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  1. I'm going to end this chapter here and give us a one day rest. Chapter Three will reutrn tomorrow. If you've got any actions you'd like to take (as long as they're not ridiculous) feel free to PM me.
  2. There’s nothing too visible underneath the sheets or mattress. They’re covered in blood from Alfie having been there for quite awhile.
  3. If anyone has any private actions they'd like to do, you may PM them to me. Some people have been taking full advantage of private actions. As long as it's nothing ridiculous, I'll see if it can happen.
  4. Strangely no. There’s space for notes, but nothing written besides the circled dates. It’s also odd that Ezra is using an old-fashioned day timer instead of a modern day tablet or virtual planner for such a thing. The markings are very faint, but they appear to be numbers. You can’t make out which ones. As Alfie’s body is being taken to the walk-in freezer, Emily tries his fingerprint on the tablet. She’s unsuccessful and so puts it in her purse. There’s been a suggestion to check the kitchens. If there’s no other suggestions, the chapter will end and the new one will begin to search them. If there’s other suggestions, I’ll give us about eight hours to make them and then we’ll hold our vote.
  5. It's a sort of daily planner with calendars. It seems to be mostly empty, with a few key dates circled, including yesterday's date when everyone boarded, today's date, a date for three days from now, and the date for when the ship arrives on Alpha Centauri. None of these work. It's getting late in the day after a full day of investigating. We'll be returning to the lounge to discuss today's proceedings and also pick somewhere to go for the next chapter.
  6. His e-reader is full of fictional and nonfiction books, mostly about historical related subjects. There is a book written by Oliver in there, though. There doesn’t seem to be any hidden files or non-book related items on the reader though. Ezra’s current address is listed as living in San Francisco. He is 45 years old. He has been to the Mars colony twice, but besides that his passport pages are empty. There’s nothing else of interest in the passport besides that though. This is not successful - the pressure marks are only just visible with Dr. Frost’s keen eyes. Was, is, same difference. Underneath the mattress there’s a tiny booklet that looks like an old-fashioned day timer. You’d have to look that information up. Several passengers did bring excess luggage with them though that’s in the storage bay. Like the last room, the bed is bolted to the floor and it’s not possible to check underneath it. You can’t see or feel anything of note underneath the bedding.
  7. The travel bag has some pain reliever medicine in it, as well as what appear to be some toiletries and a few writing implements. The suitcases mostly contain clothes and other vacation-related items. There's a brochure inside for a hotel on Alpha Centauri as well as a return ticket back to Earth on the Blue Star Line, scheduled for a few weeks from now. By the amount of clothing inside the bag, it would confirm that Ezra was not intending on staying on Alpha Centauri for a long time. There's also some books as well as an e-reader that does not have a passcode. He's also got his United Earth Passport. Years of being old fashioned and writing prescriptions by hand help Dr. Frost determine that there are indeed pen pressure marks from a previous note.
  8. The bathroom medicine cabinet is empty except for a toothbrush. Ezra is also not behind the shower curtain. The paper is a series of numbers. It would appear to be a banking sort code.
  9. The bedside table drawers are mostly empty save for a few sponsored pamphlets on Alpha Centauri leisure activities. It is password protected. It's also got a fingerprint and retinal scanner features as well. The password that Emily uses is not successful. The bathroom is completely barren except for a few Blue Star toiletries that come with the room. Like all bathrooms on the ship, there's the toilet, shower, cabinet, etc. Ezra is not in the bathroom. It doesn't appear that Ezra is in the closet either. It also seems that he hasn't started to unpack his suitcases. There's two of them on the floor that are unopened. Gabriella searches the desk drawers. She doesn't find anything too revealing except for a crumpled up piece of paper. The floor lamp doesn't seem to have anything out of the ordinary on it. It's likely that it fell during the power outage in which a lot of the ship's furniture shifted around the room and was not picked back up again. The bed is mostly undisturbed, apart from the area where the lamp had fallen upon it. Charlotte keeps a close eye on Emily while inspecting the lamp. The top of the desk has the tablet and the lamp on it, along with a small travel bag. There's also an unused notepad.
  10. This is what you see. Like the last room, there's a bathroom and a closet on either side of the room. Both of those doors are shut. You do not see Ezra anywhere.
  11. You could, yes. Your keycard does work, since you use it to housekeep. The door is now unlocked.
  12. There's nothing underneath Alfie's body except for some bloody bedding. Ezra's room is right next door. His door is similarly locked and there's no answer at the door. How would you like to proceed? Mod Note: If for some reason you'd ever like to return to Alfie's room, you may vote to do so. Second Mod Note: If I miss your action, please continue to ahem me and quote it.
  13. Charlotte is aware of the same one as Emily, a famous venture capitalist. Here's the map! Room Key: 1a: Jack Mallory 1b: Sophie Young 1c: Charlie Seymour 1d: Oliver Hudson 1e: Alfie Peck 1f: Logan Frost 1g: Ezra Parry 1h: vacant 2a: Charlotte Sawyer 2b: George and Emily Dawson
  14. I agree. It’ll be up later on today. Is there anything else in this room you’d like to check before you all head to Ezra’s room?
  15. It's possible for the passenger cards, as those are individual. The crew cards, except for the captain's, are all uniform and not unique. You would have to use a security terminal on the bridge or in engineering in order to determine that information. No, you don't. Meanwhile... "I've taken the liberty of calling the Space Police! I'm not sure when they'll get here, though."
  16. Which doors are you refering to? All the doors on the ship? You recognize one name as a prominent venture capitalist that you've met once or twice. You don't recognize the other two names.
  17. It would appear the Alfie Peck was involved in the patent review as the sole author and inventor of a machine that has the possibility to synthesize food out of normal matter - for all intents and purposes, the first matter food replicator. It appears that Alfie had spent the last four years on this project and he was very close to having it officially patented. It also lists three financial backers, whose names you don’t recognize. It seems that Alfie was also about to create his own company with which he was planning to produce and sell these devices. It lists the end of the patent review as December 20th, 2120, which is only a few months from now. They appear to be heart medications for a pulmonary disease of some sort. Since you’re not a doctor, you can’t be sure, but you can read they were prescribed by a cardiologist. The computer doesn’t respond, since it’s not a voice activated system. As a zoologist, you’re not aware of the exact specifications of the disease, but using some of your life sciences skills, you can recognize the disease on the bottle that it treats as a rare heart condition.
  18. It seems they're losing lottery tickets and the race is also one that's been lost. George is able to read application papers to the United Earth Patent Office. He's not able to understand the technical schematics that are also included in those documents, however he is able to see that the patent is pending a review. Alfie's room keycard is on his person in his pocket. Inside the medicine cabinet are some various toiletries like a toothbrush and some Blue Star Soaps, as well as some prescription medications. Gabriella hides the machine parts...and the her underwear. I think if she tried putting anything else in there, it would be quite uncomfortable.
  19. Taking this to be an action, it does appear that the shard that Gabriella picked up that was in the drawer does fit the stab wound. You can probably tell that it's the shard because it's very bloody. The doors automatically unlock during a power outage, as the security system goes offline. You examine some of the mechanical objects in the briefcase. Some of them appear to be out of your field of comprehension, but there's other pieces that seem to function as starting mechanisms and some that appear to be used in creating a stable power supply. There doesn't seem to be any logical way to put them together. They seem to be pieces taken out of a larger device that doesn't appear to be present anywhere else. The tissues are used, so I'm not sure if Emily wishes to inspect those, but the scraps of paper are space-lottery tickets and a bet on a race on the Martian colony.
  20. Oliver unlocks the suitcase. Inside it are some papers and folders, as well as a few small mechanical devices that you don’t seem to recognize. Oliver can’t tell how they work or if they go together. The bed is bolted to the ground and there doesn’t appear to be anyway for it to get underneath. This is probably why it was able to stay in it’s position during the turbulence earlier. The frog is a dark bley little statuette that appears to have been bought wholesale for the express purpose of keeping in guest rooms. It doesn’t seem to have any purpose. It seems to weigh a lot, which would explain not only it’s purpose as a paperweight of sorts but also explains why it didn’t move. There doesn’t seem to be any blood or hair on the frog and it looks like it was recently cleaned, perhaps during the turnover between this lot of passengers and the last one. You can’t tell if it’s been used by anyone. The stab wound appears to be on the back of the body. The stab wound appears to be very jagged. The desk is similarly bolted to the ground. There’s a waste paper basket underneath the desk that has a few scraps and tissues in it. It doesn’t appear to be a pencil stab wound, it seems to be something larger and less even. There’s also no graphite or anything around the wound.
  21. It would appear that the cause of death was a mixture of blunt-force trauma and a stabbing.
  22. Modnote: I doublechecked what you'd said and what I'd said in response. I had replied that you were the only one in engineering initially before being joined by Bennett and the bridge crew. Bennett and the bridge crew joined you as you were finishing restoring main power, which is why they were able to help you with the FTL drive and with ensuring main power was properly restored. Or something. It might've been an oversight. Gabriella keeps the teapot pieces nice and safe. Alfie has several suitcases in his closet. They contain normal vacation objects such as clothes, toiletries, leisure equipment, and various unimportant items. There's also a briefcase that appears to be locked with a combination or a fingerprint unlock feature. There's nothing too much inside the pockets of the clothes on the hangers except for some loose scrap papers with nothing on them, a few tissues, and some old fashioned coins. Shush, you.
  23. The envelope is unmarked, with nothing discernable written on it. The letter, however, was written using a computer and not by hand. It reads as follows: "Alfie - We urge you not to ignore us anymore and to reconsider our very generous offer. We could combine our research together and create an even better product. Please reconsider before you make any rash decisions. - Your Friends" The bathroom also appears to be barren. The bathroom itself is the standard one in all rooms. There's a toilet, a large bath/shower, a sink with a medicine cabinet, and a mirror. There's also space to keep towels and other toiletries. It appears that Alfie was in the process of unpacking for this room as well.
  24. The two nightstand drawers seem to have been ripped out of their holders, as though whoever was going through them was doing so in a hurry. There's a large chipped off piece of the pot inside one of the drawers with some blood on it and some blood near it. The other one is overtuirned against the wall. It's a little statue of a frog that's likely used as a paper weight, or a decorative feature. Emily smashes the teapot into several different pieces, see below. Captain Bennett's hands are greasy because she helped you with the FTL drive and with restoring main power. The overturned drawer is covering up an opened envelope. The letter is still inside it. It's very old-fashioned, perhaps someone didn't want what's on it to be electronically recorded? It seems that Alfie had barely been on the ship long enough to fully unpack. There's some clothes on the hangers and in the shelves, but his suitcases are still largely unpacked. He is indeed still in the clothes he was wearing that night. Unfortunately, you're unable to stop the crazed Emily before she smashes the teapot, however you are able to stop her before she can completely destroy it. The teapot is now in about a dozen or more different pieces on the floor.