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Found 9 results

  1. Long before the cities of men had sprung up across Historica, the dwarves had already begun to shape the world. Unable to resist the call of the ore from deep within the Mitgardian mountains, 4 of the most influential dwarvish clans claimed territories amidst its peaks, and an age of prosperity soon ensued amongst the dwarves. The oldest and wisest foresaw that all good things must come to an end, and in preparation built a watchtower with intentions of holding the pass to the Mitgardian mountains. And his wisdom proved prudent. The richness of the clans soon drew the attention of the wild orcs from the Western Orcish Marches. Attack after attack came, and while the individual orcish clans were always beaten back, he knew that it would be a matter of time before a shaman united the clans and with their combined might the tower would not hold. Calling upon the elders of the other dwarf clans, a plan was hatched to fortify the tower. Each of the 3 remaining clans sent their best masons and builders, and whatever else they could spare. Thus, Gathul Khazad, the fortress of the dwarves, was bricked. Banners were raised, with a simple embalm representing the four clans, and soldiers were sent to forswear loyalty to no individual clan, but for the greater good of Mitgardia. Each clan had built in their own unique style, but what emerged was a fortress capable of holding back the orcish clans. As the centuries passed, walls were damaged but never breached, and always repaired. As unrest grumbled in modern Mitgardia, the call to arms was made, and soldiers prepared to move out. No firm orders had been given, but it was rumored that they would be lead by the mysterious stranger who had traveled far to reach Gathul Khazad. Unusual it was, but the troops had been trained to obey, and if that was what the commanders had decreed, then it would be so. As they lined up to march, many glanced up at the stranger, who would spend a further 3 days in the fortress before making haste to catch up with the troops. Until then, Dorrim was in charge of marching the forces through the treacherous mountain paths. I initially built and finished this for the HoM Challenge, but real life happened and simply never had time to photograph anything. In building it I wanted to try out different towers mashed into one castle. It's also my first real big castle moc, and my first round tower as well. Also wanted to play around with using wargs as beasts of burden. Couldn't have done it without all the inspiration and insights gained from all the great builders here in GoH and Eurobricks in general, so thanks to all. Sigfig Nivre can be seen in the white hood, and there are a few more pictures on my Flickr stream. Comments and criticisms more than welcome as usual. Also - Tall dwarves. They're a thing now. Precedence set by Ecc, thanks bud.
  2. The moon shone brightly as we rode into the courtyard. Only a couple of hours before Sir Uridius Dratiphe had received a troubling message from the Eastern Guild of Avalonia. Consequently I was setting out for that guild as soon as possible. By midnight the order "To Horse!" had been issued to the few men at arms that were to accompany me to the border, Sir Uridius himself also coming with me for a little ways. Apparently the men at arms had been chosen so that they could have a bit more experience riding their horses. As I set out upon this perilous journey, I wonder what sort of adventures the guild of isles and forest, of elves and treehugging tightwearers, has in store for me. - Sir Douglass Winzer Here is pic of the courtyard without the horses: I would like to claim UoP credits for: Architecture - advanced windows and window frames Military Science - fortifications and Anthropology - life in Mitgardia C&C are welcome
  3. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 Part 10: A New Home Part 10.1:Blunted Edges Part 10.2: (You're Here!) Part 10.3: Enthusiastic Worker The archers had a barracks of their own where they housed their training gear. There was some room for archers to live there if needed, but it was a cramped place. Wyndor worked with what he had though and asked the city’s archers to shown him what they were capable of. They started by shooting with short bows at close targets. There wasn’t much else they could do in the archers’ barracks. The rest would have to be done in the archery fields outside the city walls. After they were done with the short bows Wyndor asked Chalin to teach the archers about knife throwing. “Sometimes you won’t always have time to get your bow strung and an arrow notched before your attacker is upon you” Chalin was saying. “It’s always good to have a backup method of defending yourself.” “That’s why I practice my swordsmanship” one of the archers piped up. “Swords are a good weapon to be familiar with, trust me, I know. But a sword also means you allow your attacker to get close to you. If you know how to throw a knife, you’ll keep your enemy from getting close enough to do you as much harmer as you can do to him” Chalin responded. Liam leaned over to Wyndor and said, “Your brother has great skill. Did he by chance learn from one of my brothers?” “You have brothers?” Wyndor asked. “I didn’t know that. However, I don’t think he’s run across any of them. He learned his skill out of necessity in the Kaliphlin fighting pits.” “Perhaps you should have taken a turn in them yourself. Maybe you could have learned a thing or two that even I couldn’t have taught you” Liam responded.
  4. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 Part 10: A New Home Part 10.1:Blunted Edges Part 10.2: Cramped Spaces Part 10.3: (You're Here!) The last group of the Militia that Wyndor visited that day were the cavalry. He talked with the lead rider about the men and the horses. “You wouldn’t believe how much planning there goes into keeping a stable up and running!” exclaimed the rider. “You have to keep track of how much the horses are eating and what they have already eaten; you have to make sure the stables are mucked out at regular intervals; you have to make sure they get regular exercise but not too much exercise; and the list goes on! I’ll have to get you up to date on the dietary plans for each of the horses first…” “Hold on there!” Wyndor interrupted. “I’m not planning on replacing you, I’m just here to help.” “Well, that’ll make organization easier to maintain I must admit” the rider responded. “I have a very organized way of doing things that all the men and horses are very used to. I imagine it’d be pretty hard on them if things were to change suddenly. Here, let me show you around.” Wyndor could tell that he took his job very seriously and was glad he could leave the “important organizational details” in someone else’s hands. However, it seemed that there was much to do in the way of training. So he got started right away.
  5. I eventually got time to finish a Phase II build; it appears that I will probably only get the stables done in time though Uridius often leaves his horse in this small stable/cabin outside Valholl on his visits to the capital, going to see it often to make sure it is well fed and taken care of. An overview shot: I would like to receive UoP credits for the following subject: Architecture: wall techniques - wooden walls C&C are welcome
  6. Leewan

    HoM : Ryan Korsten

    Hi guys ! Here's my entry for the Hero or Monster category ! They called me for a mission. Hero Factory was attacked. By strange creatures. Controlled by weird brains. So we were updated, we were given extra armor to protect our cores from those Brain Slugs. When my team and I left the Factory, there were lots of alien creatures fighting Heroes : some were red, some were grey, some were green, some were white... A real army, against us. So we joined the fight, we had to protect the city, and the Factory. We are Heroes ! And suddenly, while I was fighting a spider-like black and golden monster, my chief, Theodore Rodney, called me. His voice seemed far away from me, like an echo, like a voice that came directly from a dream. He yelled "Ryan ! Behind you !" But it was too late. I felt electricity running through my whole body. I was changing, I felt it. That scared me. What would happen to me ?! I wasn't able to think anymore, my mind was like lost, blank. I didn't knew where I was, who I was, why I was. I saw my arm become red, my sword fused with my hand, and a green organic matter started to cover it. Spikes where emerging from it, that was terribly painful. My back hurt, much more than my arm. Even if I wasn't able to see it, I felt the same transformation was happening to my back. And then I saw my leg become red too. What was going on ? And suddenly, a flash of pain crossed my head. And I felt angry. Terribly angry. Those Heroes... I had to kill them, I had been created for this ! My body was a great tool, it would help me to eliminate the Heroes, and give him the control of the city... MOCPage I hope you will like it, C&C are welcome ! :)
  7. markster

    HoM: Draccon

    Here is my entry to the Hero or monster contest. Name:Draccon Status:infected Life: Draccon was part of the first hero team to fight the brain menace. When arriving on an unknown planet he was welcomed by a brain. The brain jumped and clung onto his hand only mutating him slightly. In his first stage of mutation he had 3 more hero cores added to him. At first his team was surprised that their teammate was being mutated but as they saw him only receive 3 more cores they all went out to find brains of their own. Once they all attached the brains to their back the same happened to them but just when they finished they saw Draccon mutate into a horrid creature. his legs extended and his head turned into one of a wolf. His original blaster grew bigger and his sword became electrified. Draccon's teammates ran in fear only to be destroyed by their old leader. When the Hero Factory headquarters heard about this failed mission they designed new suits to contain the mutation if a hero does get infected by a brain, it would only result in their masks flipping up. They quickly deleted any known facts of the heroes sent on the mission for they didn’t want any of the heroes trying to mutate themselves. They don't know what happened to Draccon but all we are sure about is that he is still there somewhere in the galaxy. Moc: Front: Draccon has one hero core on each limb. The brain is attached to his blaster Back: Brain connection point: Poses: Edit: tweaked model and poses. slight story change There you have it C&C appreciated
  8. Long story made short: what if Evo (in is Breakout incarnation) returning from a mission is taken over by a brain? I started the design from the standard Evo modifing and building up, trying to create it as a real HF set (so yes, as a sticky figure :) ). It uses only pieces from HF (2.0 up), the body is a standard HP torso ad uses a build technic similar to Toxic Reapa. The playability is good. Complete gallery at:
  9. howie28

    HoM: Valiant Venom

    Edit: Scroll down for updates. Here is my entry to the Hero or Monster contest: Here's the brain: I tried to make it look like a golden titan's torso fused with Venom-esque octopus tentacles. I hope you all like it!