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Found 7 results

  1. After seeing lots of different takes on the Land Rover (of various eras) I was inspired to design a minifig-scale version of the Series 2 for my nascent 1950s British village. LDD instructions are available here:
  2. My first time not mine MOC review. As fan of 4x4 cars I can't miss oportunity to build this MOC by Sheepo. It is not huge like other Fernando's MOC's. So I am in! I decided to do it with shortest and smallest version (I am lazy and busy simultaneously) - 90 inch version. I split my review to 5 parts - 5 separate videos with comments, close ups and so on, cons&pros. Turn on youtube subtitles - they are english! If you are busy to watch all 5 episodes, I advice you to watch the last - 5th epsiode. I will start from it right now. Epsiode 5. This shoud be in the end of the post, but I am afraid you can't go till the end. My vision of Defender: Ultimate offroad machine, well result is not ultimate, but at least looking like that (I hope). I have to solve some weak points of original MOC. Model lost some its pros: gearbox and realistic axles. I have to reinforce chassis and transmission for high load purpose and increased weight of detailed model. Unfortunately, cant make Land Rover unkillable as my Toyota FJ. But result is lovely, Defender will take its place on my "untoucable" shelve with mechanical MAP chassis. many photos of this version is here You shoud know, that MAP - is modular all-terrain platform. And all LR body verison based on this customizable modular chassis. Episode 1 is about chassis Then I have built Defender 90 body in yellow color. Almost STOCK. More photos. I have too much of this color, and construction machines - is not about me. So this LR is good oportunity to use all yellow parts for Camel Trophy style MOC. Episode 2 is about Defender body and small modifications I did with it. Episode 3 is about outdoor test drive. Then my viewers ask me to compare LR with its all-time real competitor - Toyota Land Cruiser. I have several ready to go Land Cruisers on my shelve. So, that was easy for me. But it was not easy to compare this MOC's, since they are completely different inside... Check my episode 4 "DEF vs LC" all photos can be found here
  3. Epic Technic

    [WIP] Bowler Defender

    After multiple failures at creating a compact driven independent for a Chevy Suburban, I paused that project and started to make a Bowler Defender. For those who don't know, a Bowler Defender starts out as a Land Rover Defender 90 or 110, then it gets tricked out with rally spec parts and gets a full engine tune. I have tried to mimic the original chassis. This build is intended to perform well, just like the real one, so it has four L motors powering it. To show the similarities here is an image of the real chassis. I will try to update this topic every few days.
  4. Hi folks, Just found this cool crations on Levi Movie channel. Looks like chassis and axles are based on 9398 model, may be i am wrong... And those bodies are detailed copies of real cars
  5. Hello everyone here is my latest creation! It is a Land Rover Defender 110 in case you didn't read the title ;) This model was made to help me improve my body modeling for cars and I think it went all right. This is the first model from which I followed a blueprint (roughly) but in the end it turned out to be pretty accurate. The chassis is based on one from RM8's channel, which he has instructions for. This model was a great start, however it had a very poor steering mechanism and weak front axle. I instead used 42000 hubs for steering and replaced the m motor with a servo. I also provided suitable gearing on the servo to make it harder to turn (the original steering moved whenever an obstacle was hit). *(That connector is not meant to be loose)* The body is made in a few sections, all of which can be removed. This is displayed in the video below: And finally a video of it in action: And that is all! For more pictures head over to my Flickr account via the link in the signature or go straight to the album here: I may be making instructions for the modified chassis but I see how I am going, bye
  6. lazylegoist

    Land Rover and Chaparral 2J on Cuusoo

    Hello everybody, my good friend Captain Furo published two very cool cars on Cuusoo − have a look at them if you're interested, and please support him if you like what you see. They're really good IMO. Land Rover Trophy: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/52964 Chaparral 2J: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/53643 All the best, LL.
  7. Horace T

    MOC crazy

    Hi Guys, Having put my first moc online (it's the 8280 B model) I'm now hooked on the chassis. It's got something land rover about it. i've googled land rover conversions and there are so many. I will try a six wheeled version, a military version and I will keep going and see what I can do. This design has got lots of potential. I will see what, if any, functions I can add to it. Maybe a small pnuematic. Thoughts, and your own mocs, more than welcome. H