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Found 19 results

  1. When I was building the Robot Arm (see my mail thread here), I stumbled upon the ABB robot flex picker (also known as a delta robot). I was amazed about the simple construction and how fast it can work. Although I am definitely not making the first one of Lego, I wanted to build my own version of it. In this thread you can follow the work in progress. I have now build the base and the three arms that will support the grabber. The grabber will be able to pick up the candy containers and move them to a different location. Don't know yet what its place will be on the layout, but I am confident that it will have its use. Photos can be found at Flickr, click on the picture below to see some more pics and an animated gif. Please let me know that you think of it. Enjoy, Hans
  2. I am planning to create new GBC modules in the coming years. It will be a combination of Lego Mindstorms and Lego Technic. So not mindblowing mechanical constructions like Akiyuki, but constructions that can only work because they are controlled by the intelligent Mindstorms brick. My first module that I am trying to build (still unsure if I can make it work), is based on the Planar Parallel Mechanism that I saw on Youtube: I find it really cool how it moves. And I thought: let's build this, and use the grabber (visible from time frame 1:23) to pick up balls at the left side of the GBC module and bring them to the right side. Here is an LDD sketch from the first prototype: And a small movie of the first test. The green markers are there, to put the prototype in the start position. That's my major issue right now: how do I now where the four legs of the mechanism are? Working on that now, will keep you posted. Suggestions and compliments are welcome ;-). Regards, Hans aka Mindstorms GBC
  3. Good day everyone! Here is my newest MOC. As you may know, there is a company in Paris, called Blue Frog Robotics. They are the inventors and developers of BUDDY the Robot - domestic robot, that can express emotions. So, with their permission, I've created this lego-copy of BUDDY. With full spectre of emotions, that lego bricks are able to show! Because of license troubles I've put my COG logo on robot's chest instead of their own. My BUDDY is full RC. Driving, skid-steering, and full control over all head and face movements. Its construction is very simple. Just a load of wormgears and actuators. There is not so much to show through photos, so I recommend you to watch the video: Please, watch till the end. I added something like a teaser for tomorrow's annual Halloween Special! Thanks for watching. Sincerely yours, COG in the Machine!
  4. As part of our fully automated train layout (see more at our blog here:, I have started to build a fully automated container warehouse. The warehouse should be able to store a large number of candy containers. I want to build four rows with shelves to store the containers, served by two robots that can store and retrieve the containers. The first thing I needed is to build the vertical lift for the stacker crane. I looked at other builds and found out that there are three possible mechanisms to create the vertical movement: Gears climbing a toothed bar (element 3743), a nice example can be found here: Cables pulling the lift up, an example can be found here: Chain links, an example that uses the small elements 3711 can be found here: And as you may have guessed, I have tried something different. I use the worm gears (element 4716) to get the vertical movement, this is the first test setup: If you stack the elements 4716 on top of each other, they should be aligned correctly to create one, long worm gear. I just finished a first prototype of the stacker crane. The crane has two forks, in order to store or retrieve a container from either the left row or the right row. The lift can move up and down, the (horizontal) movement along the row needs to be build. One EV3 M motor is used to move the forks either to the left or to the right. It uses a color sensor to determine the middle position. One EV3 L motor is used for the vertical movement. A touch sensor is used to detect the bottom position. Watch the video to see a demo: More details will be added later. Enjoy watching and please let me know what you think. Hans
  5. The company I work for (Sioux) is one of the main sponsors of Tech United, the leading World Champion in robot soccer. So for me, it was obvious that we are going to release a Lego Mindstorms version of their robot. It will be available on the market as an extension set to the Home Edition version (art. 31313). The expected release date is december 2018 and it will be exclusively available at the Toypro (web)shop. The price of the extension set will be approx. 100 euro. Please note that you need the Home Edition to build this model. The soccer robot looks like this in real: And this is the version I made: This version is controlled by the infrared sensor plus the corresponding remote control. I'm working on a version with the Pixycam, that will be able to go to the ball autonomously. The omni wheels are the only parts that are not Lego. Please let me know what you think of it. Regards, Hans
  6. Do you know this, You may have 12 Lego servos with only one EV3.
  7. Camellia Café presents a special designed Crab Robotics Car model being controlled by Camellia CAPPUCCINO servo motor controller with ARM technology. Each wheel has an individual LEGO motor to drive wheel running speed, distance, time and direction. And each wheel has another individual LEGO servo motor to steer it in a precise angle. Thus 8 LEGO motors are used. Normal: Run forward, backward, or turn Traverse: Run in traverse as a crab with wheels 90 degrees Spin: Spin with wheels 45 degrees Motor: Wheel self-driven motor Motor: Wheel steering motor When turning each wheel in a special degree. It will very easy to turn left or turn right in a short radius. As each wheel has an individual motor to drive it, it is powerful. I think this is a real, real, real four wheel drive car. As each wheel driven motor is a servo motor, it could run in a preset distance. It can run in traverse just like a crab. This is why we name it after crab. Consider all, it is more than a car. It is also a robot. This is why we also name it after robotics. Please drive this Crab Robotics Car. Just make you own robot at home.
  8. Let me introduce you my biggest and most complex MOC so far - COFF3 BOT. Once I was contacted by a man from HP (Hewlett-Packard) and he asked me: "Are you able to build LEGO robot that would supply Nespresso coffee machine with capsules?" It sounded interesting to me so I set meeting with him to know more. He explained me that they got coffee machine with bluetooth so you can turn it on from your smart phone. The problem was that you have to insert capsule manually into coffee machine and they were looking for some "remote control LEGO solution". Soon I began working for him and it took me about 3 months to finish this robot. It was built mainly out of LEGO Mindstorms Education and LEGO Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator. It contains about 2500 parts. The most difficult part of development was building this robot. Programming was piece of cake. Robot in stand by position. It has 3 storages for 5 capsules so you can load it with up to 15 capsules. Robot without coffee machine. Notice the rail that helps robot to stay with coffee machine. Detail of three mechanisms that insert capsules into slot on the top of coffee machine. Detail of gearbox - there are three parallel gearboxes that switch large motors between operating storages and movement of robot. I had to use gearboxes to avoid using another EV3 brick. This series of gearboxes is part of robot that causes most of its failures. EV3 brick works also like counterweight for jib. I've attached it in such way to keep access for battery charger. And how it works? You turn it on and it moves to stand by position. Then it waits command from some bluetooth device that determines number of storage - you can choose out of three different capsules for your coffee. When robot receive it, it turns over coffee machine and opens its slot for capsules. It does it by pulling little lever on the top of coffee machine. Then it releases chosen capsule into slot and closes it. When it is done it sends you message that you can turn on coffee machine. I will add link to video when HP releases it (I am not allowed to upload any video of this robot). And finally one fun fact: cost of this coffee machine is about $200 and cost of LEGO bricks for this robot was about $800 (excluding my work).
  9. Since 2011, our large fully automated train layout will be displayed at Lego World 2017. In several subtopics, you could have read about the building of the delta crane, the train controlled by a Mindstorms EV3 and much more. A video of our layout in 2016 has been watched almost 30.000 times. For 2017, the train layout consists of 12 Mindstorms EV3 bricks and 1 Mindstorms NXT: 1x Train (EV3) 1x Delta Crane (EV3) 1x Wheel of Fortune (EV3) 1x Ticket Dispenser (EV3) 4x Delivery station (EV3) 1x Ticket reader (EV3) 1x Delta crane (EV3) 2x Container and Candy dispenser (EV3) 1x Air compressor (NXT) All the EV3 bricks are controlled by a Microsoft .NET application, written in C#. We are now in the phase of integrating the Lego builds and fine-tuning the software. Click on the picture below to surf to our Flickr page and you can watch a video on Youtube to see a full test run. The layout will be displayed at Lego World 2017 in Utrecht, the Netherlands from Wednesday 18 - Saturday 21 October 2017. Regards, Hans
  10. Hello, I just found out that the web page humble bundle has released a bunch of books about Lego and robotics. I was thinking about buying them myself but I don't know about their quality. Can someone give me a clue?
  11. Hello, I am a roboticist and have a start up Perceptual Robots and use Lego Mindstorms as my main prototype platform. Here's a recent paper on my work. I am more of a software person than a mechanical engineer so I hope to get some advice on the best way to put Lego bricks together. Regards, Rupert
  12. Hi friends, yesterday I got the new set 17101 LEGO® BOOST: Creative Toolkit. I made an unboxing video for you all to see. If you like the video please go to the LEGO Ideas site and vote for Machu Picchu. Thank you very much!
  13. kostistlac

    Trump Lego Mexico Wall Stopmotion

    Lego Trump is back, bigger, better and president of USA. Let's build big Mexico Wall.
  14. Hi all, since I recieved Mindstorms EV3 set 31313 few days ago I've decided to start my first project. I call it CLEV3R CAR and as you can guess it's about car. I've just finished building it and I'm about to start programming it. So let's talk about model first. It looks like Mini Cooper, chassis is inspired by RAC3 TRUCK and I've finished it in just two days. It features two large motors for driving, medium motor for steering, IR sensor instead of radiator and rear bumper with touch sensor. I wanted to build it as small as possible but it became pretty big. I've paid attention to many details so you can easily remove EV3 brick (for example to change batteries) and there is enough space under it so you can use it with original rechargable battery as well. It's also pretty sturdy, I plan to program several modes for it: Automatic - independent driving with avoiding obstacles RC - remotely controlled from IR beacon with driving assistance (for example if you drive it against wall it will stop before it) Search for beacon - independent driving to beacon By the way does anyone have experience with programming searching for beacon? I can imagine how to do it for tank (or other tracked vehicle that can turn on the spot) but car with classic steering is something different...
  15. The SharkBot robot is built with Lego Mindstorms Ev3. Modified version of Builderdude35's Timmyton 5.5 robotic shark. Features aerodynamic styling, mechanical upgrades, modified programming, and more. Autonomous and Remote Control. Styling change is dramatic. The model is overall much more streamlined. Both the sides and rear are now seamless, filling in gaps of the original model. This is accomplished by incorporating 0% grade panels. Along side of looks, the panels are used for additional structural purposes. Every single panel has been changed for another of different color, size, etc. Many Technic pieces have been swapped out for another of different color. The orientation of the tail is altered. The top of this model incorporates studded Technic, which enables use of slope pieces. Also noteworthy are the fins. Complex connections make up the larger side fins. Tires are of smaller size. These tires are of firmer nature than the original tires, and this model benefits from thus. This results in more torque but slightly reduced speed. Accuracy is also a benefit. Due to problems with the original Timmyton 5.5 touching walls and running into walls at an angle in Autonomous mode, the InfraRed Sensor is moved forward one stud, thereby increasing its proximity away from obstacles when detected. The program is also adjusted accordingly so that there is a reduced chance of this model running into and/or touching obstacles. Technical features: 1 Programmable Intelligent Brick 2 Large Motors 1 Medium Motor 1 Color Sensor 1 InfraRed Beacon / Remote 1 InfraRed Sensor Mechanical Features: Moving jaws Moving tail Tank drive Please again note that this model is not 100% MOC. This model's core is Builderdude35's Timmyton 5.5 robotic shark.
  16. I apologize if this has foung the forum before, I searched for "minds-i" and although a billion posts came up none that I could find had anything to do with what I am about to post. ANyways, I found this site and was astounded with the similarity of this company's product with TLG. How are they getting away with this? Has anyone on the forum any experience with these products? Good? Bad? Are they an alternative to Technic and PF?
  17. I was browsing Bricklink and found this!? What is it!?
  18. I am into Lego mainly because of my grandchildren and currently slowly adding content related to LEGO Wedo to my Robotics for Children, intention is to guide and encourage them, a kind of fun distance learning. By nature, content will be "kids' stuff" but which may also appeal to AFOL. Will be "graduating" to Mindstorms later. I note that the subject in this forum is LEGO Technic, Mindstorms & Model Team and that Wedo is missing. I read somewhere that kids' membership may be removed and want to seek clarifications if threads involving Lego Wedo here are in danger of being booted out?
  19. Interesting article on LEGO NXT Mindstorms. CNN News.... good publicity for LEGO!!