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  1. Hello guys updated parts and new decorations for you
  2. I already sent it to @Stephan Sure it will be in the next update
  3. Hey guys I modeled new clones helmet but it's a bit raw should I upload it for the next updates?
  4. @Equilibrium @Stephan @suenkachun Everything work good for me
  5. Something strange Started to build 3rd section and inside calculations doesn't match
  6. It was really interesting to spend some time on custom parts)
  7. I had a suggestion to update the minifigure UV maps like on mecabricks, but all the prints will have to be redone. What do you think?
  8. Thank you so much for the calculations!
  9. It depends on the size of the image. If the drawing completely fills the UV map, then there will be such artifacts.
  10. I mean the whole minifigure: decorations parts
  11. Hey guys! while a have a little pause, I got an idea if you are interested in custom LEGO parts ( marvel dc games ) you can pm me to discuss adding it
  12. New parts and decorations for you guys)
  13. You can't attach it cause 32298 ( Tire) has incorrect collision data
  14. I suppose it's an error with the tire, not gear block—é What parts did you use?
  15. It had collision error Please download updated version here
  16. Can you upload screenshot or parts number that doesn't attach?
  17. @anothergol @ChevyFan440 I've updated the part according to LDD standards Please check if you can download it @Stephan please include it to the next update
  18. Already done and waiting approval from @Stephan
  19. @Stephan updated horses are ready for the next pack on drive
  20. Hi everyone! How about to update animals?) Starting with horses
  21. Hi everybody I made new folder on drive It consist UV map for parts