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    Train Storage & Display

    Hi, my trains are always ready to run and carry passengers or goods. That is why they stand on the rails in the railway station.
  2. Jonas

    MOC: Rocky Mountain Log Cabin

    A lovely MOC! When I breath in, I can feel the smell of wood, trees and grass. Well, it would be nice to have the roof in dark brown, for example. But this type of roof construction needs wedge plates and these are not available in many (natural) colors. I suppose that was the reason why green was chosen.
  3. Jonas

    MOC: Gucciâ„¢ store

    Really good job, jaderchan. I like all the smooth and non-rectangular shapes (e.g. the shop stairs) and excellent (rarely seen) color selection.
  4. Jonas

    Pif Paf City

    Excellent MOC, Kris Kelvin!! Very realistic rendering of a Wild West town and life, a lot of details made with innovative techniques, decent colors.. (It seems to me that you particularly love brown and dark red, don't you?). And, moreover, while some people still keep on complaining on different shades of some colors (like new and old brown and grey), you show that one can combine them freely and benefit from them to get even more realistic creations. Last but not least, you always do good advertisement for your Polish LUG.
  5. Jonas

    Ye old "Admiral Benbow" Inn

    Excellent MOC with super-realistic design!!! How many cheese slopes have you used for making the roof?
  6. Jonas

    LEGO LUGBULK Program 2010

    Thanks, Freddie, for sharing your experience from the last round. And congratulations to a good purchase!
  7. Jonas

    Modular Building 10211 Grand Emporium

    I am afraid that you are wrong. Both the CC and GG were released in springtime.
  8. Jonas

    LEGO LUGBULK Program 2010

    Cagri, many thanks again. I wish you that your LUG can participate in the next rounds. Ours meets the TLG requirements this time.
  9. Jonas

    LEGO LUGBULK Program 2010

    Thanks, Cagri, for your fast response. Be sure, that I have read the rules carefully before posting my questions. What I was asking for was real experience from the previous round. When asking about the approved/rejected items I wanted to know if also the amounts or colours or element types (of course only those in production) had played a role in the approval at the TLG side. You know, if you have a limited (initial) selection of 80 lots, minimizing the risk of many rejected parts is important. Your answer about the sample prices is very useful, definitely. Thanks Jonas
  10. Jonas

    LEGO LUGBULK Program 2010

    Hi everybody. I would like to ask the people who participated in the previous round of the LUGBULK Program. My Czech LUG ( wants to participate in the next round and we are interested in your experience. What type of elements - in general - were approved by TLG? Any typical examples of rejected elements? What was the typical price for, say, a brick 1 x 2 or a plate 1 x 2? Does the price depend on colour (rarity) of the brick? Any other recommendation? Thanks Jonas
  11. Hi, let me introduce my latest MOC. The question is to which theme it belongs: City, castle, or anything else? It is my rendering of Pravcice Gate, one of the greatest natural wonders in the Czech republic. The sandstone arch is 26 m wide and 21 m high. Nearby is a nice romatic hotel called Falcon Nest from 1881. You will find these beautiful objects in the Czech Switzerland National Park - for details see web and for pictures this collection. Now several pictures of my MOC: Wonder how the model looks like from other sides? Have a look here or here. Some additional pictures are on my BS site (when moderated). My favourite building theme is city, architecture and countryside. If interested in my previous MOCs, here you have some links (just click on picture): Restaurant with a look-out tower My large city layout ... and some details from its daily life. I hope you enjoy it.
  12. Jonas

    MOC: Falcon Nest and Pravcice Gate

    Thanks, Zorbas and all the others, for your positive responses. You mention the lighting. Well, making the photos was a funny story. Because the model is rather large (64 x 64 studs), I could not find an appropriate place with white and soft background in my home. So I went out, to my garden, where there was just freshly fallen snow. Unfortunately, during the photoshooting, it started to snow again. That is why, you can spot some snowflakes (or their remnats) on some pictures. This picture shows the 'lego photo safari'.
  13. Jonas

    Sir Isaac Newton and the color spectrum

    A nice topic for technology-oriented MOC and very smart rendering of the original picture.
  14. Jonas

    MOC: Falcon Nest and Pravcice Gate

    Hi you ???Owl, The art of landscaping is the area where YOU are the Master.
  15. Jonas

    MOC: Falcon Nest and Pravcice Gate

    If I understand your comment well, you mean the large plates at the outer sides of the rock. They have two purposes: 1) to keep the SNOT structure together (you can believe me that SNOTing that large amount of various bricks was one of the major problems) 2) to make a clear cut of the stone formation that - in real - extends to both sides But, you are right, the model should be presented mainly in the front view. (I hope you did not see the rear (dark) side of the model. )
  16. Jonas

    MOC: Falcon Nest and Pravcice Gate

    Many nice photos can be found here.
  17. Jonas

    MOC: Falcon Nest and Pravcice Gate

    Good question. Actually, I am not a Lego collector. I use lego bricks and minifigs as they are, I mean as generic parts, so I am sometimes surprised to hear that some minigfigs come from special themes.
  18. Jonas

    LEGO Princesses

    And what about the Maiden from 6081? I believe she was the first Lego princess.