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  1. Hi! I want to sell my complete LEGO collection since I will have to move in the near future. How large is it? It consists of 701 items (including 5 books), of 653 different sets. It has over 1700 minifigures. It contains 3 major themes and a lot of extra stuff (number of sets in parentheses): - Space (127) -- Classic Space/Blacktron/Magnetron/SpacePolice/Monorail+Tracks (55) ranging from 1979 to 1999 -- Modern Space/Mars Mission/Alien Conquest (14) -- Star Wars: mostly early sets from 2001 to 2013, including UCS MF/ISD/RBR & Cloud City (58) - Castle (69) -- Rainbow Knights 1st & 2nd Wave, Knights vs Zombies, Dwarves & Orcs -- S&H Blacksmith & Medieval Market Village (2x) -- Vikings - Adventure (95) -- Classic Adventure/Pharao Quest (7) -- Orient Expedition (11) -- Indiana Jones (10) -- Alpha Team/Aquazone/Aqua Raiders/Agents/Atlantis (31) -- Exo Force (25) -- Ninjago (11) - Others -- Licensed: Batman/Cars/Toy Story/Prince of Persia/SpongeBob/Harry Potter (37) -- S&H Exclusives, Modular Buildings (8), Factory, Seasonals, Gear -- Creator (43) -- City (44) -- Games (34) -- Minifigures Series 1-10 & The Simpsons (Series 2-9 up to 3x) You can browse the collection under It is currently stored in 45 movement boxes with a combined volume of 4,2 m³. This requires a small truck for transport. How valuable is it? According to the value analysis of Brickset - however accurate that may be - the collection had a retail price of about 15.000 EUR and a current resell value of about 45.000 EUR. The high resale value stems from the fact that most of the high value sets are MISB. With the exception of the Classic Space sets, which I bought from another collector, the collection in general is in excellent condition. The sets bought by me are either still unopened (ca. 270 sets) or were carefully opened with a knife, assembled once and then put back into the box. Only the USC ISD, UCS RBR and the LEGO Maxifigure were used as display models for several years. All instructions (except 1) and all set boxes (except 3) are present. The assembled models of 58 sets (mostly Orient Express, Alpha Team Deep Sea and various small sets) are not in their set boxes but mixed up in a single movement box. I have checked the Classic Space sets for completeness of the instructions and the minifigures. If you are an interested buyer, I can send you a detailed status list of all sets. How cheap is it? I am accepting bids - only for the complete collection - with a minimum offer of 5.000 EUR. Please send me your bid via PM and I will inform you of your relative ranking to the current top bids. Also please tell me if this is your final offer or if you want to be informed in the event you have been overbid. The auction will be open at first until 2022-09-11 and then end 3 days after the latest highest bid. Why so cheap? I am aware that this sale has a few problems: The collection is large, but it lacks a clear focus. I really want to get rid of it all at once and with the least hassle. The buyer must take care of the transport (from the vicinity of Salzburg/Austria) themselves. I neither have a car nor driving license and my logistic capability is limited to a bicycle basket. If you have general questions about the collection or the sale, feel free to ask in this thread. Please send bids via PM.
  2. I want to post in the Sell/Buy/Trade forum. And as soon as possible.
  3. Thanks for the tip - but I'm a deep forum lurker! Anyways, you are Ticket #1
  4. Hello fellow members! Due to certain forum limitations I need to reach citizen level (100 posts). Since I only got 9 posts in 15 years of membership, I need to speed it up a bit. Therefore, I host a raffle for a free set out of my collection (which you can browse at ). Just add a post that you want to participate. I will respond with a post that gives your ticket number. After 90 tickets, or 3 days after this post, I will draw the winner via random number (open for suggestions to make this transparent). The winner can choose one set of my collection under 1 condition: the listed new and used now price for the set at Brickset must be below 500 EUR, which excludes about 14 sets. I hope that this post does not violate any forum rules and that we will have a speedy winner.
  5. Mak

    10224 Town Hall

    Great addition to the Modular Building series. The mayor has great printing - button down shirt collars :) But I don't like the groom. He's wearing a top hat and a sleeve-less jacket. Is that a danish tradition? Or is he just sloppy, as his loose tie knot indicates?
  6. German Amazon is selling the LEGO Champion Game for €9.98 instead of the official €34.99 price.
  7. Mak

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    Yes, he should. But I guess LEGO didn't want to introduce 3/4 length legs. Don't know how 1x1 plates under the feet would look, to simulate boots. Or maybe one of the custom part manufacturers could design a 'spacer' element that would sit between the legs and the torso. I was rather hoping that LEGO would take the opportunity to introduce short legs with some sort of a movement option. Currently all the short figures are rather static.
  8. Mak

    Great Gatehouse of Albion

    Really a tremendous MOC. The only thing bugging me is the drawbridge part. The ropes attached to the bridge look kind of wimpy. Well, those are probably special elven ropes, made from spider silk and maiden hair . I guess chains, as shown on the champions banner, are too short for the current design. Having no doors on the outer side of the gateway is also an unusual design choice.
  9. You can access the instruction directly by adding the 7 digit instruction document number (e.g. 6004826 for the Heroica Ganrash set) to the LEGO Instruction Cache URL. The complete path for this set is: '' (sorry, can't insert working URL links yet). Problem is, that you must know the building instruction ID and there seems to be no correspondence between the set number and the BI ID.
  10. Mak

    Watchtower of the Werewolves

    Why, do your werewolves surf?
  11. 13/ Attack on the Nile by Yatkuu - 4 points 38/ Colosseum of Atlantis by Brick_Tom - 3 points
  12. Dix: 3 points Philocrites: 2 points
  13. Mak

    REVIEW: 712 Sea Plane

    Could you please indicate in your thread title that it is a review of a classic (or simply old) set. Not everyone can convert the set number into release year automatically. I suggest a [CLASSIC] or [VINTAGE] tag to distinguish this kind of reviews from reviews of new or contemporary sets.