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  1. Is someone going to start a Trade thread I still need 7 and have extras
  2. Walmart had a box and I picked up 5 packs, decided to go back this morning and only 15 were left so picked those up. Have some double's and still need 7, where is a good trading site for these?
  3. Brewc

    [MOC] Slave II

    woodnman412 the only way I see to get a parts list and see what Lego set has the most pieces is if I add a MOC, since this is your creation I don't want to do that. I might be overlooking something but that is the only way I see how to use that site.
  4. Brewc

    [MOC] Slave II

    Love this and want to try it, can I pull the parts list from the LDD file? I'm not to familiar with LDD curious about that parts list so i can plug it into bricklink and would love to see you make Slave 1 with that interior detail maybe skip the rotating seat.
  5. Is Toy R Us carrying this in the United States yet? would be nice a pick up with their buy 1 get 50% off deal
  6. Brewc

    Sets that you keep for display !

    I have my 8275 and Ultimate 8043 onn display!
  7. Brewc

    8043 mod 6 motors

    I have done this mod with the rechargeable battery
  8. Brewc

    The Ultimate 8043 (modifications)

    Built this last year was a good 3-4 day build and took many re-tries for me to get it right the get the upper arm to line up and work, I went from PC and ipad for instructions instead of printing . I love it but, time to let it go any ideas what it would be worth? Sorry if that last part is not part of forum rules just curious
  9. Brewc

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    Hopefully they let them some how conclude Clone Wars as a lead in to this
  10. Brewc

    Modded Jabba's Palace & Rancor Pit

    Like the look, I like to see some more steps as far as making the balcony and extending the floor. I want to make finished product look like this!
  11. Brewc

    CMF Monster Set & Rock Band Set

    Where are these available at in the USA?
  12. Brewc

    LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

    never mind I missed you had to ride a polar bear
  13. Brewc

    6862 Superman vs. Power-Armor Lex

    Anyone tried or trying to make the Gatling gun he uses in the video game? would like a parts list if someone does
  14. Brewc

    LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

    I can't get the gold brick in the zoo by the penguin building, I'm guessing you have to kill 5 penguins in a row but only 2 come out and I have to blow them up before 2 more show.
  15. Brewc

    PF Backhoe V2 with building instructions

    All I can say is Wow thanks!