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  1. Atalanta's Hunt by Jake, on Flickr My third Destiny Jumpship, which came together over less than a week. Even though I started it last year. I gave up on it, and then realised that apart from 30 seconds in one of my appalling vlogs, I hadn't documented the creation at all. Luckily, I've managed to reconstruct/improve on the original and I'm rather pleased with it. It's by far the sturdiest of three jumpships, and I can grasp it by the back of the main section and swoosh it comfortably. Let me know what you think. I don't build very much any more, so tell me if I'm still doing it right. More pictures in thePhotoset here.
  2. New Freebuild below. Light on story but heavy on space. http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=134586 Seriously, how are pilots meant to produce content besides vehicles? EDIT, and if someone could update my sigfig in the other post to be my current profile pic, that would be wonderful.
  3. Rebel Alliance U-Wing Dropship(?) by Jake, on Flickr I'm just going to crosspost this here too. I figured it was relevant, and I'm so far behind everyone else in points I'm sure you won't begrudge me that. Original post here: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=134585#entry2582354
  4. J4ke

    [MOC] Rebel U-Wing

    Rebel Alliance U-Wing Dropship(?) by Jake, on Flickr This is a bizarre-looking spaceship. This is the U-Wing, a dropship (apparently) that will feature in Star Wars: Rogue One, a film for which I have much hype. Images of this craft are few and far between, so I had to use my best guess and some artistic license. It's an ungainly looking ship from most angles, but from the 3/4 shot it hides the mass of the troop bay really well. I like it. There's pictures of a couple of Rebels for scale. They can /almost/ stand upright, but not quite. The build itself is as you would expect from me. Delicate as a butterfly's wing. Angles that only work by accident. The troop deck, which you would think should be the starting point, was actually second to the entire top deck. Only the wings and engines were done after that. Speaking of the wings, I'm very pleased by the almost total lack of sagging. Pity the angle of the wings doesn't really leave any options but jagged tiles. So yeah, let me know what you think (add notes if you like, woo, notes!), it's been a while since I've built anything... PS. FIRST! Yeah, seriously. I can't actually be the first person to build this... can I?
  5. Mantis by Jake, on Flickr For the first time in maybe five(?) years, I've built a mech I'm very pleased with. This is the UNSC Mantis from Halo. "But it can't be from Halo", I hear you cry. "It has colour, that isn't grey, olive or mustard! What is this?!" Honestly, I have no idea. It's not in the game yet, but it's slated to be included in the next DLC. I saw the image in the Halo weekly update, and I decided I wanted it now. So I built it. Enjoy! And if you should happen to want one too... well, maybe you should check out the rest of the photostream. I don't normally do such in-depth breakdowns, but this is a fairly small model. (I'd have liked it to fit a fig, but the colour scheme on the roof demanded a SNOTted body, leaving me no room for interiors. I call this a fair compromise. More pictures here.
  6. Destiny FOTC Hawk Concept by Jake, on Flickr It's no secret that Destiny, while a very fun game, is radically different to how it was conceived. I find perusing Destiny's concept art to be an entertaining pursuit though, since there's some cool stuff that almost made it into the game. Take this ship, for example. In the concept art, it's the above colour scheme, belonging to a faction (Forces Of The City) that was cut from the game. In-game, the white portions are light grey, it's unarmed, and all it does it fly around the main social space. Now that doesn't stop it looking really freaking cool, so I built it anyway. It's a very interesting design, I love all the wings and fins. Plenty of fun angles too. The wings rotate for landing, and the built-in landing gear forms two of three points. The third is the landing leg at the back. Alas, it can't support it's own weight, but you can barely see the transparent bricks I propped it upon anyway... Finding decent reference pics of this was surprisingly hard. I went and sat in the Tower for a while and took screenshots as they flew past me, but the rear of this beast is a well-kept secret. There is actually one of these parked in the Lighthouse, the PvP tryhard-only social space, but I haven't been there in years, so I had to watch some kid's youtube video boasting that he was there, muting it, and then pausing it when his character was anywhere near the rear of the ship. So yeah, it's reasonably accurate. That being said, I got a good few reference pics from artstation: <a href="https://cdn1.artstat...jpg?1442243786" rel="nofollow">cdn1.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/001/208/901/la...</a> Enjoy, let me know what you think, you know the drill. There may be a video to come, but I need to shave first. And collect my thoughts so I don't just ramble on... (Check the very end of the photoset if you want to see the sorcery that I used to make the front/cockpit work, and a few other cutaway bits.)
  7. This is an Old Republic Warship that is very much not the Hammerhead-class cruiser. I'd like to build one of those as well, but this monster used up most of my dark red curves. I didn't intend for it to be quite this big, but I built the engines first and then moved forwards. I think the nose might be just a smidge too long, but otherwise I'm very happy with this. It's nice and solid, albeit very tail-heavy, so it swooshes quite well.Photoset here. Another one from Star Wars: The Old Republic. A very pleasant build, although it might be a little bit big, in terms of scaling. I made the fuselage, didn't think much of it, went off and made a pair of huge, awesome wings, and then rebuilt the fuselage to fit. [Photoset here.
  8. J4ke

    Micro GARC racers

    SPACE. But smaller. Each one is built around a part that inspired or directed the build. L-R, Red 6 (Ferrari) - Hero Factory armour pieces. Orange 45 - Those curvey cockpit-esque parts in orange. Blue 37 - Red astromech heads and 1x4 curves in DkRed. White 1 (Octan) - F1 nosepiece and trans-smoke technic claws. Lime 3 - 1x2 modified plate with the angled bars. Took me a while to get into these, but fun was had. More pics of each individual racer here.
  9. J4ke

    GMD-4 Peregrine

    More SPACE! from me. The backstory behind this is only really relevant to a few people on flickr, so I'll keep it short. Especially since I'm convinced nobody ever reads these things anyway. More pictures here.
  10. J4ke

    P14 Trident

  11. J4ke

    P14 Trident

    I'm back in the game, yay SPACE! More pictures here.
  12. J4ke

    [MOC] ARC-135

    It looks a bit skinny in the midsection to be honest, but I do love the swooshiness of it. Only one other thing... does it work in real life? Those lower wings look like they'd take issue with gravity. Cool stuff though!
  13. This is Fourke, can I get the location of that prototype airspeeder we were modifying on Echo Base before we left? It's codenamed "Tachyon", it's been stripped down and modified for worrying acceleration at the expense of a comfy chair and any kind of survivability. Alliance Support Services are taking inventory and wish to requisition it for possible use in future missions. .... What do you mean, you haven't seen it since Hoth? ... Okay, so which muppet left it behind? Frank, I'm looking at you! .... Yeah, sure. I'll just go back and get it. That's totally feasible...
  14. I spent far too much time on Wookiepedia looking at for speeders that Rebels used in cold climates. Somehow I ended up building a flying, anglular box. But I kind of like it. Nothing special, but it's good to have something built at least. Builder's block is still destroying most of my attempts at building. Yay. Oh, and it really looks this blocky. Look. http://static4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20060106023533/starwars/images/c/c0/Tachyon_Airspeeder.JPG More pictures here.
  15. J4ke

    SoNE feedback thread

    Personally I found the second challenge far too restrictive, since I had only one of the sets we were restricted to. I mean, in my collection of 35,000-ish pieces I'm sure I could have found most of them, but that's besides the point. I wanted to do something for the first challenge, but didn't have the time, energy or motivation. But don't worry, I'm working on a free build. But given my current rate of progress, it'll probably end up scattered across the desk with the other 3 or so failed concepts.