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  1. Do1633

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    I'm in love with that gamer's market. I have been waiting since I was a kid watching the pilot season to get that pink ninja. I wonder if it is the Zane head underneath.
  2. Do1633

    Purist Superhero Figures

    New to this topic, but read every post over the weekend. I am making an Ab-Death and want to see if this will fit on the 2018 Harry Potter Hagrid body. I don't have any friends sets, so I need someone to do it for me. (I'm making Ab-Death because since Lego won't make every character, then I will. If anyone wants, then I'll link to the spreadsheet I'm keeping them on. Never going to build them all, but after a few years and many contributions from outside sources, and it will be done. There are only around 26000 characters, and it takes me about 20 mins per.)
  3. I wonder if the box is going to be of 60 and 300 dollars, or 240 and 3 sets of figures
  4. I wonder if that is the base being used?
  5. I wonder what happened to make the entire series leaked.
  6. I wish there was a Rival, Zoom, and Wally West Flash to make the three generations of Flashes and their nemeses.
  7. The Jay Garrick helmet is perfect, although the lightning on the torso looks a bit lower than it should be. There should also be lightning bolts on the side of the legs. Other than that, it is perfect. I'm picking up 2 so I can make a Rival minifigure. Edit: I'm dumb. I was going off the 1st appearance, not the Golden Age one late in the run. Pretty accurate to the late Golden Age one.
  8. They were right about the archnemesis and superman and flash, so I think it's legit. Ashnflash has an inside source that is reputable, so the 1st non leaked is 1st appearance superman, a flash, problably Jay Garrick, Luthor or Joker, and a still unconfirmed Batman villain that is not being sold by lego right now.
  9. If it is Luthor, then the last one would be a batman villain not on store shelves, meaning it won't be Black Adam, since Luthor is the archnemsis talked about.
  10. I'm calling it. Mad Hatter or Deathstroke is the last fig.
  11. I plan on getting an entire box because I don't want to miss any, want duplicates for the lanterns because of the batteries and rings, want extras for parts because I build custom superhero minifigures, DC or my own from my writings, and I really want to display all the minifigures on top of the box on a shelf and want to support this CMF since I already, from what we have seen, want a S2. I think that either 1. Lego is leaking these figures because the people who enjoy these obscure characters are people who look for leaks and are the AFOLs, and Lego wants to drum up excitement, or 2. Someone from DC was sent them so they could be approved, and because DC doesn't care as much about toy leaks, an employee could have gotten the set and is leaking them to fans.