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  1. are there any common sense guidelines regarding depictions of potentially sensitive or gross subject matter such as cannibalism, domestic abuse and rape using legos? am i free to post such lego builds on here without any precautions taken, or should i like put a content warning in the post or maybe just avoid such subject matter entirely?
  2. first of all, thanks, second of all i have two more questions more related to this subject: 1 how much information about the project is stored in an .lxf file and how much of it is stored in lego digital designer itself? if i tried to load an project that uses these modded parts into my unmodded vanilla editor, would the project break, or would the modded parts be fully visible and acting as normal? 2 how difficult is the process of making a new part or adding a texture to a new part? how hard is it to find a pair of textures used for the chest, load em up into photoshop and use them as a guide for making a new texture?
  3. well the about section claims i am in version 4.3.11, but also that i am in brick version 777, i assume i ought not to use the workarrounds unless i have issues downloading 4.3.11 from this fellow sharing the file over drive, or?
  4. question here: could this method of importing new parts also be used to get all the official parts and nothing else if your copy of lego digital designer happens to not have all the parts it should due to the software not being able to connect to the internet? like i really just want access to the parts i used to have access to before on my previous computer, rather than getting these new parts. Or is it better off for me to just get these extra options i probably will end up appreciating anyways along with getting the old stuff back?