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  1. Brickmaestro

    Pet Shop Sold Out

    Looks like the Pet Shop is finally sold out on US Shop at Home. Not sure if someone else already noted that in a separate thread - I just know people have been speculating this set's retirement for years now.
  2. Brickmaestro

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VII

    Probably a little bit of both. I was a little disappointed the Cider Mill and Creamery from last year didn't get prizes. They were both brilliant designs and were pushed out of the top three by a couple entries that didn't seem to align with the stated rules very well. Regardless, I'm always amazed by what people can come up with for these contests and the Brewery and German Christmas Pyramid were both fantastic creations as well. Good luck to everyone.
  3. Brickmaestro

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VII

    Hopefully there will be more consistent attempts to follow the size/style-of-official-winter-village-sets rule as some previous winners have been nothing at all like official sets. While many of these submissions were amazing (like the German christmas pyramid that took 2nd place last year), it did not seem like they should have been allowed as they had nothing to do with "expanding the winter village."
  4. Brickmaestro

    10255 Assembly Square

    This verifies some of the earlier comments about this potentially being an "inverted" corner as that is essentially what is done with the large building on the right (bakery and florist shop create inverted corner).
  5. Brickmaestro

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VI - Voting

    10 20 30 39 55 So many marvelous builds this year - and a record number of them at that! Very hard to narrow down to a top five, but here are my favorites: I thought #15 was an absolutely brilliant build as well but it really didn't fit in with this contest (not part of a village, too big, too many pieces, etc.) Superb design though!
  6. Brickmaestro

    Winter Village: Village Airport

    Thanks for the kind words and compliments. Would've liked more time but vacation plans got in the way. There's been some impressive entries this year.
  7. Brickmaestro

    Winter Village: Cider Mill

    This is brilliant - clearly the entry to beat! Beautiful work.
  8. Brickmaestro

    Winter Village: Windmill

    Wonderful Dutch feel to the whole thing - great angles on the windmill.
  9. Brickmaestro

    Winter Village: Victorian Era Tools and Candy Stores

    This is beautiful. The storefronts look fantastic - very Victorian! Nice work.
  10. Brickmaestro

    Winter Village: Village Airport

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! While other airports may be hectic and troublesome this time of year, there are never long lines at Village Air. Travelers come from far and wide to take a short ride with pilot Charles Brickbergh, the legendary aviator who completed the first trans-Atlantic flight. Since retirement, he has made a humble home in Winter Village, and built a small prop plane that the locals affectionately refer to as "Rudolph." As our eager travelers (a small family of four) anxiously await the return of the pilot, they enjoy the hospitality and fine food of the Airport Café; and Charles' trusty mechanic Biff works on the plane. ~ I noticed, as I was going through the last five years of Winter Village contest entries, that while there have been lots of cottages, and train stations, and shops, no one had ever built a Village Airport. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. While my entry stretches to 48-studs wide it is mostly open space due to the plane hangar (and the piece count comes in around 1500) so I think it is still in the approximate size of previous Winter Village sets. There are a few more pictures on my flickr account (unfortunately, I was taking pictures as we were heading out of town for the long Holiday so I didn't get time to set them up the way I wanted) - Any constructive criticism would be more than welcome - first time I've built anything like this. Thanks!
  11. Brickmaestro

    Expand the Winter Village Contest III Voting Topic

    6) - 1 point 11) - 1 point 18) - 1 point 27) - 1 point 39) - 1 point Beautiful work by all - some very creative techniques used here. Wish I had time to put something together. Good luck.
  12. Brickmaestro

    Superhero Video Contest: Voting Thread

    1) lego-maniac - 3 points
  13. Brickmaestro

    EB's Super Hero Comic Cover Contest Voting Thread!

    9) Captain Nemo - 3 points
  14. Brickmaestro

    [MOC] Dalheim Medieval Diorama

    Wonderul addition - I, too, loved the original, but this just takes it to another level. This creation is giving DC and Mayday a run for their money. Very impressive. Keep building.