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  1. Filip

    LEGO Superheroes 2012 Rumours & Discussion

    I'd assume this has already been said, but if not: the Batcave is confirmed!
  2. Filip

    10179 UCS Falcon Pricing

    Damn you and your cheap prices. $280 here in Sweden.
  3. Filip

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    Ah, I see. I thought this would be Obi-Wan's (though I remember his to be red). This has gotten me pretty excited for some Star Wars sets. Maybe I'll get some!
  4. Filip

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    Hey guys! So, I was looking at this image, and it really caught my attention. For one, it looks awesome. I always wished I got Anakin's ship when they sold Episode III sets. Anyhoo, I have some questions regarding this particular set. 1. Is this going to be based off of the original movie, or the cartoon? I'm hoping it's the original one! 2. Down in the right there's a battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan. Is there any images from this set, or does this set not even exist? 3. Has there been any leaked images of a possible Anakin starfighter? That'd be sweet.
  5. Filip

    Batman coming back

    Could someone PM me the images, perhaps? :-)
  6. Filip

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Alright, I'll start off by saying that this was a huge dick-move on my side, but I can't really do anything about it now. Basically, I am (or were, more like) into brickfilming a while back, and I had just found this awesome swedish LEGO site on the net where he sold specific figs and parts, kind of like Bricklink. I then contacted him and asked if he would sponsor me, by selling me some figs and such cheap to me if I would have a link to his website in my videos. He happily agreed to this. However, shortly after I recieved the stuff from him, I realized I was getting bored of this hobby. Now, this would perhaps not be that big of a deal, if I had actually paid him, which I didn't. I guess we both pretty much forgot about our deal. I still feel like a douche for this, I really do, but hey, I got some free stuff. The things I got were pretty nice though, specially considering they were unused. A free Robin minifig (not the nice, curly hair) and that slime professor from Agents.
  7. This took me about a week. It is in no way perfect and since I haven't been animating for 4 months the animation is a bit rusty and there's quite a lot of flickers, but overall, I'm quite satisfied. YouTube EDIT: Ooops, I forgot to put [brick Flicks] in the title. Would a mod fix it? I'm not that used to this forum .
  8. Does this mean they will come in packages where you don't know which one you'll get?
  9. This is probably the only Toy Story set I will get. I'm pretty young (13 years) so when I was aound 5, Toy Story was the most awesome movie ever. I had this little toy car that looked just like the one in this set, so I pretty much have to get this.
  10. Filip

    Review:7595 Army Men on Patrol

    Too bad we have to wait for March to get these sets :(
  11. Filip

    Prince of Persia 2010

    While it looks really good, it heavilly reminds me of the Indiana Jones sets.
  12. I have all the sets from the LEGO Studios Horror line and I was just wondering if those are worth anything and if so how much. I am not planning on selling / trading them unless there's something really awesome you can trade with or you pay a lot. Hehe .
  13. Filip

    The good, the bad, and the imperials

    That was good, though the animation was a little fast at some parts and the focus was a little off at times. Also, it reminded me of film.Anyways, I enjoyed it !
  14. Filip

    Summer Agents 2009!

    I just saw something weird on the River Heist at S@H. Check it out. If you don't notice, there's a second agent at the back of the boat .
  15. Filip

    Space Police 2009!

    In Sweden (where I live) the Space Police theme is now avaible on S@H, and all sets are there (including Galactic Enforcer and Hyperspeed Pursuit), but all of them, even the impulses that I saw in the local toy store today, are "Not Avaible". Weird, I must say. On another note, I have to buy the impulses this week. EDIT: I just realized that almost all the June news (Star Wars, Castle, Agents 2.0, CITY and Space Police)are on S@H in Sweden, though none of them are avaible for purchase. WTF?
  16. Filip

    Space Police 2009!

    The twins window from Hyperspeed Pursuit - Is it printed or a sticker? That set is a must buy, and I really like the red line going through the whole ship. Also, in the image on S@H the twins helmets look dark grey, though we know they are silver / lightgray in reality. Odd.
  17. Filip

    Summer Agents 2009!

    While I've never really been into the Agents line and never bought any set, Dr D Zaster blew my mind so I had to buy him! I hope he will arive today .
  18. Ah, hello GoLeGo! I know you from bricksinmotion and YouTube. I love your brickfillms !
  19. Filip

    SigFig Artworks

    Woah, amazing work. If you have time, could you please make mine ?
  20. Filip

    If you could revive any one dead theme...

    Ninjas, Time Twisters, Batman and Western.
  21. I was hoping that there would be some new Pirate sets in June when all the other new sets are coming. Hopefully we will be seeing them this summer or autumn.
  22. Filip

    Space Police 2009!

    I don't really understand why anyone would think that the minifigs had stickers on them. I mean, how often does it happen? On another note, I am so pumped for those sets. Squidman's Escape and Freeze Ray are the ones that I will most likely buy (because of the low price), and I'll pick up the alien minifigs on bricklink. Then I'll be sure to make some awesome Space Police brickfilm .
  23. Filip

    10196, 10198, 10199 & more

    Crap, I missed the images .
  24. Filip

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    Sinse 2009 is the 30 year anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, a set from that film should be very possible, and when they write "clouded", a Cloud City set seems really possible .
  25. Filip

    The Penguin's Arkham Asylum.

    Woah, this thing is huge. And amazing, too!