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  1. BrickPicker

    USA Today Video/Article on LEGO investing

    "Legos" is a term I have used for almost 40 years. I would consider it more of an "American" term. Out of respect to the LEGO company, I will write LEGO bricks, but to be quite honest, when speaking casually, "Legos" still blurts from my mouth. You should be able to import your Brickset set inventory. Did you ever try or contact us with an issue? People import their sets all the time from Brickset and Rebrickable into our Brickfolio. Let me know. Thanks
  2. BrickPicker

    USA Today Video/Article on LEGO investing

    I instructed Matt Krantz, the USA TODAY Financial writer, not to use the term and that LEGO bricks and sets were the proper terms. As for the article itself, my brother Jeff and I had discussions with Matt that amounted to about 3 or 4 hours in total, on a wide range of topics. From "parting out" sets to LEGO bubbles, we covered a lot, but not everything was written exactly the way we said it or was included in the article. Overall, Matt did a nice job explaining the basics of LEGO investing IMO. I was honored to be asked to do the article and knew it would stir some pots, but overall, I feel it helped promote our site and the LEGO brand very well. It will bring new people into the LEGO hobby and that is a good thing.
  3. BrickPicker

    USA Today Video/Article on LEGO investing

    The asking price has nothing to do with the data on the BrickPicker site. The BrickPicker data is based off of "sold" eBay auctions and is quite comparable to most Bricklink sold listings. The reason why some sets sell above current retail prices is that many eBay sellers sell internationally and get paid a premium for this. The resellers will send LEGO sets into parts of the world where even TLG won't sell. I like to think of it as a needed service to the LEGO fans worldwide that don't have the ability to walk into a LEGO store and buy a set.
  4. BrickPicker

    MOC Vrouwentoren

    I'm not familiar with the building, but it is a wonderful recreation nonetheless.
  5. BrickPicker

    Whats the BEST deal you ever found?

    I bought a used 10030 Star Destroyer for $40 from a garage sale...complete.
  6. BrickPicker

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    I would like to see another adult oriented Space theme like the old Discovery theme. A possible remake of the Galaxy Explorer would be welcome as well.
  7. BrickPicker

    [MOC] Monster Fighter Land

    Well done. Like the large tree.
  8. BrickPicker

    [MOC] Rercon Scout Ship & Speederbike

    I like the red version. Nice job.
  9. BrickPicker

    [MOC] Monster Fighter Spooky House

    Nice job. I like how you leave yourself an option to expand. Can't wait to see finished product.
  10. BrickPicker

    [MOC] The Millennium Falcon

    I have to agree with the other members, the interior is wonderful. Excellent job.
  11. BrickPicker

    [MOC] Midi-Scale Venator V.2

    My favorite ship...Well done. I wish LEGO made that model. A quality CUUSOO entry maybe???
  12. BrickPicker

    The Jedi Temple

    Very well done. Yoda would be proud.
  13. BrickPicker

    Medieval Butcher Shop

    Nice...Love the pig!
  14. BrickPicker

    (MOC) Afraid Of The Dark

    Love it...Reminds me of the movie Monsters Inc.