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  1. Starting Trains without a set?

    Thanks for all the help, its great! I've not actually got a train motor, I wanted to try the cheap route first using the PF motors I already had plus bricklinking wheels & track. I was planning on doing some more modern diesel/electric style so that I can combine it with the rest of my technic as a little industrial playset (conveyor belts + RC transport loading on to RC train wagons). I am pretty rubbish at making anything look good so the fact that it will be an L-motor powered modern train won't really make a difference to me! Its all about how well it performs & interests my daughter which is why I was asking about making the powered axles rotate with the track as a requirement for longer wheelbases. I'll keep you updated on my noobie progress towards making my first ever train if anyone is interested in helping. It won't look good though ... probably end up looking something like this (but with an L-motor) ;) Cheers! -wolfman
  2. Starting Trains without a set?

    Ok so this is probably a really stupid question, so apologies if it is. I did try to find the answer using google and peering at pictures of other peoples trains but nothing jumped out at me. I obviously don't have a train set to base my engine off or refer to. So I had a question about the wheels. I notice that the sets have a set of axles connected together (is this called a bogie?) Those connected sets of axles can rotate to allow the train to take corners if the train has a long wheel base. Do those sets also rotate the train motor too in a similar manner? I notice that the L motor frame suggested above does not have axles rotating for curves. Obviously I am planning on using a PF motor instead of the train motor - I could make the driven axles rotate like the free axles. Is this necessary for the long wheel base? Or an over complication? Thanks! -wolfman
  3. Starting Trains without a set?

    I've decided to see if I can build those L motor frames, see if I find it fun. I've ordered some wheels from Bricklink as that is all I am missing afaik. Well that and track. Whats the min track I can buy to make a circuit with standard RC lego rail pieces? Once I've have tried that I can see if I enjoy it enough to put some more cash in to get more than just a basic loop / simple engine. My ultimate plan would be to build a little "mining play set" for my daughter (honest its for my daughter! Not for me at all ;)) with train with carts which can be loaded via conveyor (she loves the 42055 set) and perhaps also via dump truck, with some way of unloading the train and starting the loop again. Thanks for the help so far!
  4. Starting Trains without a set?

    Thanks, those L motor frames look like a great base to work on. Will price up parts Vs a set, see what I can afford.
  5. Starting Trains without a set?

    Hiya, I've got a lot of technic, including PF motors & an S-Brick, plus a bit of basic lego. I was looking at getting some train stuff for a bit of fun & to play around with the little one. I was wondering as I have PF & S-Brick whether it was worth me buying parts instead of a set? A couple of track packs, plus bits for a loco & cars. I don't really need the PF IR stuff. Is it going to be cheaper to do this? If so what specialized parts do I need to construct a train (wheels etc?)? Or should I just bite the bullet and get a cheap train set like 60051 and ignore the fact that I won't be using the PF IR controller? Cheers! -wolfman
  6. Thanks for the help! So in the end I've ordered single XL & M motors as well as some pf cables from lego online store, and then got myself an S-Brick - and that leaves me under budget if I want to get something else if what I got is not enough to satisfy! In the end I thought it would be better to go straight to S-Brick rather than purchase a PF IR now and an S-Brick later, because, lets face it, I'd still want one even if I had PF IR! ;) -wolfman
  7. Hiya, Long time lurker here, just registered to ask a question about the best way to get remote-control of my technic. I've got a few sets so I'm fine for standard parts (42043, 42055 and a few smaller sets) but I'd like to get into making RC technic, perhaps do the TC11 if I have time. I've got an M-Motor and an XL motor from the two big sets. So here are my choices, I have around £100 to spend: * Buy an S-Brick - I like the idea but its expensive for just one component to add to my set. * Buy 42065 - RC + 2 motors great. Rest of the components are duplicates parts of what I already own. * But a train set such as 60051 - I quite like the idea of lego trains as I have a 3 yr old and they seem quite fun. Any money left over would go towards some more motors, another M or XL to make tracked RC, and/or a servo for car RC. Which is going to give me the best experience? I like the idea of the s-brick as its range is higher and seems more flexible, but its a lot of money for just one Lego component. Any other suggestions for routes I could go down that give me best bang for buck & compliment my collection? Cheers! -wolfman