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  1. Here is the real(?) dimensions; do not know if it's what you are looking for. Hope I help you.
  2. My apologize: if you still have the problem the correct option is to go to Object Menu and choose "Shade" smooth or flat; hope you solve the problem.
  3. I have little knowledge using Blender, but try to smooth the stud. Then export to ldd.
  4. Hello: you are right. The problem with the Plate 6x6 is the collision boxes. I take a look at your file and confirm this; but if you are corageous to do the change manually, here it's how to do it: Go to and open the 3958.xml In the "Collision" section you can see 5 boxes: you needed to change this values (I choose this values for testing purpose): First box: sX and sY (the s stand for size) to 2.36 Second to fifth box: sY to 2.36 Second and third: tx (t is for translation/position) delete the last two digits Fourth and fifth: tz delete the last two digits 3. Save the file but DON'T close it in case you dislike the change; when you are happy close it 4. Go to Roaming\Lego Company folder and delete the subfolder inside 5. Open LDD and (if all goes whell) you fixed the problem Hope I help you. Any problem, ask and someone find a solution.
  5. @Stephan: as @The Mugbearersay it is a colition problem; see these pic: 44358; so it needed to be corrected.
  6. Someone have troubles using the aliases to find the parts? I can't do that.
  7. The problem is in the part 2454. Five minutes ago, I use another part (mesh) with the number 46212 and it allow me to use it. Somehow, part 2454 retains some unknown info on the .g file.
  8. It changed to 2454 automatically.
  9. @Stephan: I downloaded the files and haven't any problem with them.
  10. I checked the part 39739 problem and the issue is the connectivity: it slightly misaligned and needed to be moved to the corner. Hope it helps.
  11. @M2m: I don't know if you checked these page, it have the size of triceratops. These one have pics with plates around. Hope it helps.
  12. I'll try it. I just use the 2x+1 (deduced of the official outer cables in where x=long of cable), i.e.: O.C. 3L have seven flex points. So in my case the flex cable 33L have 67 flex points.
  13. @Stephan: about my parts, release what you consider to be released. I did little progress with the flex cables, specialy the 33L; I need to rework it entirely (move the flex bones to show in Brick Studio).
  14. In order to avoid any conflict, I changed the part 2699 for 664201. So I do this with the intention to no highjack any number again. And I updated the link in where the flex parts are adding the part 664201, the assembly folder with part 6642 and the .g files that I missed to include. Also I changed the word colition to outlines (this is the correct one) in the edit line. My apologise to many changes. I hope it works fine.
  15. @SylvainLSwhat you say it is true as long as you use the Ldraw individual parts of a composite one. But you can made a part using their subparts without combining the individual pieces, example part 2698: using LDPE, you can create the whole part and then assign the number and (in the header) add the info clarifying the purpose of the file, i. e: conversion to LDD, that include the necessary sub part, etc. In this way you leave free the numbers in LDD to be used in other parts.