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  1. Condor

    Lucky LEGO finds

    I went to lunch with a coworker a while back who told me he threw away this set along with some other toys: Apparently, his kids had taken it all apart and it was in pieces on the floor. He got fed up, put it all in a bag, and threw it away... So yesterday he tells me he had a couple of boxes of toys in his truck that he was going to take to the dumpster. I told him I'd take the boxes if he was just going to throw them away. I found a bunch of Lego manuals (SW, Ninjago, City)and a few Lego parts including some mini-dolls. Now you know what happens to them when you see lots for sale . I also found a couple of 1980s GI Joe and Star Wars figures, a couple of transformers, and a half complete/new Mega Bloks WoW castle set.
  2. Thanks for the review and the awesome pictures! This will definitely be on my to get list.
  3. Condor

    Lucky LEGO finds

    I don't know if it's frowned upon here, but that's return fraud.
  4. Condor

    The Lego Movie and canon

    This discussion reminds me of English class where we were looking for symbolism in a sunrise when the author just saw a beautiful sunrise that morning and thought of writing it down
  5. Condor

    [MOC] Winter Candy Shop

    Thanks! The popsicles were also from the Shrieking Shack set.
  6. Condor

    [MOC] Winter Candy Shop

    Thanks guys! Indeed they are! They are from the Shrieking Shack (4756). I took most of the pieces from that set and then took a couple of other parts here and there from other sets.
  7. Condor

    [MOC] Winter Candy Shop

    I was going to enter this into the contest, but I already used it for a different contest so I'll just post it here. This is only the second MOC that I've done, but I had a lot of fun building it. It's funny how you're never really finished with a MOC though. I'm already thinking of ways to improve on it Front view: Every candy purchase gets a child a picture with Santa Claus! Ignore the random teal stud on the roof. I used it to hold down the wreath, but I guess it didn't work too well and I didn't notice it when I took the picture. Front View by Condor80, on Flickr 3/4 View Left 3/4 View by Condor80, on Flickr 3/4 View Right 3/4 View by Condor80, on Flickr Back View: The lady gets her candy weighed at the counter while her husband picks out more candy. Upstairs, the chocolatier makes another batch of chocolates to prepare for the holiday rush. Those chocolate frogs are sure to be a hit! Back View by Condor80, on Flickr 1st Floor: Second floor removed to access the 1st floor. 1st Floor by Condor80, on Flickr
  8. Nice job! Reminds me a lot of Red Dead Redemption. It also puts a new meaning to "long arm of the law"
  9. When I did an inventory, it was only missing 3 blue technic links 1x5 and one 2x8 dark grey plate as well as the minifigures and brick built droid. I have substituted the plate, but the links are tougher. They are what holds up the side doors, so only one can be put on.
  10. Cleaned 'er up and added some sealed sets. Prices are negotiable.
  11. Added some sets and added prices. Thanks!
  12. I completely agree with you. I used to love trying to figure out how to build the airport out of the Victory Lap Raceway or a stage out of the International Jetport. Not to mention all the other alternate builds. Is there a collection of box scans somewhere? I kept the boxes from when I was a kid because of the alternate builds, but it would be great to see what the other sets looked like.
  13. Condor

    Polishing Your Bricks

    Check out my topic I tried doing a couple of the clear parts by hand and they came out pretty good.
  14. Condor

    Original Star Wars Lego Sets

    Use the catalog item search on bricklink and check the price guide. There you can see the past 6 months of price data and what has sold for how much. For example, the 7101 set has sold for an average of $36 in the past 6 months with a minimum price of $25. I would sell them if I were you, especially since you're not really into it.
  15. +1 for Prozac! Another excellent trade.