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  1. izzi rust

    Securing Torresta

    Mantis Fury Road. whoot!
  2. izzi rust

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Right on. Thanks!
  3. izzi rust

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    I'm really excited and intrigued about this, but have never done anything like this in the community, or even really followed similar events before. Everything seems pretty well explained, or will make sense as we go, so I figure just jump in, right? :) I'm a newer AFOL with no local LUG, so I've been looking for something like this. Can players use non-lego in their builds? I assume that Mega Bloks is a no-go, but I'm wondering about things like: BrickForge "craft" materials--- string, wire, paper, lights, stone and sand Lego pieces that are broken, modified, painted bits and parts from other toy brands like Playmobil or Stikfas If not for regular corporation entries, could add-ins like I'm asking about be used in alien builds? I know as a contest, the construction may need to be moderated in a way that wouldn't support those kind of builds, but that's how I build, and what makes me happiest, so it was worth the ask. Also, how long does a game like this typically run? And if I just post as I can, as a participant, not a power player, is that ok? If I can only post once a month is that a welcome addition, or a drag to the team? Thanks!
  4. izzi rust

    Alternate build technique for this one?

    With the multiple contact points he designed with those hinge plates, I'm thinking that's a pretty stable design. With the greebling on both sides, that would just make it even stronger. I'm glad you posted that picture- I had seen the project, but not that particular peel-away shot. That's a real idea starter!!
  5. izzi rust

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    I do. Not even being sarcastic. Spoiler Alert: newbie rant below... Galaxy Squad did it for me. It was the first Space theme released since I came out of the Dark Ages. I collect Space almost exclusively, have many sets from Classic up, and Galaxy Squad is one of the 3 themes I felt is was necessary to have the full set list of. I don't think they had one bad set, though the Star Slicer is my least favorite. I like the idea that the Squad is the military force sent out, and Astro City and it's inhabitants are their origin. The tech and styling are compatible, and, honestly, it just makes me care about both themes a little more. I feel like it gives depth and continuity... solidifying the cornerstone of that universe branch. Canon or not, different themes or the same, I'm rolling with it. My biggest complaint about both themes, and of Space in a general way, is there are few land bases or real environments. That hurt my perception of Galaxy Squad the most... the vehicles are cool, but the look a little awkward out there by themselves. We need a little old-school... cheese slopes are cool, but trans-domes are epic.
  6. izzi rust

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Taking Solomon Blaze out of Space is like Star Trek with no Kirk. I find this possibility to be totally unacceptable.
  7. izzi rust

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    I thought Ultra Agents was technically a Space theme, as Solomon Blaze is a younger soldier in Galaxy Squad, and then an older agent in Astro City?
  8. izzi rust

    2016 action theme?

    I really enjoyed the first waves of sets and figures for Chima- I thought it was fun, different, and except for getting way to many Lions, a cool figure line-up. The Fire and Ice idea kinda lost me, and though a few of the sets were cool, most were lackluster. The decay thing that they did on the printing was a huge turn off for me, and as much as I like the trans body parts, having them only for one side was weak. I think Chima helped spawn a few things, and had a decent run, though. I think it did what it was supposed to do.
  9. Agreed. I don't know what the constant trash talking of Galaxy Squad is about- I thought it was a brilliantly executed line. I love MOCing, but almost the whole line recieved only finishing touches from me... they were just too cool. The various teams, the variety of the vehicles, the color schemes, and the two races were all very pleasing to me. I am still holding out, hoping it may return again. A beautiful evolutionary generation of the Space line to me. I read somewhere that much of the inspiration for Galaxy Squad came from the unused deigns from the unreleased wave of Space Police 3. I can see that evolution, if so. Can anyone confirm if that is true? And Peppermint, thanks for the write-up... it was a fun read!