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  1. After all these years of waiting, they give us a phase1 Cody and Rex... very disappointed.
  2. WYC

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Saw the movie on Wednesday. This wave is pretty accurate.
  3. The new cape is so much better than the old one.
  4. The official igor looks dumb, here is my mod.
  5. Hey man, I really appreciate your effort to share leak information. It’s a bit annoying when you keep saying the leaks are coming soon, but you don’t actually know when or have any information in hand. Again, I appreciate your efforts. Just don’t say things like that, because we all know leaks are coming soon
  6. I don't like the compound battle, I won't pick it up. Seems like they just reuse the same captain marvel from the previous set, Lego did a great job disappointing us! I will get the ironman from bricklink.
  7. If the compound set doesn't have Ronin or Rescue, I will pass. They don't even bother to make a Thano without helmet after infinity wars, and we will never get a hulk with full uniform like the concept art, very disappointing wave. I will just save the money for FFH wave.
  8. This is the best Fury we ever get! Love it! Don’t expect they give Fury a leg print. I thought they don’t care anymore. Nice job Lego! Keep up the standard and I will pay the money!
  9. I like official printing, some custom overdone it. When you look at the FFH Mysterio design, it doesn't need to be dual-mold leg, just leg printing is perfect. I hope they will do dual-mold arm with print. Yes, they will sacrifice the leg print for the helmet...
  10. I really hope so. but don't forget shocker and vulture doesn't have leg print. They make one nice figure, they will sacrifice something else. If the Mysterio set has another elemental enemy which involves new mold, I won't expect too much. Lego have faith in us, they know we can find a better leg somewhere. XD
  11. There is no way Lego will make one better than this. I guess we will get a dual-mold arm without print, and leg print on the front.
  12. Torso looks great!the stealth suit suppose to be grey under the light. I hope it has leg print!
  13. Nope, they are not. Think about who has the buying power, lego is not cheap. If Lego think that way, They won’t exist anymore.
  14. can't agree more... I would buy the sets with no doubt if the minifigures are good. The QR suit body is shared in 3 different sets and a polybag (8 figures or even more) as far as we know, the cost per unit suppose to be much cheaper. The downgrade of the Chitauri is a shame.
  15. Star Wars minifigures are very consistant, they rarely miss out the leg print. Star Wars series is a good standard. No matter how important the charcter is, they give it a leg print.
  16. just saw a picture on Instagram
  17. Wow! Ironman QR suit is in Polybag!!
  18. The new antman helmet is good, accurate to the movie, but it can't compare with the original dual molded helmet They will never make a dual molded helmet for Wasp, so I am happy to move on with this one, at least it looks more consistent with Wasp.
  19. If there is a summer wave, we should have known by now.
  20. Had a better look at the sets. - Antman helmet looks so good. - definitely Nat in pilot
  21. I am so glad we at least get the armour room set which has 3 new ironmans minifig in it.
  22. I hate lego keep making those oversize bikes. They look so dumb.
  23. I am so excited! If that polybag rumour is real, which means there are still lots of minifigures in this wave haven't been leaked!
  24. Do you have the discord link? Thanks!