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Found 58 results

  1. Kolonialbeamter

    [Minions] Merry Mug'mas

    Ahoy, fellow BoBSers, a bit late maybe, but then... minions do their things when they feel like it - celebrating is no different. This is an entry for the Nellisan Merrynight mini-challenge, category C. Merry Mug'mas After having sold the plundered (and later beached) Santa Clara to Oleon - by the way the ship sank as those incompetent minions hadn't managed to fix her up watertight... or did they do that on purpose... maybe they don't even know themselves... anyways, moving on - well, with all the treasure and the additional Oleander DB, the minions had enough cash at their disposal to throw a proper Mug'mas party. So they filled up The One MugTM with mulled wine... and just went nuts. What's in all the presents, you may ask - probably just mugs and hats They had even heard about that Nellisan custom of decorating a fir tree... but somehow misunderstood the concept... or did it intentionally... who knows... anyways - bottom line: the fir tree quickly turned into a fire tree... About: Well, nothing special about this at all, the mug has been used before, the rest is pretty basic. However, the idea was in my head as soon as I read about the Merrynight mini-contest. This just had to be done Thanks for watching C&C welcome!
  2. Ka-ching, fellow shareholders - and a classic ahoy, fellow BoBSers, I've gone land-lubbing for a while in preparation to get the Royal New Terra Company started, and this here is the first thing that came out of my endeavor: The RNTC School of Business in Breshaun The officials of the Royal New Terra Company meant business. Only a few weeks after the Duke of Vele had managed to gain the full backing for his plan from the High Council, His Majesty signed a royal charter for the company. Now, wheels were set in motion, preparations already made were carried out, and first ventures established. Among the first was the founding of a business school in Breshaun, hopefully soon enabling the RNTC to recruit its elite from a pool of qualified personal. For this purpose one of the newly erected upper class buildings West of Breshaun's harbor was purchased, fitted with a bell-tower, and equipped with the company's insignia. Now, all that was left to do was waiting for the school's director to arrive. About: This started out as a factory building, to be honest... but soon it became a study in half-offset-building, and it turned out to be quite good looking - well, at least from my point of view - so it had to get some more elaborate function. Coincidentally, at that point Bregir had just posted his Royal Society School in King's Harbor... aaaand voilà - business school What doesn't really come across is that the roof is actually shaped slightly concave - darn... 'cause that took a lot of time As usual, all could be build. The building itself, however doesn't have an interior - partly because of the hideous looks of the walls from the inside - and for the big part because I just couldn't be bothered Thanks for watching As always, C&C welcome Oh, this MOC is a starting gift for the RNTC. Vive le Roi!
  3. Ahoy there again, fellow brick-enthusiasts, today another brick in the wall that I call my landlubbing endeavor... aaand it's a place where bricks are made - who knew! Not the bricks you're looking for, though, but nonetheless 'important' - at least for the... City... of Breshaun The Brazzi Brothers' Brickyard in Breshaun December 21st - formally the beginning of the cold season in some parts of the old world, but next to a fire of several hundred degrees one could easily forget that Winter had arrived. The Brazzi Brothers probably didn't give it much of a thought neither. They just went about their business - their family business, to be more specific. Originating from southern Mardier, they had come to Breshaun almost 20 years ago in search for a new home far from the impacts of the Civil War raging in their home country. In Breshaun, they were among the first to set up a manufactury to produce large amounts of bricks - an investment that would soon turn out a huge asset in the development of the settlement into a thriving large town. And although today there are more and larger brickyards in and around Breshaun, it fills the three brothers with pride to have contributed - and still being contributive - to what is also their... City of Light. About: Hmm... not really much to say about this one. The oven had been in the making for a while, but I never came around building a house to go along with it. However, now it just had to be done, so I went for it The build itself is rather repetitive and unspectacular, but the details took a lot of time. I think, however, those bricky bricks aren't nice too nice to look at if used in masses... Need to change this in future builds... Oh, and I'm not really sure this is the way to actually make bricks... hmm... I might have to call Billund to find out... Anyway, I hope you can enjoy this a little, C&C welcome! Thanks for watching Vive le Roi!
  4. This is a collab build by Captain Genaro, Phred and myself, to create a royal plantation for Breshaun. It's been in the making for quite some time, and it was fun seeing this project evolve and result in something even bigger than a mere license. But more on that at another time. For now... Welcome, fellow BoBSians, to: Château Richemont - Royal Vineyard and Hot-Spot of Le Bellan's High Society Embedded in the gently rolling hills that surround the city of Breshaun lies Château Richemont, towering over the valley of the Zeusrun River as a beacon of Oleander noblesse. The estate was founded about half a century ago by Pierre de Bourdeille, youngest son to the Comte de Richemont. With no chance of inheriting his father's titles and lands in the old world, he was one of the first noblemen to make Le Bellan his home. Profiting from his family's proud tradition as prime winemakers of the realm he immediately recognized the potential the nearly ideal climate in the region offered to cultivate rich and heavy grapes, enabling him to create excellent wines, such as the Bleaunote Royal and the Terrechéri Noir, that even regularly make their way to the Courts of Granoleon. Today, the chateau is not only a leading wine producer, but also a bustling center of noble Oleander lifestyle on Le Bellan, famous for its exuberant banquets and glittering balls regularly held throughout the year. In fact, the next festival is about to commence. And some notables have announced their arrival - rumored to be sent by the Intendant Général des Finances himself - and interested in big business... About: Footprint is ca. 175x200, piece-count 25000+ (this almost killed my PC ) All the vines are placed by hand, so there's no copy-paste, no repetitions involved - at all. Most trivial thing I've ever done in LDD Same goes for the pathway texture and the gravel... So it might look easy, but I can assure you I lost track of the hours I spent on this. Oh, and of course as always all bricks exist in the colors presented. I would have loved to go on building, but in the end every additional brick was a fight, I had so many LDD crashes making me rebuild things over and over again... so the figs were left to for my co-builders. Thanks for watching this first part C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  5. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB] Work in Paradise

    Hey there, just a quick dream of a warmer place in November... Work in Paradise After having successfully taken mineral samples from different locations of the island, the Oleander expedition is participating in the peculiar wave riding ritual of the natives on Île d'Or - for the sake of a better cultural understanding. This will be licensed as a prospecting scene. I just didn't feel like doing the standard digging-a-hole MOC, so I interpreted bits of the info about Île d'Or and used that. Not much more to say about it, hope you enjoy it anyway C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  6. Ahoy, fellow Brickseasians! What's better than a ship? Correct, two ships. So here goes: 'Persévérante' and 'Comtesse de Praenia' These two new ships are the latest creations of the Royal Shipyards in Breshaun. Based on an innovative hull concept they were designed for speed and agility – both qualities which are prioritized by Oleander merchants as well as regarded crucial by Royal Navy officials in their efforts to secure Oleon's interests in the vastness of New Terra. To prove the versatility of their design, Breshaun's royal shipwrights decided to lay down two keels, a smaller one meant to become a topsail-schooner rigged merchantman, and a larger one designated to be launched as a light escort frigate. Work on both ships went smooth, even ahead of schedule, as the timber supply situation on Le Bellan has normalized by now compared to the time after hurricanes Helga and Stepho. After a series of early sea trials in September, Persévérante and Comtesse de Praenia now have to prove if they can live up to the expected performance. Persévérante Comtesse de Praenia About: Well, the hull concept started out as an experiment based on one part newly introduced to LDD by a recent update. Buildable? Yes. Stable? Well... depending on the number of added flex tubes anywhere on a scale from 'not-at-all' to 'not-childproof'. What else... I started with Persévérante, but as I had originally intended to build a merchantman yet ended up with a warship, I decided to build a second version – smaller and narrower – rigged as a topsail-schooner. And as it somehow didn't look like enough effort - despite being a new build (plus, there's no scale-function in LDD) - I added a full hull, which proved to be as annoying as the one on Santa Clara Unfortunately, I cannot show both ships in one shot, as both files are too large to be combined. So just some numbers: Persévérante: waterline 96 studs, overall length 142, beam 26, part count 6500+ Comtesse de Praenia: waterline 87 studs, overall length 135, beam 23, part count 6700+ Well, I hope you enjoy the two of them C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  7. Prior build - In the Dark of the Night At the gates of the Pontis Wing of the Palais Royal in Granoleon the continued buzzing of diplomatic channels created yet another chapter. Lighting up the Diplomatic Furnace 'This is going to cost them' the Lord Chancellor thought to himself. It was an exceptionally mild day in Granoleon given the time of the year. Yet, there was a feeling of dooming winter in the air. Something was coming. He had experienced everything in his diplomatic life, still the recent developments were unusual – even to him. But strangely, as most of the Royal Court of Granoleon was afraid – some terrified princes had even left the city – Calida looked forward to their unveiling. It was the general opinion at the Royal Court and within the High Council that this time King Fernando had gone too far. First, there was the fact that he still hadn't withdrawn his ridiculous and illegitimate claim to the Oleander Throne. A fact, that didn't bother Calida much, and even His Majesty tended to look the other way due to Fernando's dynastic ties to the Royal Court. Then his forces occupied a small and utterly unimportant tiny little island somewhere in the Eastern Seas. A fact much more troublesome already, one that only with a lot of diplomatic goodwill could be seen as a move against Mardier alone. But now having Eslandolian troops attack and seize Oleander military installations. And rumors had it that he was assembling an army for a full-fledged attack against Oleon. This could no longer be ignored. The Eslandolian tendency to aggressively create faits accomplis had become too dangerous to bear. There were rules in this world. He had lived through too much to allow such rogue and dangerous actions to pass without opposition. He knew what appeasement could lead to. A line needed to be drawn. To this point, but no further! 'You have your orders.' Calida snarled at the diplomat. 'Make it happen!' 'Yes, your Excellence, I will see it through.' The diplomat replied eagerly, as expected from a devoted servant in His Majesty's service. Yet, something seemed to trouble him, something had him hesitate. 'Your Excellence, if this meeting with the representatives of Her Highness Queen Annetta goes as planned... does that mean...' The Lord Chancellor slowly turned his head and with a hissing tone he snapped at him 'Don't ask questions you won't like the answers to!' To be continued...
  8. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB1] The 'Triton'

    Ahoy, mateys! Time for a ship - first one in a while, therefore something a little larger. The 'Triton' With Oleon's colonial possessions growing in numbers and importance to Crown and nation, His Majesty has decided to reinforce La Royale's 'Flotte de l'Est' with a number of heavy hitters over the next couple of months. The first one that has recently arrived in the waters of New Terra is HRS Triton, a 60 gun Man-of-War, now moored in Breshaun harbor, using Oleon's largest city on LeBellan as her base of operations. Triton is a veteran of the Forty-Nine Years War, one of the few surviving vessels of the Oleander fleet back then, and for some months even served as the Grand Admiral's flagship. She may be old by now, but in the hands of a capable commander she can still deliver a devastating punch to her adversaries. About: As always, all parts exist, so Triton could be built. To be honest, Triton's hull is more than four years old by now. I started her when I wanted to try out a galleon design, but quickly lost interest, as my mind wandered to other projects... well, a clear sign of a very short attention span Anyways, recently I dug her up again and decided to finish her, so she could take her righteous place within BoBS. As Triton is prefab based/limited, she's quite narrow, and the hull technique is rather outdated in my eyes, too, but all in all she doesn't look too ill proportioned. Some numbers: Triton's piece count is a little under 7000, length at waterline is 97 studs, total length 126, beam 20. One day I might try my hands on a more sophisticated galleon design... maybe Until then, I hope Triton serves Oleon well. C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  9. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - CH4B] Bon Voyage!

    Ahoy, fellow fleet protectors and plunderers! After the prequel, here's the continuation - Cat. B entry incoming! Bon Voyage! A week after the events in the green navy's HQ back in Terr... let's not do this again – green capital city – the esland... seriously?! – THAT nation's treasure fleet was on its way. The Kings Port Advertiser featured that awareness poster in its latest edition, the fleet had left Nell... that green island in the East – smooth, Mr. Narrator, smooth... without any incidents, and what was best of all – there were no rumors out on the streets about a large convoy filled with gold whatsoever. The green chief's plan had worked out. Kudos on that, Mr. green chief! Time to relax and have a look at one of the treasure ships en route, shall we? What have we got... this one right here, yes, the Santa Clara. Once famed expedition ship of whatwashisname Ivo Fortesque, now commanded by his son Pedro, and assigned a task not less important than the discovery of new shores – the collection of the riches of said shores. Yes, the Santa Clara, here she is. ...wait, is she being boarded by Oleanders? Ah, no, this is just a patrol, obviously helping the fleet to steer clear of the reefs and shallows in the tricky northern waters of LeBellan. Yes, Oleanders, what friendly folks, by the way much nicer than those uptight and arrogant Corries... but let's not go there. Back to the Santa Clara. Well, it seems she and the rest of the fleet will soon be on the final stage of their journey, on the finish-line so to speak, only save waters ahead – what could possibly go wrong now?! Bon voyage! … wait... I just thought I had seen something in the water... … WHAT THE...!!! What is this? What is going on?? Is this a... are those those... MINIONS??? *looses it* It seems... they've come up with a... device – wait, is that their toy from the sewers, but in big?! – and have drilled right through the hull of the Santa Clara... now vacuuming and shoveling the gold right into their dive boat! And nobody is taking notice!! They... they are sneaky geniuses!!! Oh my gods, actually, I'm not even mad, that's amazing!!!! *grabs popcorn* Well, it seems the narrator is gone for a while, so let me continue from here. Nice to meet you, let me show you my overhanging bowsprit... Ahem, let's better have some more pics of the MOC, after all we've barely just met... And lastly, the ships - together with their 'toy' versions: About: Well, where to start... as usual all parts exist, both vessels can be built. I finally managed to finish the Santa Clara, complete with a full hull - which in general is maybe the most annoying thing I've ever 'had' to build. Credits for the technique go to cb4 and Frank Brick Wright. As you can see the upper part of the ship merely rests on the lower hull, which might not seem that stable per se, but something tells me this works... Next, the 'device' - it's sort of a diving vessel, propelled mechanically, and - as the narrator has already pointed out - equipped with a circular saw and a drill for sneak attacks from down below. In case you're wondering where I got the idea from... well, I kind of grew up with it, as the 'Tauchboot' is prominently featured in an old GDR comic, that I've always loved. And the best thing: once the minions dive off, the cut out part of the hull neatly falls back in place... hopefully - otherwise the Santa Clara is doomed So, in the end it seems those Minions are to be reckoned with after all. Still not sure whether this qualifies as protecting or plundering the fleet Hope you enjoy C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  10. Ahoy, mateys! Here's my Challenge IV Cat. A entry - witness the return of the dreadful Colonial MinionsTM *evil laughter in the background* What Could Possibly Go Wrong?! Somewhere in Terelli... no, it is Tereli... no no no, it must be Terrelli... oh well, never mind... Somewhere in the capital of Esland... andia. Hmm... no, that's also not quite it, not really simply somewhere in the capital of Eslan... d'oh... ria... Alright, now: In the office of the Secretary of the Eslandian...doliander...ser... ahh, screw this... In the office of the secretary of the Green Nation's Navy. 'Have I made myself clear?' The Green Chief skeptically looked at the guy standing in front of him. 'Why again did I hire him?!' He thought. 'Okay, one more time. Here are two letters. The one in my left hand is meant to be brought directly to the admiral of the Esland... of our fleet. The letter in my right hand is for the chief editor of the Kings Port Advertiser for immediate printing. In short: The letter in my left hand goes to the fleet, the letter in my right hand to the newspaper. Do you understand?' The guy looked at him with a smile that strangely hadn't changed during the whole conversation – what a weirdo. Oh, sorry for that comment, I'm only the narrator here. Anyways, the guy went '…!' 'Right' the Green Chief now remembered the reason for hiring that fellow. 'You guys don't talk much. Yes, yes, yes. Splendid.' He couldn't have sent an official courier to the harbor, it was simply too dangerous these days, as there were spies and corrupt officials everywhere. It's Esland... olia after all. Sorry, another narrator comment. Where were we? Right... Dangerous. And the treasure fleet needed to be absolutely safe! So hiring a bunch of weird guys unable to talk as messengers – nobody would suspect a thing. Brilliant! 'Now, get going!' Confident with his plan, the Green Chief put on a smile, too. 'What could possibly go wrong?!' he thought. Oh, narrator here – again In case you're wondering what's inside these letters... Well, the one intended for the admiral contains a map with the route the fleet is meant to take from Nelissa/Nellisa/Nelisa/Nellissa. And the letter going to the Kings Port Advertiser contains sort of a poster add, reminding every green citizen to keep their mouths shut about state secrets – you know, matters of national security and such, pretty standard these days. Oh, narrator here once more, just FYI, that strange yellow fellow dude wasn't alone: It seems there's a whole bunch of – what shall I call them – minions living underneath the city in the sewers. Effing weird, if you ask me. But no one ever does, so, well, just have a look at them, and I'll leave you to it. Narrator out. And an overview of the map side: Last but not least, a detail of the poster side: about: Well, this was quite some fun bringing back the Colonial MinionsTM. Do they look like guys with a plan to you? Wait and see. You might wanna remember their strange toy for Cat. B What else... The poster is based on a WWII awareness poster, a simple google search will surely show it. As always, all parts exist, and the entire structure can be built, I think - it all fits diagonally on a 32x32 plate. With the right amount of clutch power the sewer water and the sea part with the ship should hold in place, as they are attached to the wall and additionally supported by bars. I hope you enjoy C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  11. Hi guys, I guess it's still the 25th somewhere on the dark side... of the moon So here goes, part II of Oleon's side of the build-off with Namere. Investigating “A fresh lemon scent.” That was all that the crew of La Recouvrance noticed when they arrived at their rendezvous point with Scimitar and Commerce de Breshaun. Nothing else. The ships were gone. Other crews had reported seeing a ship flying a changing set of flags, causing them to run, since only pirates would change their flags to unlawfully prey on ships. And several reports hinted at an involvement of the Namerians, so Granoleon decided to have the ambassador in Balmin launch an investigation. The Royal Court knew the Namerians were opposing any trade relations with the Marderians, and would offer letters of marque to anyone to interrupt trade routes. But there hadn't been any trade between Oleon and Mardier in years, so should the rumors of an Namerian involvement turn out to be true, seizing both vessels would have been an act of piracy, not to be justified by any letter of marque! So a private investigator was hired to shed some light on the mysterious disappearance of the two ships and Namere's role in this story. The investigator's first stop were the docks in Balmin. But so far he has had no luck finding any traces. But suddenly... could it be? A fresh lemon scent! It's a start. But will it lead somewhere? Thanks for watching C&C as always welcome! Vive le Roi!
  12. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB5] The 'Diligente'

    Ahoy once more, laddies! Yes, it's another ship. The last one - maybe even for a while, since I'm all out of medium ship-MOC ideas. Well, let's get to it: The 'Diligente' Convinced of the potential of a new hull design developed by naval architects at the Royal Shipyards in Breshaun, two keels were laid down. The first one would later be known as Commerce de Breshaun - which proved resistant to even the most perilous sea conditions. The second one was to become a warship, now finally launched in late May 616 AE - and she will hopefully be as seaworthy as her civil cousin! The Diligente is a frigate of 32 guns - 26 twelve-pounder long guns on the upper deck, 6 eight-pounders on the quarterdeck, plus eight-pounder bow- and stern-chasers. A nimble vessel, agile, yet armed to the teeth - may she serve the Empire diligently! about: As always - all can be built, except for flags and sails, and one would have to use minifig hands to assemble the handrails at the beakhead. Can't make out major differences to Commerce de Breshaun? Thanks, I take this as a compliment Diligente intentionally looks similar to a high degree to emphasize her affinity with Commerce de Breshaun, but it took a major effort during the redesign to keep this look The entire broadside concept had to be adapted to apply the new colors and to make space for gunports, yet increasing her structural integrity, not to mention (re-)rigging her, deck re-work, minifigs, and so on. With 6500+ parts, Diligente's piece-count is 1500 pieces higher than Commerce de Breshaun's. All in all I think I spent way more time redesigning Diligente than I spent on constructing Commerce de Breshaun in the first place - but she was worth every minute C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  13. Hello again, oh wait, that's ahoy again, of course! Today, another ship for the ever growing Oleander fleet. Proudly presenting: The 'Infatigable' Infatigable's keel was laid down four months ago in the smaller of the two 'Pontaniou' basins in Quilbignon, right next to La Recouvrance. But as the latter was launched shortly after, work on Infatigable was interrupted due to a shortage of timber after hurricanes Hilda and Stepho had devastated large parts of New Terra, as especially Le Bellan was in dire need of construction material. But work was resumed in April, and now she was finally launched and immediately attached to the New Terra Fleet. Infatigable is the fastest warship ever constructed in the Royal Shipyards in Quilbignon - a schooner, fast, agile, and equipped with sixteen 12-pounder long guns - lead-ship of her class, a majestic sight. She's on her way to Breshaun now, ready to indefatigably pursue her adversaries, and to enforce Oleon's rule wherever needed. about: Like most of my ships, Infatigable started with a look at the ship classification chart, as I needed ideas for a 5A1. But finding examples for large schooners of war turned out quite a quest. In fact I didn't find any reference ship that would be larger than a brig, but smaller than a corvette, so this is more of a fantasy ship. But nonetheless, Infatigable is easily one of my favorite ships so far. I'm really happy with her hull, which took me quite long to shape. As I wanted to build her as low as possible, I 'cut off' plate by plate, changing her base several times, until reaching what I think is a minimum height for me on this build. Again, she's a flush deck ship with no cabin box - just like Gladiateur - but I hope her side galleries being ornate blinds is presented better here. Some numbers: the length on her waterline is 88 studs, length over all is 116 studs, and her beam measures 21 studs. As always, she's buildable, and with proper rigging and some flex tubes support her mast should carry the weight of her huge sails IRL... but then, I won't build her Thanks for watching C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  14. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB3] The 'Gladiateur'

    Ahoy ya scurvy sea dogs, Another day - another ship, this time: The 'Gladiateur' Gladiateur is a veteran brig of war, built for La Royale about a half a decade ago by the Royal Shipyards in Quilbignon. For most of her service life she was stationed in New Oleon, but now the Admiralty has decided to assign her to the New Terra Fleet. In preparation for this, she recently underwent an extended overhaul, during which her hull was structurally improved, and she received an armament of sixteen 12-pounder long guns. Experienced and well armed, Gladiateur is now entering the arena that is the Eastern Brick Seas, ready to strike devastating blows to her adversaries. And in comparison to the IFS: about: Yes, those really are prefabs! Well, in fact only the upper bow/stern elements are, the rest of the hull is made of curved slopes. Gladiateur is based on an older design, but being sort of the only of my prefab ships, that I really liked, I thought she'd deserve her place here in BoBS, and renewed her. Gladiateur is no spectacular ship, but she's a fighting workhorse, right what's needed on the waves these days - I hope you can like her despite her simplicity. C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  15. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB2] 'Le Protecteur'

    Ahoy, laddies! As the Lord Chancellor said, there will be ships. But let's start small, shall we? Presenting: 'Le Protecteur' Being a light topsail schooner, agile and with a shallow draft, Le Protecteur excels at patrol duty in difficult waters, anti pirates sweeps, and reconnaissance missions, freeing La Royale's much needed heavy hitters for more challenging ventures. Crewed by experienced men, and captained by an able sea dog Le Protecteur will surely master the tasks ahead of her. about: Some of you might have recognized the resemblance to La Recouvrance. That's no coincidence. But Le Protecteur was in fact the ship to be launched first, and La Recouvrance was modeled only afterwards. I just never came around to post the ship, and the actual need to do so only arose... well, recently. As always, all can be built. And for quite some time I did have an urge to really build this ship... but then other ships happened Just FYI, her length at the waterline is 57 studs, LOA is 85, and she's 18 studs wide. For now she'll be a class 3A, let's see if that changes with the next ship list. C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  16. Ahoy mateys, what a busy short month this is, so let's get straight to it: Drastic Measures - Part I Looking from the balcony, his eyes wandered from ship to ship. The Secrétaire d'Etat de la Marine was in no good mood. Although Quilbignon was as busy a port as never before, and despite the fact that the latest shipping numbers had skyrocketed, the depleted fleet was all he could think of. "Something needs to be done about this!", he mumbled into the gentle spring air. "Have this letter delivered to our embassador to Namere! They aren't going to like it, but neither do I." He was still outraged. The Commerce de Breshaun and the Scimitar, both ships had been captured by privateers coming from Namere, as several reports suggested. "Oleon has no quarrel with Namere", he thought "so why in the Brick Seas would they prey on our merchants?! Was it really them? Was it a misunderstanding - or a prelude to open war?" He didn't have an answer - which didn't help his bad mood. "And have my carriage readied! I need to get to Granoleon." The Secrétaire hesitated, weighing his words. "I have a proposal for the Lord Chancellor, that he might not like." "Oh, and before I forget", he continued "Have this here brought to the captain of The Galaxie!" "What is it, Sir?", his adjutant asked. The Secrétaire turned to the window and looked over the port again. "Orders. And a promotion." about: This is a story build to kick off some things. Building wise there's not much to it, lots of work, but in the end 'only' some recycled ideas and repetition. I hope Dukesc's The Galaxie is recognizable. And if you add some minifig hands to those flex hoses used on both ships, all is buildable - they just don't come in LDD. Stay tuned for more C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  17. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB2] The 'Scimitar'

    Ahoy mateys, A ship - who would have guessed?! Presenting: The 'Scimitar' The Scimitar is a rather unusual sight in the waters of New Terra. She is what most people these days would call a Xebec – a ship type clearly not common to the shipwrights of the Madrice Peninsula. And she wasn't built in Oleon. In fact, her true origins lie to the far south. She was bought by the Royal Shipyards from merchantmen who traded in Granoleon. Merchantmen from the Mokolei Empire, where expertly crafted Xebecs are used vastly as warships as well as traders. The Royal Shipyards were impressed by the Scimitar's cargo capacity, but astonished by her protective capacities. Arming a fast trade ship that heavily is something not very common outside the Rogian Sea, where pirates are a constant menace to merchant ships. But with the ever increasing trade volume here, more pirates are likely to try finding opportunities to prey on unprotected traders in the Eastern Brick Seas, also. So what better opportunity to learn new concepts and adapt to the new times than to buy a veteran ship, that excelled under such conditions. The Xebec design is now being studied extensively by the Royal Shipyards' master shipwrights, and the Scimitar has been given Oleander colors. Now she is ready to sail under her new flag. And - as always - IFS shaming about: This one was a tough one to build. Building the angled poop deck, and attaching it to the rest of the ship - without gravity and the magic capabilities of the opposable thumb - was, well... difficult. So was designing the latin yardarms (or what they are called) Credits for the 'eye' design go to Dunkleosteus. Some numbers: She's 92 studs long at the waterline, length overall is 135, and she is 23 studs wide. She's also my first ship to feature completely snoted decks. For now her intended class is a 5F, but I armed her a bit heavier than the average 5F, so that might change with the new ship list. I hope you like her, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  18. Ahoy once more! This is an entry for Oleon's Coronation Festivities challenge. The Poseidon Garden King Philip I was immensely impressed, and Queen Beatrice even more so. Continuing their tour through the city of Breshaun, they had just arrived at the Poseidon Garden - a terraced garden laid out in honor of the God of the Sea. Now, walking down the winding staircase, they looked around, then at each other, and lastly to mayor Sisnera, who was more than proudly smiling all over his face. This almost feels like being home in Granoleon - the King to his own surprise caught himself thinking - quite a decent garden! This tour has been nothing but joy so far. But now - hush - enough talk, enjoy the walk! about: Well, this one was tough. Constructing it was all challenging and fun, but at 18000+ parts LDD crashed quite a few times - which wasn't that much fun. The entire facility measures 165x128 studs. The ground took a lot of different design attempts to feel okay, and placing these bricks was a mind-numbing business Anyway, I'm quite happy with the final result now. I hope you like it, too C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  19. Aaaand it's me again, As threatened promised, here's the MOC I was referring to when I posted this scene. A River Runs Through It Captain's Log, April 29th, 616AE: In the early afternoon we finished setting up camp at the beach, and immediately afterwards I had two armed scouting parties sent out to make a perimeter check. Also, the royal geologist from Granoleon - who was assigned to my company by direct order of the Intendant Général des Finances - insisted to have his mission started right away. So I had him escorted by a 2nd platoon, and they went off into the jungle to take mineral samples from various locations. Let's see what they find. Not that I could be bothered. I'd much rather see a fresh water source located soon... and if somebody could catch some fish, that'd make my day! about: Again, not really much to tell, pretty basic stuff. It's a dull prospecting scene, but to add some fun, I tried myself on a little creek with some tiny (not so rapid) rapids and some fishy action. Still not too familiar with rockwork, but I hope it doesn't look too boring. C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  20. Ahoy again, Just leaving this little scene here, as it's needed for my next MOC. Plus, it will serve as a starting point for next month's expedition into the interior of 'The Trap'. Claiming New Lands Captain's Log, stardate April 29th, 616AE: I've sent two of my men up the beach to gather some perimeter info. Meanwhile, the rest of the company has just finished transferring our equipment from the HRS Granoleon to the beaches. She's about to set sail again, back to Breshaun, and leave us here. We'll hopefully see her again in a month from now. Until then, we'll be on our own out here. But our orders are clear: We are to officially take possession of this island, which is commonly referred to as 'The Trap', and set up a base camp in shore sight. Once this is completed and secured, I will take my company of Royal Marines inland to find out what is and what isn't true about the rumors that some pirate has made this island his home. We are prepared to meet resistance, and I'm confident my men will prevail! For Oleon! about: Not much to say about this. The ship isn't new, and the ocean is a once more enlarged version of the one I've used before, and it only had LDD crash three times The rest isn't much larger than the picture is wide. Again, this is only meant as a start for something to be hopefully continued next month. I hope, you can enjoy it a bit, anyway Vive le Roi!
  21. Kolonialbeamter

    [COR - FB1] Design Sketches

    Hi guys, Yes, you've read that cor(rington)rectly This is my contribution to Bregir's King's Harbour contract offer. I thought, well, since Oleanders are generous folks, let's continue the generosity To Captain Jno. Cooke, most honorable Military Governor of King's Harbour on the island of Cocovia, Corrington. In the spirit of conciliation between Corrington and Oleon, the Royal Shipyards are humbled to present to you plans for a harbour station and a patrol boat, matching your contract's description. These plans match the high standards of all the Royal Shipyards work, and we sincerely hope they meet your requirements with satisfaction. Enclosed you will find the construction plans, along with some of our artist's impressions of the station. Quilbignon, April 21st 616AE Signed, The Executive Director of the Royal Shipyards Vive le Roi!
  22. Ahoy once more, mateys! I'd like to present my entry for Challenge II B: Strike your Colors! Warning: Contains not only much text, but later also violent scenes, blood, and general misery... better go grab some popcorn first, to enjoy this properly Here goes. When Ivo Fortesque set foot on the island, nothing was the way he expected things to be. None of his men were here! Instead, all he and his crew found were burnt remains of a wooden structure. There was no sign of any living soul. Fortesque was terrified. What had happened while he was gone? As they continued searching for clues, a member of his crew found some pages of what seems to have been a diary, buried in the sand. As they deciphered the increasingly shaky hand writing, they froze in agony... The Diary of Derelin Magini First entry: After leaving ten volunteers behind on the island our captain named 'Berelli', we sailed north-east, only to be caught in a storm, causing much damage to the Santa Clara. Fortunately, we found another island close by. After some repairs to the ship, the captain set sails back to Terreli with only a sparse crew, to report to the King about this new paradise-like island here. He promised to return with more supplies in a matter of two months. We – that is another twelve volunteers, including myself – have so far set up a small outpost here at the beach. It's been a tough job these past days, chopping down trees, building a cabin, setting up a defensive perimeter... I'm tired as hell, but we're all pretty positive about being here, and eager to start exploring this island. I wonder what riches await us! Second entry: Yesterday we took a first trip into the jungle, looking for fresh water, since our supply will only last another three days. We didn't find any river or creek so far. As nice as the isle looks from the beaches, all that vegetation in the interior gives me the creeps. I find it hard to orientate, and the heat is awful. But what I find most irritating, is that the natives we saw on our arrival here seem to have disappeared. Of course it was Velasques who had to tell a story about them being evil demons, going to kill us all. I'd much rather believe we're just not that interesting to them. Third entry: Still no fresh water. And we cannot penetrate further into the interior, the jungle is too bloody dense. Tensions are rising here, Velasques is turning into a source of trouble, scaring everybody. I don't want to believe what he's ranting, but I could swear during the night I heard the sound of drums coming from the jungle. This is turning into a nightmare. Fourth entry: Velasques has gone mad! He ran off into the jungle tonight, and returned covered in blood with the head of a native this morning! What has he done, he's doomed us all!! Fifth entry: Drums! All night long the sound of drums echoing from the jungle! No sleep, no water, no relief. We're all praying to the Gods... Sixth entry: They're coming! There's no way out... The following is a depiction of what could have happened to the brave volunteers. And a 360° view: For higher resolutions follow links to flickr! about: This scene was to some extend inspired by the fate of 'La Navidad', the first Spanish settlement in the New World, established by Christopher Columbus. Lego wise, well, all parts exist, all is buildable, just to display minifig action I turned gravity 'off'. Minifig placement in LDD is no fun at all, and the roof of that hut must have been the single most annoying thing I've ever build digitally. However, I kind of liked portraying all the bloody stuff The renders are made with Bluerender, which has the advantage of being much faster than Pov-ray, and also more realistic in lighting. Only thing is the water here doesn't really 'shine' in light transparent blue. Oh, and the 360° view consists of 100 renders, taking two full days to finish. I hope you like it, C&C as always very welcome!
  23. Ahoy again, second FB incoming: The 'Commerce de Breshaun' The 'Commerce de Breshaun' is the first capital ship built in Breshaun's 'Royal Shipyards'. She was ordered and paid for by the Breshaun Chamber of Commerce, and donated to the 'Office Royal de la Marine' as a sign of gratitude for continued Royal support and investment. Constructed with a sleek hull, and rigged as a barque, she is a fast and agile sailer, able to keep up with the top speed ships of the Oleander merchant fleet. May her voyages be blessed by Poseidon so she will bring fortune to the Empire! Next, with a reduced number of sails, for you to see some deck details: And last, but not least - and almost already a tradition - IFS shaming: about: As always, all parts exist. This time a bit more emphasis on sails and rigging, although the hull also comes with some unique features. Her hull is exactly 100 studs long at the water line, making her slightly larger than 'La Recouvrance', and her beam is 23 studs wide. Credits for the 'Fleur de Lys' design go to Gideon! As you said, works out well on a ship I hope you enjoy her looks, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  24. Ahoy, mateys! This is my entry for Challenge II A. Shields and Daggers The race for New Terra is heating up. More and more land is being claimed every day. Fortune seekers from everywhere are heading out looking for riches, and settlers follow. But most newly established settlements are very short lived, perrishing as quickly as they were set up, either due to a lack of supplies – or defensive capacity. Everyone knows the terrifying stories of the very first settlement attempts of the Mardians and Eslandolans, everyone knows the consequences of neglected protection. New Terra isn't quite the paradise it looks like. So in his infinite wisdom His Majesty the King of Oleon has decided that all colonizing efforts undertaken by the loyal subjects of the realm will be determined, but cautious ones: The claim we lay to the land will stretch no further than the reach of our swords. So as we claim the Île de Zeus for our glorious Empire, His Majesty has dispatched additional King's Guards to the island. Their task is not only to crew the forts that are being set up along with new settlements, but also to establish a multitude of smaller gun batteries along the shores, shielding the Île in all directions. These defensive positions surely aren't enough to repel a fully-flegded invasion, but they are certainly capable of dealing with smugglers, pirates and other predators. And when push really comes to shove, 'La Royale' will always fly Oleon's colors on the waves. Small patrol boats might not be seen as mighty swords, but handled with determination and skill, a dagger can do serious damage, too. about: As always, everything except for the vessel's sails can be build. The water is a delicate matter, consisting of many rows of 1x2 plates linked by 1x1 round plates wherever possible. This is my first ever attempt at rockwork, and it only caused me to despair and curse a high two digit number of times... Not sure if it's to the liking of the experts among you. Sorry for the back of that cliff looking so dull, but all I managed to come up with in order to 'close' it were slopes. Oh, and the boat's curvature is done with hinge bricks, all held in place by a multitude of flex tubes and clips, most of them well hidden below the deck. I hope you enjoy, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  25. Hi guys, this feature is both a contribution to the ongoing tax debate, and a reply to a remark Garmadon made in the 'Introduction Thread' about my title The Army of Colonial Minions is back! And this time they have gone financial, turning into every Sea Rat's worst nightmare. These guys have come up with a diabolic device to collect tax payments: They literally suck the hard earned Doubloons right out of your pockets! As I said, that strange dude on the 'Amphitrite's Lily' should not have been encouraged! Well, during the recent ship constructions I got a little carried away... The piggy bank is the official set #40155, the rest is 'Nonesense by KB'TM pending I hope you enjoy this little feature, it's not a Freebuild, just meant to amuse you. Or scare the living hell out of you. So remember kids, paying tax is for the Greater Good... and your own. C&C welcome!