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    I am Teratoma...

    I found this site through Google while looking for ways to enhance a project I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time on. I decided to join based on the way the community interacts/is moderated. I am currently using Roblox to create an unlimited museum of everything Teratomic (Whatever I Think is Neat). It's based on a template that favors the earliest versions of LEGO minifigs, a reverence for the original, generic smile face, and a large amount of artistic license based on things *I* think look better *my* way. For instance, I have always hated the way TLG *printed* the female "hourglass" figure on the front of their female minifigs' torsos. I would prefer TLG to create a separate female torso than to PRINT NEGATIVE SPACE onto a solid object. Does anyone else agree with me? I digress. Hi!