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    Advent Calendar 2006 daily news

    Damn you! Oh well. I will have to figure it out. >:-(
  2. Sting

    The ULTIMATE Bricklink thread

    LOL. That is why you are the Pirate Leader!
  3. Sting

    The Mysterious Imperial Guard Sergeant

    I think you are right. We could show the figure on the back of the box to show how it could be mistaken as a standard figure. If the same user who uploaded the Torso without Crossbelt uploaded this one, it was probably an honest mistake. We are 100% sure that this Yellow Epaulette'd Grunt comes in no other sets, right? I have never come across him except on Bricklink and on the back of this box.
  4. Sting

    Whose Pirate avatar do you like best?

    I very much like your new one. I like the look of that Knights Kingdom I Torso with the Epaulettes. I would like to see this creation of yours... the characters look very cool. And Phes would never change his icon too drastically. It will be the same character, just a better quality picture of it.
  5. Sting

    Sting's Zero - A Prototype Gun Frigate

    I will be building a new ship for sure. I enjoyed building this one so much, that I want to spend more time on building a better one. I was thinking something in the Christmas Spirit... but still a nice ship. Thanks for the comment... I don't think even Phes could take on Bonaparte right now. LoL. This is due to my lack of better torsos. I will be aquiring some much more Captainy ones soon, which will than be fitted to my Avatar. *y* Well, I imagine they would be excellent fighters... but not compared to the Super Elite Inquisition. I do agree with you with the figures, as I did not have enough pieces and do not have any of the "Captains" black Torsos I wanted (I should do a BL order soon) (One of which is the good Vampire one you showed me). Once I get these torsos you will see a definte ranking going on with the soldiers. Thanks for the input!
  6. Sting

    Would you open a MISB SYSTEM Pirate set?

    I still love the joy of opening a brand new set, and I will continue to do so! I respect you for your joy of having a lego set untouched, but I would rather just build it! I just acquired a few MISB Pirate Sets - in just as good condition as yours (not Shrink Wrapped however) for a REALLLLLY sweet price, and I will be opening them. Perhaps I will torture you guys with a picture of me opening them and ruining there 'Mint'ness LOL.
  7. Sting

    new sets at S@H

    $26.99 for the Imperial AT-ST... hmmm... seems like a lot, but I guess with the piece count it works out. Love that Firestation. I need more Castle stuff though :-P It'll have to wait!
  8. Sting

    What licensed themes would you like to see?

    I speak on behalf of almost everyone when I say Lord of the Rings. This is just a theme DYING to be made in Lego form. I don't think it will happen, as with the movies released a few years ago, the ideal time to have the Lego being released along with them (creating bigger profits). I would love to see a Dune theme. We could have Fremen, Ornithopters, Harvesters, CarryAlls, both the houses, Sarduakor. It would be amazing. I would also have liked to see a Pirates of the Caribbean theme becuase I love the movies, I love Pirates, and it would be a way for Lego to reintroduce the Pirates in a more financially safe way. It seems that movie liscences usually have pretty good designs too (Harry Potter werent bad, and Star Wars are usually really good)
  9. Sting

    The ULTIMATE Bricklink thread

    I am probably one of the worst for leaving this Forum at times when my life starts going too fast. I think I will try to stay this time, just to help this fledging forum take off and perhaps one day see the beginning of our own Pirates website. But for now, its all good.
  10. Sting

    Sting's Zero - A Prototype Gun Frigate

    I will eventually make it to distinguish ranks. For example, the Torso that my Avatar is wearing is supposed to be for the basic grunts. The Red Beard Uniform with yellow Epaulettes (to be added when I focus more on this) would be the officers, and another Torso I am going to order soon will be for the Admiral/Commander. These soldiers are fighting for the freedom of humanity against a careless and unscrupulous enemy.(Kinda sounds like the Spanish Inquisition X-D ) They have seen the worst and will die to fight for there new home and so it never falls under the rule of evil. (LOL, In theory) I guess the skill of these soldiers is lacking. But there heart is anything but. Perhaps I will need to create a super elite army that my soldiers can recruit to fight your Super Duper Elite Amphibious Conquistadors. Do you have a picture of such Conquistadors phes. The Morion wearing men in your Signature don't seem too amphibious :-D
  11. Sting

    Is Lego Getting Sloppy?

    I like the new Batman guns X-D I didn't know the SW guns have gone down in quality! I agree with your arguments, but that is more or less a discussion of Lego set design Quality. The design quality suffers now in alot of cases to make sets easier to build and faster to play. Lego becoming sloppy with boxing and rushing pieces (like the aforementioned 12 of the exact same wall piece when it could be easy to switch it up and provide more variety) is the issue of this thread I believe.
  12. Sting

    The Mysterious Imperial Guard Sergeant

    Really? Can you tell me about this journey... and which figure it was?
  13. Sting

    Tag Discussions

    How do I get a little flag on my profile like so many people have. I may as well represent the big Red (err... Red and White... I'm not from the Soviet Union LOL) while I am here.
  14. Sting

    Custom Cannons

    I like these very much. Probably the best and simplest design for land cannons.
  15. Sting

    The ULTIMATE Bricklink thread

    X-D X-D X-D
  16. Sting

    Your most prized Pirate Lego Set!

    You must have a will of steel, as I would have opened that set YESTERDAY! Very nice! I commend you!
  17. Sting

    Is Lego Getting Sloppy?

    I have not seen the box so I cannot vouch for that, but a look at the pieces - there is like 10 or 12 of the SAME Castle Wall pieces - with the same pattern and everything. Would it have been so hard for lego to include a few standard black ones and maybe one with the different brick patterns? I love the piece, but it is simply too repetitious in one set! I still want it though X-D
  18. Sting

    Sting's Zero - A Prototype Gun Frigate

    Thank you for the constructive critism. I definately agree that without the sails it is very incomplete, so I am more interested in the structure. Thanks again. Tis a good strategy. Taking out rudders and going from behind and other dirty tricks are what this ship would have to use. Perhaps a super elite boarding party (these soldiers are already super elite in my books -it can take on anyone, even Mr.Phes's Spanish Inquisition forces. I will have to steal your rail mounted cannon design. It is a good way of having them rotating and it takes up less space than mine. Thank you. LoL. An unfortunate truth. These guys would just have to board the enemy vessel, or loft deadly shrapnel onto the ship! That is actually an idea I have for my Demolition Ship I want to build (It is not a suicide ship (technically) but rather a ship loaded with barrels of gunpowder and some catapults and one-legged, one handed, and one eyed pirates to get this explosive stuff on board).
  19. Sting

    The Mysterious Imperial Guard Sergeant

    It is Bricklinks error, as this figure is listed in the Bricklink Catalog as an official fig.
  20. Sting

    Whose Pirate avatar do you like best?

    Thank you. If you look in my post about the Zero I created you will see where that torso came from. They are very cheap and easy to come by, so you can stockpile them if you like them enough! Your avatar simply needs a better quality picture and it will rank up there with the best. That being said, I like most of them alot, so it is quite hard. I will state my top 2 and than attempt to narrow it down... Evil Willy and Rupi I like both but I have to go with Rupi simply because I love that Pirate Design and the color of the background (Willy's is also awesome) What face is that he is using anyway? I have never seen Rupi post, but I like his Avatar. But like I said, we have a great bunch here, so its not like the rest are bad. Its just this one I like most. Great idea for a thread.
  21. Sting

    Sting's Zero - A Prototype Gun Frigate

    LoL. Yes. As I said this is more of a prototype and 2 Cannons, 2 Minicannons and some mounted muskets wouldn't really do the trick. I will have to rethink my strategy a bit. I feel good about it, considering it was hastily built and my first time out. Next time will be much better. What do you think of it? My entire idea for a "Pirate" creation to make it take place in Northern Waters. I don't want to specify where because I'd rather it be a fictional place so I don't have to worry about historical accuracy. I was thinking it would be an area similar to Newfoundland. This particularily place is so rich in gold, staying in the less than nice weather conditions (its not freezing but its no caribbean) is worth it. So all of my pirates and imperial soldiers will be wearing warmer clothes (I need to order lots of hoods, capes, bandanas, ect, ect). I would like to tell you what the story behind the pirates is, but I really don't know anymore. My general idea, all in one breath, is that there was a group of pirates who formed to take advantage of the rich gold in the area. The leader of these Pirates ultimate plan is to take over the entire colony and thus control this massive amount of gold (with help from colonists and native populations) From here he can essentially have his own country. He gains alot of steam, but when one of his top liutenants finds out about the plan, and sees the brutal tactics this Pirate leader will do to get his way (obviously including mass murdering and other nasty stuff), he leaves these pirates (Or freedom fighters as there leader calls them) and decides has has to stop him. The Imperials are bad, but these "freedom fighters" have worse plans, and thus, we have the Zero.... which will hopefully turn into something mightier or his chances do not look good :-D . Wow... a little more than a breath... but its something!! Thank you. I thought it would work okay. I know of better, cooler looking ways I could have connected it, but I was rushed, so I had to get in on anyway possible. And you are correct... I will have to look through my gray or black to see if I have some of those poles... they would work much better for future designs. And yes, as Mr.Tiber just pointed out, the torso comes from Lord Sam Sinister of the last Adventurers line, The Orient Expedition. Definately one of my favourite Torsos, although I have a few others in mind I would like to buy that go good with my black Pirates theme. Theres a pic of him! I just added white epaulettes to him. Yes, that would be him. I only call it a Frigate for lack of a better word! What WOULD this ship be called than? a 4 Gun Brig (6 Gun If I had more wheels to put the other 2 cannons on the other side) works fine with me! Thanks for the comments. I would like more and more and more... need more tips and inspiration!
  22. Sting

    The Mysterious Imperial Guard Sergeant

    But not every Minifig created from swapped parts is seen on Bricklink as a catalog entry. Catalog Entry Minifigs are usually limited to Minifigs as they appeared in sets. Its obviously a mistake, but an interesting one.
  23. Sting

    The future direction of the Pirate LEGO Forum

    Did the site shut down? Is it still around? I thought it dissappeared?
  24. Sting

    KK Torsos

    Well, it was, KK2 with the Multicolored Knights was the epitome of bad Castle (or the closest thing we have to Castle, besides maybe Vikings). This years models and figures aren't bad. We still have some <insert that tiresome argument> pieces but not as many. I just don't get what Lego's motivation is to have blank torsos. It seems kind of lame because you basically HAVE to have the Armor on or else they look blank. They could have at least given us a simple design.
  25. Sting

    The Mysterious Imperial Guard Sergeant

    Nice |-/ Yes, I mean the box. :-P I find this interesting due to the fact it is listed on Bricklink in the Catalog, which means the figure has appeared in a set. That is what I find interesting. Whether it is a mistake or not, I don't know, but I think its a cool one!