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  1. The Advent calender figures are ok, it will mostly depend on what version of Luke, Rey and Poe we get. Another Battle droid though really? nothing comes across more lazy then the yearly pointless battle droid. No one really needs more and theres plenty of other Droid figures that use similar pieces. Maybe K-2S0? A Medical droid? Commando droids or Superbattle droids. Surely adding one of those in place of a battle droid would be cost effective, especially since their molds were only very used once or twice, and most have cost a fair amount to create in the first place. Its not even like their ever even commander, security or Pilot variants. Come on Lego up your game!
  2. I hope the new roller coaster track is added when the site comes back up. The two pieces in the black panther set are no where near enough.
  3. My VIP card arrived today, came in a nice black envelope with minifigures over it. Theres nothing inside that details exactly what the promotions are, just says more details will be annouced in early 2018. The card its self doesn't feature a magnetic strip and instead has a barcode at the bottom.
  4. I haven't got an Email yet and I bought mine day of release.......... hopefully they are still emailing them out.
  5. Sam892

    UK Sales

    My local TRU has the R3 M3 polybags in for £4.99 each and the bricktober minifigure packs for £14.99. That includes the Batman one.
  6. Sam892

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Its extremely hard. The majority of LEGO's sales over christmas will be from regular sets. The falcon is a niche set, in the grand scheme of things, very few people are going to buy one. LEGO has to consider whether it invests the majorty of its resources into a few extra falcons, or into all the normal sets people are going to buy for christmas. I understand that some people are upset about not being able to get the falcon right now, but for gods sake everyone needs to calm down. Just have some patience, theres much more important things to complain about.
  7. I've put some LED lights in the back of the engines on my MF. I found that the empty compartment in the back of the MF is perfect for a portable battery charger to sit. I've just plugged my LEDs into that.
  8. I've put some LED lights in the back of the engines on my MF. I found that the empty compartment in the back of the MF is perfect for a portable battery charger to sit. I've just plugged my LEDs into that.
  9. I read somewhere it will be a combination of exclusive discounts, exclusive double points promos and exclusive gifts. I'm not too sure how true that is but I'll try to find the artical that listed those benefits.
  10. I know its pretty unlikely at the moment, but has anyone spotted any of the unique pieces on Bricks and pieces yet?
  11. Sam892

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Sorry for repeating this but Milton Keynes (UK) LEGO store has about 20 sets left, they got 40 in this morning. So if you can get here this morning there's a good chance you can get one. There also meant to be getting another 20 sets this weekend. Best part we aren't even having to line up. Just get a ticket from the store manager and come back at 9:30 to pick it up.
  12. Milton Keynes store has 40 MF sets in stock. Currently theres 19 of us in the que. so plenty left.
  13. Sam892

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I wouldn't except anything else unique on launch day, the Black VIP cards are most likely the only thing LEGO will bundle with them.
  14. Sam892

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Thats extremely harsh. LEGO has a pretty good ability to factor Fan desires, I mean thats clearly part of the reason we're getting a new Falcon. They didn't have to make a new one but did due the extremely high demand, and price on the second hand market of the 2007 one. Sure they were also motivated by sales, but they could of easily made something else and made money. Plus just looking at the updates the Falcon has recieved, they were clearly made for Fans. Lego didn't need to add interior parts or different radar dishes. LEGO can only produce so much of a single set at once logistically. They only have so many molding machines, so many printers and only so much transport space. Its not the only set they're making currently and the production of UCS MF's can't take over the whole factory. There's more than enough for people, maybe everyone should stop panicing and think logically. These things are going to be available for a few years, its not majorily important everyone gets one on day one. LEGO will make sure the flagship SW set will be regularly stocked in its stores. Also while its not massively relevant to the MF, LEGO's decision to layoff (not fire, firing someone implies they broke rules or did something wrong) 1400 employees doesn't make them evil. They didn't just get rid of 1400 people, I'm sure thats an incredibly tough decision, that they thought long and hard about. The customer comes first not the employee, and if these job loses ensure LEGO's survival long term, or allows them to deliver better and stronger experiences to the customer then its the right decision. Everyone just needs to calm down and not panic, the MF will be restocked regularly.
  15. Sam892

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    There was nothing up about a midnight release, it might be worth ringing the store and inquiring. I can't see them doing a midnight release, but maybe they'll open an hour early for Falcon customers.