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  1. noname

    [MOC] Tower of Nations

    Well done. You made the whole MOC look alive with all of the tiny details.
  2. ההגדה כמעט לא מזכירה את יציאת מצרים (למרות שזאת המטרה שלה) ואין כמעט מה לאכול.

  3. (: חג פסח שמח

  4. Very good, Flare! I like the landscaping and the walker. How can the diver eat with the helmet? I agree with you.
  5. noname

    Positron Assault Exo-Suit

    Cool suit! It looks better from the back, in my opinion. The newer mech\robot is also good, but the original suit is much better.
  6. noname

    P.S.S. "Hammerhead"

    Awesome! Very detailed, I can see that your modification to my spaceship was only the tip of the iceberg. Well done.
  7. noname

    [MOC] Spaceship B27 "The Groove"

    Do I really have to repeat my opinion about it again? I already did it twice...
  8. noname

    Talking Skull Promotion - Prizes

    PRIZE#04 - Great Ape Oops, It was already claimed.
  9. Haha that's all right I know exactly what you mean. Thank you! :)

  10. Oops, I didn't mean good luck, I meant 'congratulations'. I got confused because 'mazal tov' in Hebrew is literally translated as 'good luck' but it means 'congratulations'...

  11. Good luck!

    Hey, where did you comments go? :P

  12. Why thank you, sir! (:

  13. I like the creations you posted on MOCpages.

  14. noname

    The Golden Timber

    I mean, lack of the right pieces.
  15. noname

    The Golden Timber

    Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate it. A fleet of mini-ships would be really great, but I'm not going to do it because of lack of pieces.