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    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Correct, this is just speculation. My calculation of the piece count is based on other large sets. Original diagonal alley is 7.4c, Ghostbusters Firehouse 7.6c, Joker Manor 7.8c. So while LEGO doesn’t work exactly like that, past sets are the best indicators for future sets. A $400, 3000 piece set would be a serious outlier. There’s a lot of pointless speculation at this point, so I figured I’d chime in. LEGO gave us 10 figures in the great hall for $100. 10 figures in a $400 would be pretty I consistent. I knew DTC didn’t look quite right. Hoping for more concrete info soon. The 8cents/piece is an estimation from other large, licensed sets. Previous Diagon Alley, Ghosbusters Firehouse and Joker Manor were all below 8c/piece.
  2. DrDrewBlood

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    If the $400 DTC Diagon Alley is real: $0.08/piece = 5000 pieces. If it’s the same 5 builds from the microscale set (gringotts, ollivanders, flourish and blotts, quality quidditch supplies, WWW’s) that’s 1000 pieces per building. Original Diagon Alley set was app. 675 pieces per building, and had 10 figures. The Great Hall also had 10 figures. I’d expect the new set to have closer to 20 figures.
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    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    New Vs. Old Harry Potter Minifigs (Flesh colored ONLY) -Old- 24 Sets - 20 Figs Arthur Weasley Bellatrix Lestrange Death Eater Ernie Prang Fenrir Greyback Fred/George Ginny Weasley Goblin Goyle Karkaroff Lucius Malfoy Mermaid Molly Weasley Narcissa Malfoy Peeves Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail) Sirius Black Sprout Stan Shunpike Viktor Krum -Old & New- 25 Figs Argus Filch Boggart Snape Cedric Diggory Dementor Dobby Dolores Umbridge Draco Malfoy Dumbledore Flitwick Hagrid Harry Potter Hermione Granger Luna Lovegood Lupin Madame Hooch Mad-Eye Moody Marcus Flint McGonagall Neville Longbottom Oliver Wood Ollivander (new set unknown) Snape Trelawney Ron Weasley Voldemort -New- 4 Sets, 1 CMF, 1 4-Pack - 9 Figs Cho Chang Dean Thomas Horace Slughorn Lucian Bole Nearly Headless Nick Quirrell Seamus Finnigan Susan Bones Trolley Witch (let me know if I’m missing anyone)