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  1. I'll try it. I just use the 2x+1 (deduced of the official outer cables in where x=long of cable), i.e.: O.C. 3L have seven flex points. So in my case the flex cable 33L have 67 flex points.
  2. @Stephan: about my parts, release what you consider to be released. I did little progress with the flex cables, specialy the 33L; I need to rework it entirely (move the flex bones to show in Brick Studio).
  3. In order to avoid any conflict, I changed the part 2699 for 664201. So I do this with the intention to no highjack any number again. And I updated the link in where the flex parts are adding the part 664201, the assembly folder with part 6642 and the .g files that I missed to include. Also I changed the word colition to outlines (this is the correct one) in the edit line. My apologise to many changes. I hope it works fine.
  4. @SylvainLSwhat you say it is true as long as you use the Ldraw individual parts of a composite one. But you can made a part using their subparts without combining the individual pieces, example part 2698: using LDPE, you can create the whole part and then assign the number and (in the header) add the info clarifying the purpose of the file, i. e: conversion to LDD, that include the necessary sub part, etc. In this way you leave free the numbers in LDD to be used in other parts.
  5. @Stephan: Here is the improvements and new parts: Part 2901 All flex cables Part 6642: solved problem with right "gate"; I created it and asigned number 2699 since it not be in use (in Ldraw correspond to a subpart of the Technic Action Figure) Add 6549.xml; forget to do the last time (the .g file is added, if you don't deleted it) Part 6272: I see no problems with the connectivity Part 32181: my part haven't any clipping on it On the toothed parts (2712, 2719, 2792, 4262, 4273 and 4442): aparently the problem is the connectivity; it seems that have "colitions" issiues and prevent proximity to each other, my solution: use two conectivity per toothed side per part, one shrinked a lot and the other not so to allow proximity. Part 41894: if you are talking of (sub)part 32496, it is no my design. I only use it in the assembly file. Finaly: almost all parts have outlines (that's why I add the same parts in a preview post) Tha's all for now; any problem tell me and I try to solve it. Have a good day.
  6. @Stephan I have finished the improvements and the flex cables (and add part 2901). Talking abaut the parts 2997 and 2998: I don't see why the needed of modifications on the tyres and rims because Bricklink and other couple of web pages say that. I'm true to official parts and there is no official sets that have these combinations. So please, I beg you, publish the parts 2997 & 2998 as I made. Thank you so much.
  7. @Stephan: I found the problem: it's in the part 6282.lxfml and 75815.lxfml. In they are the alias number line; delete it, save the file and load again. Maybe it works. By the way, witch side of part 6642 are you talking abaut, the upper or lower section (viewed from the top view, with x axis pointing to the right)?
  8. @Stephan thank for the info. Part 6272 I can do little to nothing but I'll try to correct it anyway. For part 6642 (and the other flex system connectors)... Well, I am making improvements on them since I'm creating the flex cables (and made it flexible) so I recommend to leave it as is. I mentioned the flex cables: wath numbers do you recommend to use since there are a lot of them? Because the official numbers are alphanumerics.
  9. Here is the xml file corrected and 6272c01.lxfml to. @zweifuss: I checked the files and didn't found any problem. I think it's the software you're using to open the xml since these is not my problem; it's from Brick Studio itself. Hope the files I submit works fine.
  10. @zweifuss thank you!! The illegal characters are unintentional; maybe it generated when I create the file since I copy the name and then paste it in the text box. It happen with the phi character.
  11. @Stephan here is my parts (not included the futuristic tyres and rims, 32195, they're added, and 2552). Hope it work and be of the quality you ask. Any problem, tell me and I try to correct it. The list: Part 1023 Sheet Plastic 11 x 27 Trapezoidal (ldraw u1023a) Part 1024 Sheet Plastic 14 x 20 Triangular (ldraw u1023b) Part 1025 Sheet Plastic 11 x 20 Trapezoidal (ldraw u1023c) Part 1026 Sheet Plastic 10x 17 Trapezoidal (ldraw u1023d) Part 2698 Technic Action Figure Torso (ldraw part 2698, include 2699 and 2710) Part 2700 Technic Action Figure Arm Segment (ldraw part 2700) Part 2701 Technic Action Figure Arm Bearing (ldraw part 2701, include 2705) Part 2702 Technic Action Figure Hand Part 2703 Technic Action Figure Leg Upper Left Part 2704 Technic Action Figure Leg Lower Part 2706 Technic Action Figure Foot Part 2707 Technic Action Figure Head Part 2708 Technic Action Figure Air Part 2709 Technic Action Figure Leg Upper Right Part 2712 Technic Rotor 3 Blade Part 2719 Technic Plate 1 x 10 with Holes Part 2737 Technic Steering Arm Tall Part 2738 Technic Suspension Arm 2 x 6.5 Type 1 Part 2790 Technic Steering Gear Holder (ldraw part 2791a) Part 2791 Technic Steering Rack (ldraw part 2790a) Part 2792 Technic Steering Top Part 2900 Technic Flex-System Pin Hole Connector Part 2906 Technic Rotor 4 Blade 7 Diameter Part 2908 Technic Helicopter Rotor Holder Part 2989 Technic Brick 1 x 4 with Holes and Bumper Holder Part 2991 Technic Brick 1 x 2 Double Angled with Bumper Holder Part 2997 Tyre 34/ 38 x 56 ZR Part 2998 Wheel Rim 32 x 56 with Peghole and 6 Spokes with Pegholes Part 2999 Technic Large Wheel Hub Part 3651 Technic Connector (Pin/Bush) with 2 Studs Part 4261 Technic Steering Arm Part 4262 Technic Plate 1 x 6 with Holes Part 4265 Technic Bush 1/2 Type 2 (ldraw part 6577) Part 4273 Technic Connector Toggle Joint Toothed (ldraw part 4273b) Part 4442 Technic Plate 1 x 8 with Holes Part 4504 Hinge Plate 1 x 6 with 2 and 3 Fingers On Ends Part 4745 Propellor 2 Blade 5.5 Diameter Part 5292 Electric RC Race Buggy Motor (Complete) (ldraw part 42908; include 5292, 991 and 45907) Part 6272 Electric RC Receiver Unit with Auxiliary Output (Complete) (ldraw part 43446, 43447, 43457 and u9016 as a whole; include u9014 and u9015) Part 6282 Electric RC Race Buggy Steering Unit (Complete) (ldraw part 43459, 43460, 43462 as a whole; include 43461 and 43463) Part 65401 Technic Steering Arm Large with Axlehole (ldraw part 6540a) Part 65402 Technic Steering Arm Large with Peghole (ldraw part 6540b) Part 6543 Technic Plate 4 x 6 with 4 Position Gear Shift Gate Part 6549 Technic 4 Speed Shift Lever Part 6642 Technic Flex-System Pin Connector Double Closed (include 6644, ldraw part 6644k02) Part 6643 Technic Flex-System Pin Connector Single Closed (include 6644, ldraw part 6644k02) Part 6645 Technic Flex-System Ball Connector Closed (ldraw part 6644; include 6644, ldraw part 6644k02) Part 9062 Motor Pull Back 4 x 9 x 2.333 Type 2 with Black Base (ldraw part 32282 and u9062 as a whole; include u9063) Part 9244 Technic Universal Joint 4L with Bush Ends with Centre Type 2 (ldraw part 3712c01) Part 30037 Wing 9 x 12 - 6 x 2.333 Down Part 32079 Technic Beam 9 Liftarm Offset with Boss Part 32137 Technic Connector Block 3 x 2 x 2 Part 32166 Technic Connector Block 3 x 6 x 1.667 Gearbox Part 32181 Technic Shock Absorber 10L Damped (Compressed) (ldraw part 32181c01 and 32183c02) Part 32283 Motor Pull Back 4 x 9 x 2.333 Type 1 (ldraw part 32283c01, include u9063) Part 37191 Minifig Torso Brick 2 x 3 (ldraw part 37191c01 and 3818, 3819 and 3820) Part 41894 Technic Steering Arm With 2 Ball Joints (Complete) (ldraw part 41894, include 41895 and 32496) Part 75815 Electric Technic Fiber Optics Element (ldraw part 6637c01, include 6639) Note: the names and numbers are, most of them, from ldraw; in LDD are from ldraw and bricklink
  12. Hello: You are right. I will try to fix the issue using Blender (or LDPE); as well as the sheets. Part 6642: I look at it and fix the problem. By "Radii" are you talking about the RC motors? I take a look at it and any other problem. I corrected the steering unit, because the collisions prevented some connections (but I'm hesitant to "add" more collision boxes. And submit the ZR Tyre I forget to add with other "old" Technics parts, i.e. Action Figure.
  13. Finaly!!! Here it is my parts https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UiTxhbQRiABJPx72-5y7T1bsh0qEzIy_/view?usp=sharing (the first link doesn't work anymore; I replaced the file with the new one) Notes: Maybe most of the parts, if not all of theme, have bad origin center. Part 2552 still undecable (meaning the part are as originaly shared) Part 6642 (complete assembly) have mesh problems with (sub)part 6644: the right section look bad and haven't collisions. It is for these reason that parts 6643 and 6645 aren't collitions in the (sub)part Part 6272 (main part): it's load but when you save the file and load it, it have trouble (apear the messege "1 brick won't load..." or something) but the part still there and can be load normaly, at last for me. I try several time to fix these issiue: deleting collitions, connections and both of theme but the problem persist; so I don't know how to fix it. I forget to say before, so I do now: I fix and add part 52985 (now with collisions) because no one do it before. The problem with the originaly submitted whas the connection: it locked somehow so I do it a "new" one. These is the best I can do, specialy with collisions and "faces". If you have any trouble just tell me. And please test it before release. @Takanuinuva in the part 32187 you need to: in the connection "<Axel type="12" length="0.5" grabbing="0" startCapped="0" endCapped="0" angle="90" ax="0" ay="1" az="0" tx="0" ty="0" tz="0"/>" change to "<Axel type="2" length="0.5" grabbing="0" startCapped="0" endCapped="0" angle="90" ax="0" ay="1" az="0" tx="0" ty="0.2" tz="0"/>". If you do it, I think you haven't any trouble.
  14. Unless you copy the full and add the parts you need. But as you say, it's a bad idea and impractical; you need to correct a lot.
  15. @SylvainLS, I "play" with ldd.paxml (a copy of it) including one brick and then put it in ldd extended folder and, when run ldd, it load that brick (in extended mode). If it affects ldd standard mode I don't know.