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  1. CPT. Jr

    How did you become a Pirate LEGO Fanatic?

    My parents originally got me into legos, never really went full forece collecting into one area though, until we managed to pick up 6 sets (2 ships, 2 ports, and some other smaller ones) of pirates at a garage sale, and from their on its been mainly pirates and a bit of mindstorms.
  2. CPT. Jr

    To wig or not to wig?

    with all this talk of whigs, where are all the tories?
  3. CPT. Jr

    On the building of forts

    Hmm. I dont quite understand what you mean by cylenders and 1x3 bricks, is there a specific image you can site? In the USA the varient pictured of the sloped wall thingy is realativly cheap and can be purchased for under 50 cents apiece, so i was debating wether to go with the cylender styled fort or the sloped one.
  4. CPT. Jr

    Port Augustine & La Formidable, both WIP

    Nice port/fort and ship. Great progress. Just out of curiosity is that a plymobil sack that i spy in the bottom of the mansion? Great work blackmoor, i will lookforward to you future work including you films.
  5. CPT. Jr

    Pirate ship "little Marie"

    a good tip for coloring white sails is coffee, you can make the cloth look weathered by soaking/dying it in coffee, although it may hold the fragrance for awhile. Note different coffee's give different shades, test it on scrap cloth first... Looks good!
  6. CPT. Jr

    On the building of forts

    I have recently gained an interest in the area of fort building. I have seen very little in this area in the moc's thread, so I figured that i must do my question asking here. (everyone must be building boats ) I was wondering about the plausibility of making a fort using these pieces (link) have they ever been used for this purpose? I think they would work rather well, spacing them by four to six studs, and layered two high, with a tower in the corner, so that the forts general shape would form an L. Anyhow, is there a way to create a cylindrical tower? I would like to build a fort containing 3 cylindrical tiers each getting progressively higher. However, I have but made novice attempts at moc's, and have an ok experience in modeling, but I cannot seem to get anything that looks like a cylinder. I hope to include alot of detail so im experimenting with some special parts right now.
  7. CPT. Jr

    Imperial Soldier/Guard

    just a thought but you could use dark green with a black trim, black pack and black tall hat, mimicking the brittish sharp shooters in spain during the nap[oleonic wars. good source for pics would be Sharpes Army, and an army of five would fit them perfectally! (i do not know if you have ever seen it)
  8. CPT. Jr

    Imperial Guards: Bluecoat and redcoat uniforms

    I have had time to research this a bit more deeply and here are some of my findings. Spanish Conquistadors dressed similar to the imperial armada people, however no mini fig resembles the spanish naval, or land forces. The Spanish uniforms are characterized with yellow and white (mainly white with yellow trim for infantry, and white/yelow with red trim for artillary. However, some reds were used which slightly resemble the new soldier mini figs. The hats vary from tricorns to the shaco, with bicorn variations used sometimes for officers. French The royal french army (prior to revolution) used a combination of white and light blue with tricorns, and bicorns, sorry no unicorns The Napoleonic/revolutionary army and navy used a darker blue with varying trims from gold, red, and yellow. The hats included shako's, tricorn, and bicorn a possible lego canidate is the bluecoats. The English The royal english army used a read coat(of course) with white trim (infantry, officers had other colors.) with tricorns, bicorns, shaco's, and the unicorn (ok.. maybe not, but the grenadiers wore a hat that came to a form of a point on the top). A good candidate is the redcoat mini figs. The brittish navy wore blue with white or gold trim (gold was for higher ranking officers) with varying hats for the different officers (bicorn, tricorn, and a form of top hat.) A good candidate is the blue coat mini figs. I could have gone more in depth into the officers clothing, but i believe that this will sufice. Basically the bluecoat and redcoat are both or a likely and historically correct with the British.
  9. CPT. Jr

    Marines for my upcoming English ship of the line!

    looking forward to seeing this new ship. A fist only 13 marines sounded a bit flimsy for a 70 gunner, but considering it size, and that i only have 12 for my 40 gunner, it seems appropriate. (also the limited quantities available in your area) It however seems a bit ironic that Napoleon is building a brittish ship , but its quite undertandable that the brittish had a superior navy. Also does you name come from Emperor Napoleon I, II, or III? I would assume it is Napoleon the first, but then again he wasn't very good with the navy... Can't wait to see your ship!
  10. CPT. Jr

    The Jolly Roger Figure on the Bicorner Hat

    I must agree with the fact that the skull and crossbones, are a no go, however the hat style does work,although any style the captain liked he would wear, so any plain (no insignia/skull-crossbone) would be historically accurate, saying that it is a historic hat.
  11. CPT. Jr

    Baker rifle

    most admirable work woody, I am still looking for the best printer service/cheapest one to make my wares through. Good to see progress.
  12. CPT. Jr

    Having fun with the new British minifigures

    Just thought i would put in my two cents worth. The hat of the new soldier would sudgest that of a spanish soldier based on shape and decaling, wheras the british would use a grenadier hat (poined at top and tall), a form of top hat (marines), or a tricorne (most common with all infantry). However the torso resembles that of the brittish, mainly because it is red, however america had a similar one for the artillary, and the spanish had a red phase too, however they were mostly yellow and white. So it is really a completely composity figure, and relatively historicaly inacurate for the age of piracy. Still like them though
  13. CPT. Jr

    Welcome our new Vice Admiral

    Congradulations are the order of the day Zorro, top hole what what! Enough of that english accent, I don't think there is a more dedicated lego pirate fan other than Mr Phes of course.. By the way mr. Phes did you realy paint his portrait displayed earlier?
  14. CPT. Jr

    The Phantom

    i must say nice lookin rowboats, however my carronade are a bit smaller. And i sorta cheated on my longboats a bit, i carved a wood hull
  15. CPT. Jr

    Colonial pub

    its a great idea the accordeon, good thinking whoever invented it. (blackmoor did you get my pm?)