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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all! Lately I am more and more intrigued by trying to make my own silicone molds for LEGO parts (mostly Bionicle) and make resin casts. I have had a look online and there's some good tips and tutorials. This is an "old but gold" tutorial about how to make molds for lego hairpieces and helmets, I remember it from many years ago, but now sadly the images have gone missing. Has anyone tried, and has experience to share? In particular brands of silicone and resin to use. Another important thing will be trying to match as much as possible original LEGO colors. Does anyone have some experience to share on that regard? It would be very helpful! Some people got very nice results but I doubt they'd want to share their secrets :P I have never attempted silicone casting, so I only know what I could read online :) Thanks for your help!
  2. One of Bionicle's biggest selling points over the years has been masks. From the collectible Kanohi of 2001 and beyond, to the Comic Con exclusives from this and last year, masks are one of the things that make Bionicle Bionicle. But some masks are more special than others - maybe for story reasons, for being part of a special set, or due to them being a limited release. This thread is your space for boasting about your hoard of precious, face-bound relics! Have at it! My list of special Kanohi/Masks is as follows, in order of release: 1x Golden Hau 1x Silver Hau 1x Infected Hau 1x Silver Miru 1x Trans-lime Miru 1x Copper Noble Huna 1x Krahkaan 1x Gold Avohkii 2x Glittery Avohkii 3x Silver Avohkii 1x Infected Hau Nuva 1x Orange Vahi 1x Keetorange Ignika Helmet 2x Golden Mask of Fire (One has been painted white for my self-MOC) 1x Golden Mask of Earth 1x Golden Mask of Stone 1x Golden Mask of Ice 1x Golden Mask of Jungle 2x Golden Mask of Water 1x Golden Skull Spider 1x Trans-Orange Mask of Fire 1x Blended Golden Mask of Earth 1x Blended Golden Mask of Stone 1x Blended Golden Mask of Jungle 2x Blended Golden Mask of Ice 1x Golden Protector Mask 1x Golden Mask of Creation 2x Trans-lime Skull Scorpio/Skull Basher mask (Currently waiting on the second one to be sent my way from the states - paid £29.48 for it incl. postage)
  3. My Rack changed a little since last time (here old version). I made it more stable, add PLG Kraahkan, and two Ignika's from 2006, one in Bionicle Heroes Style, and second in Voya Nui Online Game Style. It looks great on my desk. Gallery:
  4. LEGOshibainu

    Kanohi masks on Amazon UK

    I have come into possession of some amazon vouchers and am interested in collecting Bionicle kanohi masks, I find the search engine on amazon to be annoying to manouver and a lot of listings seem to be hidden, do you know of any kanohi masks which are listed on there? all help and advice is appreciated thanks.
  5. I bought mask here (link) and I pointed it using Citadel Auric Armour Gold paint. Big gallery:
  6. On bricklink I've discovered the Akaku mask in copper, but there is no information about what set it came in, does anyone know where it is from?
  7. Well, I'm not sure if we have one of these already, but if it does exist, then it's so old that using it would be necroposting. So, what are everybody's favourite and least-favourite masks? In Bionicle, Hero Factory, and anything else? For me, I might as well divide it up a bit. Bionicle Best: The Ignika Worst: Basically any Glatorian helmet that exposed most of the figure's face. Let's be honest, the Glatorian heads weren't great as faces, being all-trans and looking a lot like a certain Marvel Hero, weren't something you wanted to keep on-show. Hero Factory Best: Any of the 1.0/Breakout helmets. They all looked functional, they had their own identity, and they fit their characters. Worst: Brain Attack Bulk. I mean seriously.
  8. PrimoUltimo

    [MOC]Rack for Kanohi

    Main idea was to add all the most characteristic Masks from original Bionicle. And since we don't get MoC in old Bio, I decided to use MoC from new Bio. I know it now looks a little too abundance, but for me it's nice section through the all old Bionicle (Bionicle in a nutshell), bottom is start of Bio and basis, then we have Light and Shadow masks, and at the top we have the Legendary Masks. Gallery:
  9. *sorry for any grammar mistake, English is not my mother language. Hello everybody. So, I've always been intrigued with the idea of making pieces in colors that LEGO hadn't released. Painting or dying pieces wouldn't satisfy me though, I want as few differences from the original pieces as possible. So, I was considering making castings with silicone (there are many videos on YT) and melting LEGO pieces for the plastic. I know, LEGO has plenty of expensive machines that inject hot plastic at high pressure, but I wanted to try nonetheless. I wanted to ask you if you have any tips or information, or if you know of someone who tried something like this. There are many persons who tried making lego pieces, but I know of noone trying to do it with actual lego plastic. At what temperature do lego pieces melt? (here they say 105°C) Will they burn before they melt? What are differences between the different plastics used by LEGO? (Like transparent pieces not being made of ABS plastic) What are the dangers (like poisoning) when attempting something like this? How much will it take to the plastic to cool down and solidify? Will it solidify while casting it in the mold? Is there any reason why the result might be not satisfactory? I heard of someone who melt lego plastic with acetone and then used it for castings, it didn't end well. I wanted to try a purple Miru Mata (worn by Damek the Matoran), post your thoughts.