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  1. Thinking the Summer wave this year will be relatively light on TROS, I feel like they've pretty much covered all of the attractive set opportunities, bar maybe
  2. Mark1006

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I like our odds of getting some cool Clone Wars era stuff like the Republic Gunship and ARC-170 in the next few years. With the return of The Clone Wars and less movie congestion down the road due to the Sequels finishing and the Anthology stuff seemingly on hold a bit, I think Lego will have more room to start going back over favourites like those which haven't gotten much shine these past few years. In terms of the immediate future, I'm obviously going to need The Razor Crest with Beskar Mando and Baby Yoda!
  3. I'm not sure those base sets are even going to go down well with kids. The big shtick is that they shoot stuff...which you can do with almost every other SW set, except with them you get swooshable system scale fighters, big intimidating walkers and more elaborate playsets. I just think it I'm 10 years old an my mom tells me I can only have one $30 set, those two are going to be at the very bottom of my list in order of preference. The two resistance fighters are cool I think, even it the Interceptor is a bit to overpowering with the red, there wasn't anything Lego could do about that. A bit like with Rebels, I don't follow the show but I can appreciate them as cool sets and I'd imagine they're are very desirable for people who are fans of the show. I'm might pick one or even both up if I see a good deal, because their MSRPs are way out of range vs my actual interest in them.
  4. Given that there's a new helmet mould everywhere you look, it's very disappointing they didn't do one for the Phase II ARF/AT-RT driver. Especially because they'd definitely get mileage out if it of it if they threw it into a battle pack and as part of larger sets. Oh well, hopefully we're in for a treat with CW sets this winter/next April what with the final season being released.
  5. I guess they're still doing gigantic AT-RTs and still not doing Phase II ARF Troopers lol. I would much prefer that exact set except with two smaller walkers (and second driver). Along with being more accurate I think it'd be just as, if not more fun for kids to have two smaller ones to make a little battle scene, and the AT-AP already has the whole "big walker on Kashyyyk" thing covered. I love the Slave I, I understand people already have the UCS version but UCS is a pretty niche thing, I don't think it should have much bearing on what they do for system scale sets. Fantastic figure collection (though I wouldn't have minded one more, like Lando, Lobot or Cloud City Leia) and a really nicely detailed model. Will be interesting to see what features it has on the inside.
  6. Kaz's hair piece is interesting take on an undercut, makes me wonder if they'll ever do a short back and sides for TPM Obi-Wan and AoTC Anakin. Though it seems a little thick I guess it matches how it looks in the show (the colour suggesting that it's buzzed black hair but the actual animated model has it looking a bit too dense for that). I always had it in my head that with a character like that they'd simply do printing for the back and sides and a small hairpiece would sit exclusively on top.
  7. When you think about how the most recent Clone Turbo Tank is smaller yet contains 100 more pieces than the original 2005 one, I think it's easy to imagine how the new Slave one would have such a higher piece count if it keeps the similar dimensions (or possibly even slightly bigger?). There's lots of opportunity for intense greebling on a model like that, and they might possibly flesh out what can be done with the interior. Also there might be a separate little build (or multiple) that inflate the piece count like a gun turret, platform, maintenance bay etc.
  8. The Imperial Dropship excited me until I remembered how much I dislike the new Stormtrooper helmets. I really hope the Clone Scout Walker comes with some interesting minifigures, maybe even an AT-RT trooper finally. I have enough green Scout & regular Phase II troopers to last me a lifetime!
  9. Given how extensive the reshoots were I'm guessing L3 wasn't even in the movie when Lego was designing these sets.
  10. Would love to see lego implement cloth pieces as overcoats, but I suppose things might start getting a bit too complex. It's just that the overcoats seems pretty drowned out and unimpressive on both Beckett minifigs even though at least with the above costume they're kind of the stand out "statement" piece of the actual outfit in the movie.
  11. Sorry to ask an annoying question, but since we didn't get a look at summer sets at the NYTF this year, is there a usual period of time when decent resolution pictures of summer wave sets leak every year?
  12. Thanks to the infamous gaps in Lego's system scale MF design we can see from the HQ image that there's some what of a yellow theme going on inside. Several yellow chairs and a yellow console thingy next to them in the front left of the ship.
  13. Glad to hear we'll get more Solo sets in the summer, the movie looks like very expansive in scope. With every single April set accounted for in the first trailer alone, I'd imagine there's plenty of stuff that would make for great set material that we won't see until the movie is released.
  14. The name has been used quite a bit across Star Wars legends and even in some canon stuff, but I'm not sure that will have any bearing.
  15. Lots of gorgeous costume design in that trailer. The guy who seems to be the lead antagonist looks absolutely phenomenal with the staff, crazy helmet and fur. Few other stand outs like casual Beckett and fur coat Lando and Solo. I really hope we get figures for all of these. Hopefully they'll give the sequel trilogy a rest with the Winter and Summer 2019 waves because I think they really think they need to explore the anthology films more, both this and Rogue One absolutely nail a really cool Star Wars aesthetic in character and vehicle design. I think Moloch can be seen just to the right of him in that shot, or at least someone who looks a lot like him. In regards to the droid, it's possibly a new character from recent reshoots that lego didn't have time to account for. Like they way they changed Kylo's shuttle design in TFA and took the Scout Walker out of TLJ after they had given Lego the original designs. I think possibly even 75171 is based on a Rogue One scene from the original unreleased cut of the film, and that set was actually released after the film.