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  1. Application for controlling Control+, Powered Up devices. Allows you to create a profile for your MOC model and set up control in a convenient visual editor, right on your smartphone! Use your new electrics to the fullest! Google play link: Controlz Current version: 2.2 App available for Android. Update 2.2 released. What's new: - Added "Switch" element - Added "Speedometer" element - Added "Help" tab - Added a new theme "Motorsport" - Added support for Powered Up LEDs (88005) - Added German language - Now you can connect the hub directly from the "Control" page of the element -Added transition from the "element Control" page to the hubs management page, if there is no hub in the profile Fixes: -Reworked element theme selection panel -Optimization of the profile editor
  2. Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes you are right at the moment there is a bug with automatic calibration of elements. I am currently working on the next version of the application, which should fix all known bugs, as well as introduce new features and capabilities. Support for gamepads will be added, the visual editor will be redesigned, the principle of connecting elements and hubs will be changed. In the near future, I will create a post where I will describe all the changes in detail. PS. In the new version I have corrected the names of the "properties", thanks for noticing :)
  3. Update 2.2 released. Changelist in first post.
  4. Does anyone have any problems with the loss of saved profiles?
  5. Update 2.1.1 released. -Support for 4 new motors has been added ( 45602 Technic Large Angular Motor, 45603 Technic Medium Angular Motor, 54675c02 Technic Large Angular Motor, 51515 Mindstorms Robot Inventor motor) -The problem of false alarms of antiviruses and protection systems of some phones has been fixed.
  6. Bump! I'm alive, new version in development. :)
  7. Thank you very much for taking the time to test the application and sharing your opinion. Checked, when creating a component in run mode, I have a speed limit of 100%. 10% is a behavior incomprehensible to me, I’ll check the code. According to the servo drive, my implementation is not the best, I will never stop improving this part) thanks, I will conduct tests, try to figure out the reason. Orientation change and selection of element modes is in the intermediate stage. Everything was more limited before. Now I am going to give the user complete freedom of choice and customization. At the moment, the program’s operation policy is as follows, connections are not broken, cancel commands for motors are not sent. it may be worth revisiting this point in terms of stopping the motors when driving. I will continue to work on improving the program)
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Servo mode works on any current hubs, not all motors support angle rotation, and ports with such devices become inaccessible for selection in servo mode. changing the mode to mileage or replacing the device with rotation support, unlock the port. I'll check the text label, thanks :) Please let me know if the big boost motor (the same 38) is running in servo mode. Just check it out in version 1.4.4.
  9. New test version (v3): https://drive.google.com/open?id=17YygYmMNPJxfqspnAgFaZYKnNRkCPYvH
  10. Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad that everything works fine.
  11. Ok, I will check this moment, thanks a lot.
  12. Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm glad that everything works. I will collect statistics further. -At the moment, when I press the "zero" button, there is no answer, I will do it in the release. -Tilt sensor is only in the C + hub, in others it is not, if I'm right. (external sensors are not yet supported, as I don't have a boost set) - If it’s easy for you, attach a screenshot of the problematic icon of the large motor. I don’t have it and I didn’t have a problem on the simulation.
  13. Post the test version 1.4.5. Uploaded to Google Drive to speed up the process, who have doubts about security, you can not install and wait for the release in the Play Market. I beg those who will test, please do not be silent if something worked strange or is not correct, report all cases. Link: test finished The application is built in such a way that it is installed without replacing the current application. The test version does not use profiles and settings of the current application. Very interesting reviews of people who checked the auto calibration on real moc, whether everything works correctly. Thanks! I will be waiting for your feedback. What's new: -Added "Close" buttons on the element selection page and on the element settings page. Swipes for closing, work, but obey the "Swipes" setting. -Added ability to calibrate servo. There are two options, manual and automatic.
  14. It's good that you were able to solve the problem so simply. If you have any problems, let me know :)
  15. Thank you! Enjoy it. I take a rest for sometimes, course I have lot of tasks on my job. :)
  16. Hello! I am glad that you like Controlz. I try to make it as good as possible. I use Qt for development (GUI make on QML). The design of the application was completely developed by me to be unique and not tied to any of the mobile platforms. In the future, a possible release on iOS also.
  17. Thank you for information. You are welcome:) Thanks for the great idea. In my opinion, need to rework the entire system of elements settings, now this is not the most obvious and convenient form. I will try to introduce updates as often as possible. I have a lot of tasks at the main job.
  18. 1) The launch problem was resolved in 2) Rename each button has been temporarily removed. Soon it will return, but in a more convenient form. 3) Now the application is looking for hubs without using a name, but doing it as it should using manufacturer’s tokens. Changing the name of the hub now changes it in the device itself and not visually in the program. PS: I can very easily add support for the boost hub and will do so soon. If you can tell me one thing, the internal hub motors are which of the ABCD ports? I do not have boost hub(
  19. 1.4.3 update available in Google Play. It may brake old profiles and settings. If you have some problem, just wipe data and cache of application. Sorry(
  20. Hello everybody. I am working on the next update of the app. I have a few questions. I remember that I was asked to make a button to disconnect the hubs. I did it. It works like this: you press the button, the hub turns off, the program does not search for the hub time t, then starts searching again. By pressing the green button on the hub, it will reconnect. Do I need to disable hubs when minimizing the application? When closed, they are disconnected, when minimized, the connection is active. Do you need this feature?
  21. https://yadi.sk/i/JW7psFUfoHMz8Q If your steering wheel looks like in the screenshot, then this is normal. If the behavior is different, try changing the size of the steering wheel, this will stabilize its crawl and return it to the corner. I will work out possible options for managing device connections. If you change the device name using for example Powered up app 3.0, then Controlz will not be able to find such a hub. You're right. This is not really a bug. I check type of devices by their standard names. This is not the best way. I will redo this in future updates.