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Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2018 EB Xmas Raffle 2018

Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2018 Daily Winners

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Raffle Rules and FAQ Read (and weep only if you want to)

  • This calendar is automatic; prizes are revealed according to EB time, which was 22:36:12 13-08-2020 at the time this page was generated.
  • All winners (and just the winners) need to PM CopMike your name and full address ASAP. You need to send your prize letter and day, plus your real name (or at least part of it), and your country as well for correct addressing; if we send letters to CloneKiller it may not get there, and many towns names (such as New Town, Bridgewater...) are used all around the world.
  • PM format should be prize in the subject and name, address, country on separate lines without actually saying "name", "address", "country". This is to make processing 144 prizes easier so don't be giving extra work to CopMike!.
  • If you have any special requests, like having your prize insured (at your own expense), include that info also. (No promise that we actually will do anything however.)
  • The prize displayed below the column is the one you'll probably be getting... probably!
  • Send a PM if you don't want the prize (for whatever reason) and we'll pick someone else.
  • There are a lot of prizes... and thus it's possible that a mistake might be made. Please don't throw M&g# Bl@ks at us if we can't send exactly what we want. This is a give-away afterall.
  • You are NOT allowed to do swaps with any other prize winners; you either take the prize or you don't. The winners can arrange this with each other after if you want, but it's too much work for us to handle.
  • Looking for the old calendars? Look no further; Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2008, Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2009, Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2012, Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2013, Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2014, Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2015, Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2016, Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2017

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