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Found 17 results

  1. BrickLim

    TT-1 MECH

    This is my attempt on Mech machine inspired by all the game and sci-fi action movies. It is the assasin walker - TT-1. Piloted by no other than the famous Boba Fett Prototype. The challege of this mech is to make the foundation strong enough to support the heavy, rotatable torso. The armors can be adjusted for firing enemies from all directions. When it is in its turbo mode, the back panel plates flip up for better resistance. Hope you will like it. Please follow my flickr account : Ivan Bricklim for more MOC. Thanx!
  2. MEC Category B: Pippin and the Barrow Downs Once Pippin got back from Gondor, it was too late. He had a taste for adventure and had to seek it out further. He decided to turn to the Barrow Downs that he, Frodo, Merry, and Sam wondered into on the way to Bree. After wandering around one barrow, he came across the entrance. After he moved the boulder aside, Pippin peered inside. He spied the riches of a long ago lord or king. Pippin grabbed one of the gold chalices lining the barrow to prove his tale to all the Brandbucks and Proudfoots in Hobbiton. Pippin would have us to believe that the long dead king sprung to life and chase him with an enchanted blade, but any sensible hobbit would not believe a word of it. I don't know where he and his young friends went off to for so long but I am too wise to believe in returning kings, cave trolls, or even long dead kings guarding their goblets. EDIT: I had started this MOC before the contest was announced. I released after I submitted it that it is 18 studs square, which is two studs too long each way. There was no easy way to slim it down so I decided to switch Bilbo for Pippin.
  3. Aren't you going to search me? I could have anything down my trousers... (Bilbo is wearing the ring, so isn't absent from the scene! ) (But just so I don't get disqualified, he took it off for a quick shot ) Sorry for the poor photo quality, I forgot about the contest, and literally took the pics now, at around 9:00 pm, so light was NOT good to say the least... I took a couple of shots, and just before posting realized that Bilbo had to be in the scene, so he is now! Unfortunately I couldn't locate his head at this moment, so he borrowed Sam's. (A few) more photos available on my flickr. Feel free to add feedback, although I can't exactly change anything...
  4. Hi everybody. This is my entry to the MEC. I only had enough time to build in one category, so I choose B. After Sauron was defeated and the ruling ring has been destroyed, the age of men, an age of peace and harmony, began. Gandalf took a break from is great adventures and quests and now lives peacefully in a small cottage in the middle of the woods. Frodo, Bilbo and other friends continue to visit him, and when they do, they seat by the fire, talking about how they manage to get thru all the dangers and slippery roads. It’s a time of peace, it’s a time of friendship… The idea was to recreate a circular cottage with a roof in a shape of a wizard’s hat, taking some inspiration on the latest DC build, Caer Caradoc . The roof didn’t worked out as I wanted, mainly because of lack of time and specific parts, but I think the idea is there. I now this roof is not going to please to everybody, but hopefully the idea gets thru. :) Some photos. Hope you like it and CC is welcome! PS: Good luck to everyone!
  5. "He gazed for what seemed an age, before drawn almost against his will, he stole from the shadow of the doorway, across the floor to the nearest edge of the mounds of treasure. Above him the sleeping dragon lay, a dire menace even in his sleep. He grasped a great two-handled cup, as heavy as he could carry, and cast one fearful eye upwards. Smaug stirred a wing, opened a claw, the rumble of his snoring changed its note... Thieves! Fire! Murder! Such a thing had not happened since first he came to the Mountain! His rage passes description - the sort of rage that is only seen when rich folk that have more than they can enjoy suddenly lose something that they have long had but have never before used or wanted. His fire belched forth, the hall smoked, he shook the mountain-roots." ~ J.R.R Tolkien, The Hobbit Here's my entry for the MEC category C. The Lord of the Rings brought me out of my dark ages so I had to get at least one build up for this contest...Now lets see if I can get something built for the other two categories before the deadline . A few more pictures below, and still a few more on flickr.
  6. Graham Gidman

    MEC Category B: Hunted Down

    Even after the end of the War of the Ring, a few Orc packs remained, but without their master, these were hunted down and slain.
  7. Balrog Encounter! by Infernum ~, on Flickr Balrog Encounter! Pieces: 378 Year of release: ??? The Fellowship have awoken a powerful and ancient evil in the mines of Moria! Recreate the iconic battle at the Bridge of Khazad Dum, and have Gandalf the Grey face down the powerful Balrog! Help Boromir defend against a horde of Moria Orcs! Includes 2 Moria Orcs, Boromir, Gandalf the Grey, and an ultrabuild scale Balrog figure! dscn2378 by Infernum ~, on Flickr Recreate the epic battle! dscn2382 by Infernum ~, on Flickr Help Gandalf the Grey face down the Balrog! dscn2383 by Infernum ~, on Flickr Help Boromir fight the Orcs! dscn2379 by Infernum ~, on Flickr Use the Orc Launcher to defeat the Fellowship! dscn2381 by Infernum ~, on Flickr Take that Boromir! Hope you like it!
  8. My final entry to Category C. This is one of my favorite scene of the Desolation of Smaug movie, and I've waiting for a good chance to recreate it in LEGO.
  9. Smaug laying waste to Lake-Town. Another last minute entry for MEC category C.
  10. Hello everyone. This set is from the movie "The hobbit - an unexpected journey" into the scene where Bilbo tries to take time with the trolls who are roasting the dwarves until Gandalf arrives and breaks the rock by becoming stone trolls. Unfortunately I have no real mountain trolls and I had to content myself with this but I hope they are nice too. Thank you in advance for all the views and comments and I wish you all good luck and fun for the contest. ROASTED DWARVES main image The Rock can be opened easily I smell something burning.... Bilbo Minifigs Thanks a lot...
  11. One of the key moments in the Hobbit Book is when Bilbo decides to rob the arkenstone and bring it to the Elves and Man, to prevent a unnecessary fight! I must pack all my Lego. Therefore have I grabbed some pieces and build this little Set. Enjoy! Bilbo is wearing the gown, he found in Erebor. It was made by Elves for a dwarf prince: It's a modular set! So get a lot of it and build the big wall from Erebor: Top View: Thanks for watching *Soli Deo Gloria*
  12. Hello all, this is my entry for the EB Middle Earth Contest in the category B: The Age of Men. I really enjoyed building this and for one time I was able to furnish the second floor too: we can see the bed with a small sideboard, as some weapons to use during the hunting, or, in case of extreme need, against any attackers. On the first floor, some tables with cups and mugs to be filled with water, wine or beer and a small fireplace to cook food. Outside, a fountain to water the horses and Jarvis cleaning the small lay-by in front of the house, ready to welcome every traveler who wants to stop, while his wife takes care of the kitchen and the home. Thanks for hosting this great contest, I really enjoyed building in the Middle Earth. I hope you enjoy, and good luck to the other contestants! Enjoy! During the Age of Men travelling became once again safe, the legions of orcs were far away, kept at a distance by the armies of men which kept the travelling ways secure too. The resumption of travelling proved to also be a possible source of income and Jarvis, with the aid of his wife, builded this little tavern, to offer passing travelers refreshment. Today, two dwarfs, come in search of a glass of wine and a snack in their long travel.
  13. MEC category C: The fall of Erabor to the dragon Smaug. My last minute entry to the October middle earth contest.
  14. LegoFjotten

    MEC Category C: Erebor

    After a long journey Bilbo reaches the Lonely Mountain... Based on the scene in this wallpaper: I added a bit more color to make it less bleak. Couldn't get the forced perspective to work quite like I wanted in this size, but hey, at least I will be qualified for the raffle!
  15. Hi all, This is my entry for the Middle Earth Contest: Frodo and Sam reach the top of Mount Doom. When they look down, they see the burning cracks of Doom. Frodo hesitates to throw the One ring into the fire, and puts the ring around his finger. Gollem suddenly appears and jumps on his back. The invisible Frodo and Gollem struggle. Gollem manages to get the Ring by biting of Frodo's finger, but in joy of his regained precious, he falls with the Ring into the fire. DSC_2070 by Tuinman1980, on Flickr DSC_2053 by Tuinman1980, on Flickr Replay this defining scene with this set! Let Gollem jump onto the back of Frodo with this catapult! Let Gollem (or Frodo - you decide the fate of Middle Earth!) fall down the cracks of Mount Doom. Pull the pin and the floor of the cliff will collapse. DSC_2051 by Tuinman1980, on Flickr The cliff front side: DSC_2029 by Tuinman1980, on Flickr The cliff from the other side: DSC_2061 by Tuinman1980, on Flickr This set comes with 3 minifigures: Frodo with a scared face, Sam looking worried and Gollem. DSC_2055 by Tuinman1980, on Flickr The idea of depicting this scene has been on my mind for months. MEC was the reason to start building it. I tried to make a set in the lower price range. This one is about 200 - 250 pieces (didn't count, just a guess). It's my first MOC on EB by the way. I hope you like. C&C welcome.
  16. MEC Category B: Arwen's Fate Elrond once predicted Arwen's Fate should she forsake Valinor in order to remain with Aragorn. "If Aragorn survives this war, you will still be parted. If Sauron is defeated and Aragorn is made king and all that you hope for comes true, you will still have to taste the bitterness of mortality. Whether by the sword or slow decay of time, Aragorn will die. And there will be no comfort for you. No comfort to ease of his passing. He will come to death an image of the slender of kings of men, in glory undimmed before the breaking of the world. But you, my daughter, you will linger on in darknesss and doubt as night following winter comes without a star. Here you will dwell bound to your grief under the fading trees until all the world is changed and the long years of your life are utterly spent. Arwen, there is nothing for you here... only death." And so it came to pass, Arwen remained and married Aragorn, now Elessar King of Gondor. Eventually Aragorn finally succumbed to the slow decay of time. He was immortalized in the fashion of the kings of old. Arwen mourned the death of her husband for many years... Though the fullness of an elf's life last much longer than grief. The sagas tell us of another scion of an elf lord who missed the last boat from the Gray Havens to the West. Legalos son of Thranduil fashioned his own ship to take both him and Gimli to the undying lands. When her grief was finaly spent Arwen built her own vessel. Arwen built and painted the ship and soon joined her father, brothers, Bilbo, Frodo, Gimli, and the rest of her elven friends in the undying lands to the West.
  17. Help Theoden, Eowyn, and Háma gather supplies from a barn and flee to Helm's Deep. The warg rider is waiting to ambush them. Gather suplies from a barn in the Westfold. Gather a barrel of apples, carrots, and some blankets for the refuges. Fight from horse back or use the horse to haul supplies. Theoden, Eowyn, and Háma can even fight in the barn. Time to head to Helm's Deep*. * Helm's Deep sold separately.