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  1. Gjm-greeny

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Lego could have realised the mistake and made sure it wouldn't happen again.
  2. Gjm-greeny

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    When did he try and make other people feel dumb? All he said was that he has his own interests and likes the Falcon. I don't know about anyone else but that just seems normal and not condescending or 'making someone feel dumb'. He was just clarifying what his post meant.
  3. I get the feeling that alot of the people who voted for the gunship are going to be quite disappointed. This was never going to be a cheap set because it's a UCS set and £350 fits in with the other UCS prices.
  4. That's why we get so many Luke's landspeeder, Anakins starfighter and rebel snowspeeder sets because they give people cheap(ish) options which can get them into lego. These sets are great for new collectors/kids as they usually include 2-4 main characters and an instantly recognisable set.
  5. No. The lines on the helmet were introduced in the tie striker set in 2016.
  6. The Duel set looks really nice. It'll be a good way to pick up Bespin Luke and arm print Vader without having to pay a fortune. I like the design of the set it looks really sleek. This has been my most wanted set for years so I'm delighted they've decided to make this set.
  7. They are not actually Kashyyk battle droids. They are the tank pilots and are seen through the clone wars piloting AAT's. I don't really understand why we have another DS2 final duel. But I guess it'll be good for people that missed it the first time. The Night Buzzard looks great I'll probably pick it up. The minifigs are interesting and the build doesn't look bad. Grievous ship looks alright but is far too expensive. Anakins starfighter is pretty good I've already got one so I'll pass. However it'll be good for those that are new to collecting or missed out on previous versions. The resistance transport looks nice but I'm going to pass. Although the minifig selection is quite good. The AAT looks great. Ahsoka looks great. Ahsokas trooper looks great. I'm defenetly getting that set.
  8. Who cares. Also arent we supposed to be discussing the sets and leaked calender not falling into pointless arguments about what the biggest part of the franchise is.
  9. Yep I have to agree. This looks like an interesting calendar. I don't really know what the people complaining are expecting. It's not a set its just a Christmas calender that costs £25 they arent going to include loads of exclusive figures just one or two. I also dislike the complaints about a battle droid being included because they work as filler (in a good way) and an extra droid is never a bad thing. Exactly some people seem to forget that LEGO is mainly targeted towards kids.
  10. These look surprisingly good. I'll probably get the Stormtrooper. Hopefully we get some more based on the PT and OT.
  11. I think we'll probably get a STAP or two, maybe a droideeka and they may even include rex or Ahsoka to help justify the price.
  12. I'm not really that disappointed by the fact that the set is going to be a buildable baby yoda as we didn't even know that this set even existed before this week. I think that it could be a really nice set. I don't think I'll buy it as I'm not a fan of the sculpture style sets.
  13. AT AT looks great. I really like the way the speeder fits into the back of the AT AT and the seats are a nice addition. I'm happy they put in 2 AT AT drivers as they usually only include 1. Happy that they chose not to use the dual molded pilot helmet. I'll probably get this.
  14. That sounds like it could happen. A new cloth Cape would work really well on an updated grievous. On to the rumoured clone wars AAT does anyone know when we might get any leaked or official images of the set?