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  1. ... when you buy 7237 Police Station for
  2. Mini

    Freight Train

    As an addition to the train I built a fleet of trucks to move the same containers by road. Designed to be built cheaply (so easy to mass produce) so use mainly common bulk or easily available parts. Full Brickshelf Gallery
  3. I'm on a bit of a MOC spree at the moment, partly down to me not being able to do much at work as I'm recovering from a dislocated shoulder and partly because of all the discounted lego I picked up recently. The train front is built using the cab section from 4668, and its particularly good for this kind of application. The whole gallery is here EDIT BY MODERATOR: Title changed to something more identifiable than "Another Train MOC" -TheBrickster
  4. Mini

    Who wants a Titan XP?

    If you can find a Woolworths that still has one they were
  5. Mini

    LEGO Factory Sets

    They're not that badly priced. I just ordered one of each.
  6. Mini

    1 august

    Seems the US are getting the Lego Factory first. Whilst on the US site it says coming in august, in Europe it says 'next year'. :(
  7. Mini

    Freight Train

    Last night I built this simple freight train, trying to stick to how I think Lego would make it. The locomotive is loosely based on the one from 4565 but done in a different colour scheme. The container boxes from the matching cars were finished off with stickers from 3433 that I got on clearance recently (I got 6 of them for 80% off). Brickshelf Gallery
  8. Mini

    Rail Crane

    Oddly enough that was the part I wanted to use originally but I don't have any in grey.
  9. Mini

    Help! New train system for my little boy

    4512 is a complete set and includes everything you need to get him running - a good sized train, oval of track with a point, 9v motor and speed controller. The 4514 crane is an ideal companion to 4512- the cargo containers from both sets are interchangeable and can be used with either the train or the truck from 4514. The Engine Shed is, in my opinion, one of the best train related sets Lego has ever made. Its expensive, but you do get lots of parts and the workshop is full of little details. Definitely worth the purchase.
  10. Mini

    Traincrossing with Mindstorm Control

    Interesting. I know absolutely nothing about Mindstorms... I ought to get some info on it.
  11. Mini

    Rail Crane

    This was my first attempt at a mobile rail crane.. I think it turned out ok (but it probably needs to one brick less high maybe). Suggestions and opinions welcome :$
  12. Its US clearance stock. They often end up in Europe and the UK in discount shops or on 'sale' in larger stores.
  13. Considering the Falcon is
  14. Things don't get shipped by air as its just too expensive. Almost all bulk shipping is done by truck and boat.
  15. Mini

    New Lego Train

    Thats excellent and just the sort of thing I was hoping they'd do. Its not that expensive so the price doesn't really bother me and I'll probably get at least a couple.