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Found 5 results

  1. A thread for any queries about action and adventure themes, I thought this could help divert excess traffic from the yearly discussions and be used to answer simple questions and discuss shop availability and argos/dcpi codes (or whatever there called) (Sorry if its not in my power to create such a thing but in that case can the mods please re-title this to just be my following question) My question is, how does the release schedule for the the Lego ninjago magazine work in the UK? I ask this as I am trying to collect all the ninja (No where close yet) and the figs from the magazine would help me there. I tried searching it up on the internet but I only found sellers not information providers , thanks in advance.
  2. We've been considering this for a while and at last we've decided to be daring and allow one change of Display Names by members every 366 days for all ranks Knights and above. We might regret this... and if we do we'll just turn it off again. So for members who have been around for a while and have regrets about their choice they can now change/tweak it. I know what it's like to pick a name and regret it a week later! But do remember; choose wisely! Don't pick something that you're going to feel silly with next month. So how is it done? Go to your profile page, click Edit my Profile (top right corner), change to the Settings tab, the press Change Display Name. Do note that it often remembers recent name changes whether you or staff did it. Thus if we changed your name last week you'll have to wait a year. Also, remember that you are only changing your display name. If your sign-in name is the same, it will not change, so you will still sign in using the same name you had previously, not the new one. Only staff can change your login name. EDIT: The current board version no longer allows members to perform user name changes themselves -- changes must be requested from a member of Staff via PM.
  3. What do I use for rendering LDD files on a Mac? Preferably not LDraw.
  4. You need to have made 10 posts before you are able to visit yours and other peoples profiles. I Scream Clone. Some day ago i try to change something on my profile,but i find some problem: 1-my avatar picture on the top\right of the page there isn't 2-when I click on my name and after on my profile i have this error:[#10245] You are not permitted to view member profiles. and i can't find mailbox. I have made something wrong? that's all,i hope to explain everything corret,because my english is not perfect. Thanks
  5. Welcome to the Eurobricks FAQ, including the Forum Information and Help Index. New and long time members alike will find here answers to most of the common forum-related questions, as well as links to relevant discussion threads. Please have a look here before creating a new topic as your question may have been answered before or could belong to an existing thread. This FAQ is meant to complement but not replace the site guidelines – please read them carefully for the final word on EB policy. Quick reference Site Guidelines Eurobricks Staff Structure, User Groups and Tags Eurobricks: A Visual User Guide Tutorial - Posting pictures from Flickr on Eurobricks HELP!!! - Ask any membership and forum-related questions here. New members Was I too young to register? Why can’t I see my profile, or other members’ profiles? Why can’t I use my Personal Messenger? Why am I unable to post in specific forums? Can I reach the staff using the Eurobricks e-mail address? Where can I find help with the new board features? What does AFOL mean? MOC? SNOT? Where can I get more advice? Posting tips and etiquette Why should I watch my spelling or avoid short posts full of emoticons? Is it allowed to revisit (bump) old topics? How can I upload pictures of my creations to the forums? Can I also upload videos to Eurobricks? In which forum should I post my MOC? Why can’t I make a poll? Can I edit the title of my topic? Member profile Is my signature too big? Can I change my user name? What are the different ranks? How am I promoted to a different rank? What do the tiny icons under a member's avatar represent? Can I have a country flag as a tag? What is the short caption under a member’s avatar? Why can’t I upload a new avatar? Technical issues Why does Eurobricks keeps logging me out? I couldn’t access Eurobricks, what happened? Why can’t I find the topic I’m looking for using the Search function? Why does the forum clock run one hour late? Where can I ask for assistance with other technical problems? Other features Where are the set reviews? What is the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy? Other common requests Eurobricks Master Indices