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  1. LiamM32

    Will "Bulk Bricks" packs ever come back?

    I must be one of the youngest on Eurobricks, so I don't have these memories of getting parts packs in the 1900's. I do however remember browsing Shop-at-Home in the early 2000's (still in elementary school) and seeing these things, but I never got them as my parents were bad at online shopping. I would however appreciate some more, better parts packs available. Although we typically assume that parts packs don't sell as well, I once went to the Lego section of Toys-R-Us during school hours and noticed that there were many parents (without their children) who were looking at the part tubs wishing that there was a better selection of parts packs. I would certainly like to have colour specific parts packs, with an assortment of mostly basic parts. There are two Cuusoo projects for this; Single Color Parts Packs and Speciality Brick Box. Both have disappointing support. As strange as this may sound, I think that a major cause of failure for them is to only use the American spelling of "color", while they should add the international "colour" to the tags. But anyways, you better damn support those projects. Even though there are those ones already on the website, I have considered making my own project for colour-specific parts packs. I have my own idea for an implementation that might be enough to stand-out; My idea is that each pack would not have a fixed inventory of parts. Instead, they would be in polybags with a few hundred grams of random parts in that one colour. This way there could be more parts available (even if more difficult to find the ones you want), and even element/colour combinations never seen in sets. They should also make the parts more common that have a resale value (on Bricklink or Brickowl) much higher than the production costs. Creator sets could potentially be good parts packs, but personally I have two problems; They focus too much on vehicles, and I want basic parts but also in rare colours.
  2. 13: 1 point 17: 1 point 19: 1 point
  3. 13: 1 point 14: 1 point 23: 1 point
  4. 1) tazzy007: 1 point 3) CM4S: 1 point 8) SpacySmoke: 1 point
  5. So many great creations, so difficult to decide with only 3 points to give out. 6) ReslpsaLoquitur: 1 point 29) J.V.D: 2 points
  6. Nice to find that people liked the waterwheel more than I thought they would. It's actually incomplete (rotationally asymmetrical), because I didn't find all the right Technic beams. Your welcome. My parents used to have a friend who was a zombie. He lived quite normally, just went to work as a dentist every day as before (with some patients questioning his teeth). He was a pretty nice calm guy. Well, except for that time when we had to end a house party early when he drank the wrong apple juice. I'm getting too silly now, but I'll have an idea for a MOC when I have nothing better in the way. I think so, as are the other minifigures swimming in the lake. This model takes place in a world of equality between men, women, and monsters. I might add 2 more photos later which I forgot to take. I was going to post one of the boat without the minifigures, and one of the guy at the back.
  7. LiamM32

    Illegal connections

    Interesting; a 2007 set that had cutting. I knew that they used to instruct to cut pneumatic tubes to the right length, but I thought that they started to precut them instead because they no longer wanted to remove cutting from the Lego building experience. Good that Mr Boratko is here, because I was thinking of something in the Vampire GT; See the grey axle between the two U-joints for the steering. Because of the way that it's angled, it would either be a bit loose or a bit stressed. How does it fit in?
  8. LiamM32

    Illegal connections

    I have never thought of that connection specifically before. One problem I have with Technic frames, especially the smaller ones; is that they could (theoretically) make an assembly very difficult to undo. If someone put element 6538 connector in one of those frames and slid 2 2L axles in through the pinholes then it could be very difficult to pull them out. It may be good to include a feature on the Brick separator to remove axles from pinholes. Maybe I'm overthinking an unlikely problem, but there may be some children who have a day when they feel like doing something that they know is a bad idea, and they trap a connector and 2 axles in that frame piece. Now here is an assembly to test yourself on. Legal or illegal? (Click)
  9. This is a creation originally built for the Monster Bash contest, but it couldn't be entered because it's on a 12x20 base (which must have been 16x16 to be entered). To stand out, I decided to locate my monster fighters and monsters party on a boat. It's supposed to be a steamboat, as Monster Fighters has a mildly steampunk theme. I never got around to getting a Monster Fighters set before, so I didn't have the minifigures that would be really helpful for the theme. So I went out to buy the 3 smallest Monster Fighters sets, to find out that they were on sale at the Lego Store , because the line is getting discontinued . The monster fighters have agreed with the monsters that they are no longer enemies. They go out on a steam boat one evening to have a party in the centre of a lake. The fireplace is normally used to boil water to run the steam engine, but the witch has found it useful for cooking. (Sorry. You can barely see the pot in the witch's hand.) Three monster fighters (Ann, Jack, & Rodney) and a swamp monster enjoy swimming in the lake in the evening. The swamp monster hunts fish for the group to eat (shown handing one over to Frank). The mummie jumps in to join them, which is probably not such a great idea for what he is. A ghost is chained to the roof to light the dark path when the boat is driven. The water wheel is stopped, so the zombie stands there to drink his wine. Fun fact: Unlike how they're typically portrayed in fiction, zombies are generally not more dangerous or aggressive than the people that they were before they died. However, the way that they are often shown in film resembles their actual behaviour when drunk. In case if your interested in seeing this again, you can see the page on MOCpages.
  10. I was just horrified when they said that they will no-longer tell us why the projects failed the review. This is something that people are curious about. It is very dissappointing after such a long wait for the 3-season review results. The amount of information that they gave before was quite minimal, so it couldn't give-away too much secret information that they would want to keep. It just makes us feel farther from the company. I agree with the first part. Of course Legend of Zelda is more recognizable to non-fans. It is also arguably easier to understand for those who aren't familiar with either game franchise. I would say no to the idea of the "Nintendo" theme. Knex already has the Mario license. Pokemon has too much collectibility of it's own to be mashed with anything else. Even outside of those points; Even Lord of the Rings is separated from the Hobbit more than consumers would expect it to be, so they wouldn't separate Mario and Zelda more.
  11. Damn, damn, dammit. I have already built most of my entry at 12x20. It is an idea that wouldn't work within 16 studs. You should get more flexible.
  12. I hope that I could get a response to the above post by Peppermint_M, because I'm now almost finished by 12x20 contest entry.
  13. I'm sorry to make another suggestion to change the area limit. I have a good idea for a submission, but my idea wouldn't work very well in a square base, so I want to do it on a 12x20 base. The total area of this base (240 studs) is slightly less than 16x16 (256 studs). I would change the rule so that the length and width must have a sum of 32.
  14. I know that you rejected my suggestion to bump-up the area limit for the creatures lair contest, but it would be helpful for this smaller one. I would increase this one from 8x8 to 8x16. It would take a bit more space than 8x8 to have a simple interesting battle scene, but not really requiring as much as the lair or hang-out. The wider shape could also be good for depicting 1 party vs the other.
  15. LiamM32

    Creations for Charity 2013

    Nice. I love the works of Nannan Zhang. He became my favourite MOC artist when I first got involved in the Lego online community, discovering his work after I already bought the Emerald Night from him on BrickLink. I checked out the shop. The items are priced above my budget, but at least this is for a good reason. They are poorly categorized though. They should be categorized on Bricklink as "Custom Items", not "Sets", then further categorized into custom sets, custom minifigs, etc.