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  1. Should've done a quick google search when I first thought about it, current piece looks perfect, my mistake!
  2. With the new Slave 1 coming out this year, with the rumoured minifigs somewhat lacking in the having anything new area, what are the odds we get an updated Han in carbonite piece?
  3. I hope they keep all ships from now on in this slightly smaller but cheaper scale, if they go back and forth and make it all look inconsistent that'd be a real shame, so assume everything I'm about to list ship-wise is in that smaller but cheaper kind of scale Rebel Y-Wing, £44.99 Imperial TIE Bomber, £44.99 Rebel A-Wing, £24.99 Imperial TIE Interceptor, £29.99 Darth Vaders TIE Advanced, £34.99 Rebel B-Wing, £49.99 Rebel U-Wing, £54.99 Imperial AT-ST, £29.99 Hoping battle packs come back at some point as well, so... Scarif forces battle pack, £13.99 (2 Shoretroopers, a Death Trooper and probably some Imperial officer) Endor Troopers battle pack, £13.99 (2 Scout troopers each with a speederbike, a Stormtrooper and probably some Imperial officer) 212th troopers battle pack, £24.99 (3 regular p2 212th troopers, Commander Cody p2, 2 Super Battle Droids) I uhh.. I like Imperial stuff..
  4. mknzflyn

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Say what you will about the films, but I believe casting has been spot-on, sure there's been issues with castings (still don't know if we'll see Cavills Superman return again) but Ben Affleck, Margot Robbie etc. have been great versions of their characters at least imo Seeing a lot of disinterest for the Snydercut and DCEU in general on here, personally I think Zack Snyders Justice League looks like it'll be the best film of Snyders 3 by far Shifting topics, with how little DC sets we seem to be receiving this year, should we really expect any next year?
  5. Hi all, apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, but do you think they'll be any more Solo/Rogue One sets in the future? I get why we haven't got many since Solo since it wasn't that long ago but we're gonna be coming up on 5 years since the release of Rogue One at the end of the year and we've had nothing since 2017 I believe?