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  1. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Do you have an LDD file on hand?
  2. Thanks ekae, like i said, wouldn't have been possible without you! Go for it, and like i said, it was Mortesv who found it :)
  3. Thought now would be a good time to show off my CR90. I've had this thing built since end of July but have not had a chance to show it until now. Here some stats about the build with me- Build time - 14 hours Money Spent - Approx. $300 (Including shipping) (25% of parts came from my collection) It is a beautiful model and i can't thanks Mortesv enough for getting the original, spectacular design, Ekae for reverse engineering it and helping with mods, and Ecmo's overall help in everything with this model. I thoroughly enjoyed building it and can't wait to start my new Mortesv project from here, the Nebulon B. Also, i would like to mention a mod that i added that was discovered by Mortesv that hasn't been shown on Eurobricks yet. Using the new 27925 in Dark Red, you can smooth out the docking rings and the cockpit sides. Sorry for the long post ;)
  4. [MOC] BTL-A4 Y-Wing

    Spectacular! Anyway you have an LDD file for this?
  5. [MOC LDD] A-Wing (with LDD file)

    The LDD file cant be found over on dropbox anymore, can you reupload it Krispy?
  6. I too also agree with you Bandit as i have just finished ordering all the parts and hope to start building next week.
  7. [MOC] TheNerdyOne's Fleet

    Any updates on the Quasar?
  8. Ecmo, do you think you can upload a new parts list with just the parts that we need to use your mods? And when will you release the updated LDD?
  9. Or is it the grey Christmas tree your building out of the falcon ;)
  10. Thanks for the updates Ecmo, do you think its possible after building you can update the LDD and share the new one with us?
  11. Is this with or without the 2x2 round bricks in them?
  12. My big bricklink order arrived, lot's of parts here! Making me even more excited to build the Tantive!
  13. Wow Ekae! That model looks fantastic in that color scheme! Now I'm kind of regretting getting parts for only the Tantive
  14. I found a store that had about 55% of the parts, but was around $220. Luckily, the seller had a flash 50% off sale, so i was able to get it for only $120. I currently am holding on placing any more orders until Ecmo finishes his build.