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Found 3 results

  1. Name: Nola Mar Ownership: Oleon Location: Royalist Terraversa Mayor: Knights Treasurer Chapter Master Sir Helmut Von Braun (Ross Fisher)  Who can own property in Nola Mar: Anyone except the WTC (current properties excepted) Who can freebuild in Nola Mar: Anyone Size for EGS purposes: Large City Needed to upgrade to Grand City: 12 Artisan, 6 Commerce, 15 Factory, 1 Residence, 1 Education, 1 Royal (53 total) Trade value: 570 Troops: 310 Architectural guide: As one of the oldest settlements in the Brick Seas, Nola Mar has a large number of buildings built in the local blue-grey stone. The remainder are usually built from local timber, with white or tan plaster. Buildings from the Mardieran or Independent era are often accented with yellow elements, whereas those associated with the current Oleonaise administration are frequently accented in blue. The heart of the settlement is marked by canals, colonnades and piazzas. While the port region is decked out with red wooden warehouses. Fortresses: City Walls Artisan: 16 Nola Mar Stud Farm Avenue Des Champs Valerie Claude's Shipbreakers Cafe and Taverna Commerce: 16 The Harbour The Quay Harbourside Buildings Warehouse RNTC Way Station FTA Rum Store and Office Nola Mar Campanile Factory: 15 RNTC Silver Refinery Large Factory for the production of bricks LBSF Pottery Factory Residence: 31 Courtyard A Nola Mar Street Knights Treasurer Chapter House Nola Mar Gaol Mansion Art and Culture: 18 Caves under Nola Mar Respite Mission of Zeus Nola Mar Priory of Athena Orphanage of Athena Shrine of the Recovery Cooke's interrogation Silhouette's Umbran Cameos Art Gallery Floating Chapel of Poseidon The "Shell" of Artemis Mardieran Consulate Education: 6 Nola Mar University of Classical Studies Index Libroram Prohibitorum Pigeon Post Plantations: 0 Mines: 0 Other builds: A pamphlet from Nola Mar Get Ready, and... Fire! Military Supply Depot Cooke's Escape Trenches and Barricades Training the Troops Imports! Royalist Redoubt A Meeting on the Shore The Gates of Nola Mar Another Meeting on the Shore Meanwhile, in Nola Mar
  2. Military Supply Depot After the Terraversian Conflict had drawn to a close and the land had been divided among rulers and nations, military supply depots began to spring up across the Island. In the Olean held portions, where a large portion of the loyalists reside, differing ideas threaten the newfound unity. Determined to keep order and peace for years to come, the Generals of the Kingdom of Light have established supply routes with depot along the way to keep the troops in the area well fed and with the supplies they need to retain order. Supply Depot 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Some of the newer depots require inspection before they are included on the official paperwork and military maps. At one of the new depots in Nola Mar, a Officer and his aide are riding in to conduct such an inspection. Supply Depot 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Supply Depot 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Built like fortresses, they can quickly be used as strong positions in war time. Supply Depot 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr This depot is fully stocked and ready to be put into full service! Supply Depot 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Supply Depot 6 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr --------------------------------------------------------------------- My entry for Cat B in support of the Generals. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking!
  3. Citizens of the Brick Seas, stormy clouds are gathering over Terraversa! See besides the lies of the Corrish Empire! See besides the clean facade they built to hide their interest! A military Corrish expedition has landed on Terraversa to make contact with Admiral L'Olius, a local warlord in open contrast with the central government... they claim they want peace, but as soon as another nation peacefully pursuits a commercial enterprise, immediately they arrive, to "keep the peace" with their bayonets! They claim that Nola Mar is in open rebellion and that a foreign nation is funding the rebels, then they brazenly admit that their secret agents are on the island, and that their naval officers have taken contact with the tyrant of Westface, a man who has seized power and keeps it with the constant menace of a civil war! Actually, I see only one foreign interference in Terraversa... and its color is red! They say they want a free and independent Terraversa... Do they consider us all fools? Right now a fleet of Corrish frigates is blockading Terraversan ports, inspecting every ship arriving or leaving... with which authority? They already behave like the masters of the island, deciding who can arrive and who can leave, and they claim they want free trade! Do you remember their lies in Nova Malto? They occupied the settlement, blocking the arrival of Eslandolan supplies, and they claimed they were helping the population! They delayed reconstruction, they willingly prolonged the sufferings of the inhabitants, just to plan the annexation! Does Terraversa need the help of Corrington too, as Nova Malto did? Or are they creating a new crisis, just to feast on the ruins? L'Olius, the friend of the Corries, is imposing tremendous port taxes on the vessels of all the foreign nations. He destroyed the once-flourishing commerce of Westface, and now he allows smugglers to flourish on the island, buying Terraversan goods for a misery... one could guess why, and could imagine a turbid system of bribes. Now the local authorities of Nola Mar are trying to fight those criminals, and what happens? Corrington sends its ships, in a clear intimidatory act. Are they defending peace, or only the pockets of their henchman? Will you submit to Corrish arrogance? Will you swallow their outrageous lies any longer? They behave as masters of the world, sending their soldiers wherever other nations are establishing favorable commercial connections... When will they decide that the Rum Islands need "protection", or that Altonia deserves the same fate they reserved to Balondia, once a free nation, a friend of both Oleon and Eslandola? When will they decide to help the next Nova Malto? A Loyal Terraversan Citizen Credit to @Bodi for the build