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  1. I've been gone awhile; maybe once I get reacquainted with the forums I'll jump back in! 

  2. Sisco

    [GoT] Craster's Keep

    I'm in love with the base for this. Everything else is fantastic, of course, but that uneven base is simply beautiful. Fantastic MOC, I'm looking forward to seeing more!
  3. Time for my semi-annual check-in, it would seem.

  4. Sisco

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Jess snorted, then replied to Tesni. "I wouldn't know, Tes. I've been on an extended leave myself." Jess looked around for a moment, taking in the celebrating heroes. "At least the old place still has that Grogmas cheer."
  5. Sisco

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Jess slipped into the hall after a long absence. Looking around, she noticed her old friend Tesni sitting at an empty table. "Hey Tes, long time no see eh?"
  6. Make that five years. Time flies.

  7. Jess continued to pound away at Son C from the back row.
  8. Jess shook her head, then attacked Son of Light C from the Back Row.
  9. Jess looked around coolly at the bodies before turning her attention to the priest. "I figure there's not much to say except this: what happened?"
  10. Jess grinned at the slight cut Blohdhurm had drawn, knowing it was good to make at least some contact. She then repeated her attack.
  11. I'm incredibly sorry, been helping my grandma move into the new house with my parents, as well as working and schooling. Very little free time nowadays. Jess attacked Viking "Royal" Guard B from the front row.
  12. I've been moving without internet for about a week now... Seems like I've missed quite a bit. Jess watched the battle, wondering how things broke down so quickly. She knew she had to make a decision... "I have to stand by my friends." Jess joined Hamilton's Party.
  13. Jess downed a potion.
  14. ...Yeah! That's the reason! "Oi! Help me up would you!"
  15. Zeph, is the Dragonfire Stew a one-use item like a mead, or is it something I could use multiple times? If it's the former, then I used it in the last battle. Jess stretched, catlike and wide-eyed. She was excited to get going. "I'm ready, Hamilton."