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    Lots of minifigs and accessories

    I have my lot of over 375 minifigs plus hundreds of accessories, heads and animals on eBay now.
  2. Sorting through what I have and selling it off. Links to everything I’m selling so far.
  3. Super Goblin

    Lots of minifigs and accessories

    Also have Benny’s Spaceship, built complete
  4. I have this lot of 120 marvel minifigs and I'm not really sure how much the are worth. Anyone got a good estimate?
  5. Selling all 5 for $800 plus actual shipping. The manuals are included. They have been built and just displayed. PM me any questions or offers.
  6. Super Goblin

    DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I have the last two if you are interested.
  7. Super Goblin

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I'm not finding this leaked set anywhere.
  8. Super Goblin

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    There is a leaked pic of Bane?
  9. Super Goblin

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Pointing out someone is missing a period is more distracting than them actually missing the period. Also posting it in the thread also makes the thread go off topic. I really hope we get all the villians that have been shown in the teasers thus far.
  10. Super Goblin

    DC Superheroes 2016 - Rumors and Discussion

    I hate Lego, the CW DC looks deserve to be in sets.
  11. Super Goblin

    SDCC Superheroes Exclusive Minifigures Guessing Game 2016

    Oh I thought you meant you heard what the SDCC figs were.
  12. Super Goblin

    SDCC Superheroes Exclusive Minifigures Guessing Game 2016

    Well what did you hear?
  13. Super Goblin

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    They really should make a lamp, big keychain or clock of Giant Man.
  14. Super Goblin

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    So the Deadpool and She-Hulk are bootlegs correct? Crazy that they decided to start selling bootlegs as customs at a huge mark up.
  15. Is there anything in those large bags or just air? Also what retailers usually have them? I e never seen them.
  16. Super Goblin

    Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    Wow you wrote for Regular Show? I have 100% faith you'll do good on the new JL show. Make sure you give Supemans family a lot of love. I hope the new JL show gives us a lot of cool toys including Lego.
  17. Super Goblin

    Have Super Heroes plus more/Need Super Heroes

    Sorry for everyone that I haven't responded to. I was in kind of a mini dark ages. I fell behind on a lot of superhero sets so they are my top priorities right now with the most recent minifigs series right behind. I updated the first post, I will be updating my haves as the week goes on.
  18. I also have a few sets on eBay Have: S12 Space Miner x2 S12 Jester S12 Lifeguard x3 S12 Dino Tracker x4 S12 Swashbuckler x4 S12 Genie Girl S12 Spooky Girl x2 S12 Videogame guy x4 S12 Princess x4 Series 13 Snake Charmer Silver Centurian Iron Man polybag Hulk(tan pants) Flash Captain Cold Darkseid Gorilla Grodd Batman (new 52) Green Goblin big fig Superman with new cape Spacesuit Batman from set 76025 (includes the extra Bruce Wayne head) Aquaman Simpsons Abe Simpson Simpsons Homer Simpsons Bart Simpsons Milhouse Simpsons Ned Flanders x2 Simpsons Scratchy Toys R Us Ninjago polybag (Dareth vs. Nindroid) Superboy Rocket Raccoon polybag Catwoman(2012)(just the minifig but I also have sealed set) Joker(2012) Electro Suit Batman Hawkeye Magneto(2012) Wonder Woman, no lasso Spider-Man Robin(2012) Thor(movie version) Iron Man, triangle chest Iron Man mark 42 Nick Fury Two-Face(2012) Iron Man drone polybag Plasticman polybag Poison Ivy(2012) Deadpool Red Skull Captain America(comic version) Marty McFly Doc Brown Monster Fighters Human figs, all except the female Zombie chauffeur car polybag Have some Monster Fighter minifigs too Lego Movie Wiley Fusebot (missing hands) Wants Top priority minifigs from below sets: DC: 76027 except Aquaman 76052 plus 66 Mr. Freeze 76046 except Superman 76034 except Batman 76045 except Batman 76053 except Batman 76056 76055 except Batman 76054 Marvel: 76051 plus Giantman 76038 except Thor/Iron Man 76049 76037 except regular Spider-Man 76047 76048 76050 76057 except regular Spider-Man 76059 except regular Spider-Man 76058 except regular Spider-Man Minifigs series 14, let me know what you have Minifigs series 15, let me know what you have Minifigs Disney series, all Minifigs Simpsons series 2, let me know what you have Classic Spacemen (blue, red, yellow, white, black, green) must have good torso printing. Want the classic style helmet (except for the green of course), thick or thin chin strap. I will also take just torsos and/or helmets by themselves. Blacktron minifigs Original Batman line minifigs except Bruce and Joker Any SDCC or NYCC minifigs Hydra Agent x2 or more TMNT Leonardo and Raphael from original line Young Vitruvious from DVD TMNT Movie Foot Soldiers The Lego Movie sticker poster intended for the Palace Cinema The Lego Movie Super Secret Police vests S1 Clown S1 Zombie x2 will trade multiples for one S1 Magician S1 Nurse S1 Cheerleader S1 Caveman S1 Ninja S1 Spaceman S1 Forestman S1 Cowboy S2 Vampire S2 Lifeguard S2 Pharaoh S2 Spartan S3 Elf S3 Space Villain x3 S4 Lawn Gnome S4 Viking S8 Evil Robot S8 Santa S10 Trendsetter S11 Diner Waitress S11 Jazz Musician S11 Pretzel Girl Zombie head and hands, any Superhero customs, prefer ones that are printed, not decals Other minifigs: Cats from series 11 granny and\or from Mrs. Scratching Post Batcave- original release Newer Joker goon/thug from the Batwing set and Steamroller set x2 Newer Two Face goon/thug from Batmobile set x2 Batman TDK exclusive minifigs Indiana Jones minifigs (all characters let me know what you have) Indiana Jones sets Star Wars minifigs just about any of them, really interested in yellow skin ones without pupils. Also flesh and brown tone ones with classic smiley face. Toy Fair exclusive Green Lantern (dream want) Third party custom parts or weapons(Brickarms, Brickwarriors, etc.)
  19. Super Goblin

    IDEAS 21305 Maze

    When did this come out? I found it at TRU today and it looked really boring.
  20. Super Goblin

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    How many new molds did we get collectively with the Lego Movie?
  21. Super Goblin

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Oh my we have to get all of these villians in sets right? I sure hope so.
  22. Super Goblin

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    We need a Brainiac Superman
  23. Super Goblin

    Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    Guess you guys are missing that he said in Oz which means he is in Australia where everything costs more.
  24. Super Goblin

    Database of Actor Minifigs

    I think the voice actors of at least the Lego movie should count or the entire database is useless.