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  1. Any way you would be willing to share your illustrator file? I cant seem to find an illustrator template anywhere and I am to lazy to measure and make one my self. And if so do you have a file that includes all of the minfig parts? (Head, Arms, Legs - Front back side)
  2. Is there a general area in the forums where I can find challenges, competitions etc.?
  3. I am afol and I own a few lego sets, and I am very interested in starting GBC bulds but I dont really know where to start. Any help would be nice. What sets to buy to get started with GBC builds? where to get the basket and football balls? where to get the gears? where to get the power? Web sites etc. Thanks in Advance DS
  4. Minifig: Evil Knight -- Theme: Fantasy (castle) Inspired by Badgogo
  5. DS613

    hello Fron Englad

    Hello everyone I just moved from the US to England for work and I thought I would join this group. Cheers, DS613