in LDD.

-All instances of Part #x202 "Technic, Pin Long without Friction Ridges Lengthwise" should be light gray.





LDD File

Edited by Silcantar

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For the competition I decided to build my own alternative model of 8258 Crane Truck, because there a lots of interesting and useful bricks. First thing that I came up was a telescopic handler. I was building simultaneously with real and virtual bricks, and by that I was improving final look and functionality. I strongly encourage this type of building.


1. Driving

2. Steering of all four wheels

3. Lifting/lowering of hand

4. Lifting/lowering of telescope

5. Rotating of forks

6. Lifting/lowering of stabilizers

Weight: LDD Manager says 0,9kg

Nr. Of pieces: aprox 1200, 16 elements of those are added to 8258 set:

- 3x M motor

- 2x Receiver

- 1x Battery Box

- 1x Remote

- 1x 12t gear, thin

- 2x 20t gear, wide

- 1x 24t gear

- 1x worm gear

- 1x small rubber wheel (Bricklink label: 7)

- 1x Driving ring

- 1x axe length 4, with stopper

- 1x steering wheel

In LDD I made some custom parts which are not in database.

I will also provide a list of things to be considered if someone decides to build this model (which parts were improvised, rotated differently like they should be in real model, etc.).

I found some glitches in program which I will post to the right spot on forum, other than that it is a pure pleasure to build even now - what will we get in LDD4, can’t wait!

With steering wheel I can change the clutch to have steering or lifting of stabilizers.

Stabilizers can lift the vehicle with ease.

With handle on the hand I can switch from telescopic moving to rotating of forks.

BTW: Do you notice anything unusual on the looks of the vehicle? :)

I tried to make at least one new Technic combination never seen, but I think I actually found two.

First of the 'new' things is transfering torque with rubber wheel (BL nr.: 7) to the Driving ring. I made shaft from smooth straight connectors (BL nr.: 6538c) connected with 2L axes. By this I can rotate forks on any of the heights of telescope.

Second 'new' thing is moving of the telescope with knob, which moves correctly distanced pins.

Let pictures say everything else. :)








PS: LXF is 229KB - feel free to download it from my Brickshelf folder:

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My entry for the "LDD+Real Bricks" category:

This 1932 Ford Model B Roadster is an alternate model of the 1994 Lego 8880 Super Car. Only pieces from the 8880 Super Car were used in this model.


Ford Flathead V8 engine

Front and rear live axle suspension

Working steering via steering wheel and Hand of God

"Four on the floor" manual transmission

Convertible roof

Lake Pipes

In addition, this model is unique in that it it can be converted from a production Model B to a Hot Rod by removing the hood, running boards, fenders, and adjusting the suspension.






I substituted some of the parts which are not available in LDD, particularly the specialized suspension parts, with combinations of other parts. Some of the substitute parts do not actually exist in the colors used, but the colors reflect the colors of the original parts.

More on MOCpages and Flickr

LXF file

Edited by Silcantar

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