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  1. (MOC) Highlander

    Thanks for the comments, as soon as there is a nicer day I will take some pics from the inside. For now; 'Greetings Highlander'
  2. (MOC) Highlander

    Hi, Connor MacLeod's tower, including Ramirez battling The Kurgan. I have also done the interior faithful to the film as best I can, so will upload some more images and add. I hope you like. I really like this film and couldn't find a single moc on the internet. Thanks for looking. rich
  3. Review: 75005 Rancor Pit

    That review is great. well done.
  4. There is already a small buildable Cantina on Cuusoo. and very nice it is too I might add... http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/16506
  5. Like many sites, there seems to be a bit of a hysterical over reaction about the Modular Western Town not making it. Some key points people need to remember; - There are hardly any companies who offer a vehicle like Cuusoo to present ideas back to the companies snr management team. Lego should be applauded for this, not moaned out constantly because your favourite wasn't selected. - It was 100% the right commercial decision with The Lone Ranger coming out. Sales of the Western Town would have canibalised sales from The Lone Ranger, no question about it. - If you are that bothered, just have a go at doing a Western Town yourself, this is after all what Lego is all about. Can we move on now...
  6. UCS Hogwarts Great Hall

    I had no idea there was a picture size limit? How do I work this out? I can see the MB size of my pictures, but not the image size?
  7. UCS Hogwarts Great Hall

    ^ yes of course. It was just an easy way to link to pics rather than going through photobucket linking. Pic below. Thanks!
  8. UCS Hogwarts Great Hall

    Hi, Been doing this for a number of months and finally finished it! Hope you like, and happy to receive any comments on how it could be improved. I have added to Cuusoo, which is also an easy way to link to some pics. Please support if you like it. http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/30902 Thanks! rich
  9. I would like to see that Egyptian bloke from the Adam West series. Not sure who he was called. He had a wavy beard.
  10. Hey I am happy to take any feedback! There is some more detail, both inside the enclosure and in a control room around the back, so perhaps I should have added that. I also made a nice dinosaur crate that fits in to the front to allow safe release of the dinosaurs. It's a tough ask to get a lot of supporters for anything, but getting some support gives me a boost for future models!!
  11. Hi, I finally finished my Raptor Pen MOC and got it approved on Cuusoo. I hope you like it, and if you do, please support, as I am really hoping we get another Dino set, and if possible a more detailed AFOL targetted one. Any feedback is welcome for ways it could be improved etc. Rich
  12. Geonosian Arena parts

    good, but you need The Archduke of Geonosis, Poggle The Lesser.
  13. MOD: Moonraker Shuttle

    ok added to Cuusoo! thanks for comments.
  14. MOD: Moonraker Shuttle

    Hi, What are my chances that I could persuade Lego to do a special edition of set 10231?, this time with Moonraker orange trim and decals! It is the 50th anniversay of Bond this year afterall... 'James Bond. You appear with the tedious inevitability of an unloved season.'
  15. Mos Eisley Cantina MOC

    Thanks for all the kind comments. I just popped on Cuusoo (link below). I don't expect it to get more than a handful of votes, as I am learning all the time on MOCs, and it's nowhere near as good as some stuff out there, but my aim was to make a genuine playset that was fun to use as a mini sandpit for figures. It seems to have worked as my little one plays with it constantly compared to all my Star Wars ships that often get ignored.