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  1. Our sweet little 8 year old daughter (Little Monkey) animated, wrote, and directed this video.
  2. thefourmonkeys

    Brickflick: AFOL Date

    This is our entry for the ReBrick's Show Us an AFOL Competition. We totally fit the title hehe. Hope you enjoy! Ooops...mispselled the title. :P
  3. Doc and the ship's computer have devised a plan to rescue Johnny who is lost in the past. Captain Dude travels back in time to find Johnny and bring him back to the Buffalo Skies.
  4. thefourmonkeys

    Brick Flick: Girls Night Out

    What do we do when one of our friends at Machinima sends us a set of LEGO male strippers? We made a video of course! :D
  5. thefourmonkeys

    Brick Flick: The Wrong Zoo

    I enjoyed watching that one again. BM
  6. thefourmonkeys

    Brick Flick: Girls Night Out

    Thanks for the complements. The set of "strippers" was a gift from a friend that made them at the LEGO store and instantly thought of us. I thought about changing out the torsos to a more muscular torso, but decided to use the ones that were made for us instead. Hey...fat strippers gotta have a place to dance. :)
  7. This is our entry into The LEGO Movie ReBrick Competition. PLEASE like on the ReBrick site, link is below. @(^_^)@
  8. Happy Easter y'all! Made for Easter 2013 on BiM. Happy Easter from thefourmonkeys and may the chocolate be with you. @(◠‿◠)@
  9. King Kong and Godzilla face off in the LEGO micro scale city in a battle of giant proportions. Who will win this round?????? :O
  10. thefourmonkeys

    Brick Flick: I Told You

    This was made for an animation challenge on Bricks In Motion. The challenge was "Replacement Animation": It's a stop-motion technique where you replace one thing with another thing in the next frame to create an animation.
  11. This brickfilm was made for THAC 10 (Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest) on BiM.
  12. thefourmonkeys

    Superhero Video Contest!

    Congratulations to the winners. This was a fun contest to enter. Thanks Eurobricks!
  13. We recreated the original Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer using Lego. We attempted to create all the scenes as close to the original as possible. We were fortunate with our timing and got it entered in the Machinima Interactive Film Festival. Even though there is a warning at the beginning, there is no bad content in the brickfilm. We hope you enjoy!
  14. thefourmonkeys

    Superhero Video Contest: Voting Thread

    Our vote won't count as we joined too late. :( But we will give our vote anyway. :P Thor's Day Off by MadAboutLego - 1 point Life on Gotham Street by whataboutlego - 2 points
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    Well done.
  16. thefourmonkeys

    Life On Gotham Street

    LOL. Wow. I loved that one. Toilet paper in the trees. :)
  17. thefourmonkeys

    Practice Makes Perfect

    Tony needs more practice. lol
  18. thefourmonkeys

    Joker's Day Job

    Great job. Fun vid.
  19. For some reason the music didn't output during the render. Enjoy the silent movie.
  20. thefourmonkeys

    Moviemaker Contest: Superhero Bowling

    Thanks Kez! I agree it would have been nice to keep the voices in it, we might have done something different had we realized that, but it was still fun and something different for us to do. :) It's been fun seeing all of the great entries! @(^_^)@
  21. thefourmonkeys

    Thor's Day Off.

    Great job on this!! Nice to see you here too mate. :D
  22. WARNING - THIS VIDEO CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND SIMULATED BLOOD - PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BELOW: PREFACE: After the rescue in episode 1, two bionicles and Dr. Jones use a powerful ancient quantum shift device to return to the 1950's where the device was kept safe and hidden for several decades in Dr. Jones' safe deposit box. The bionicles were left in storage close by for emergency protection of the device. Only a few special agents knew of the device and the bionicles as it was important to keep everything a complete secret, even from the United States government.
  23. thefourmonkeys

    Moviemaker Contest: Superhero Bowling

    Thanks David, much appreciated as always!!! :D